Best Data Recovery Software

So, today I will bring to your attention software, which you can not do without, if you accidentally or intentionally( but in your stupidity, or rely on Russian: "Maybe") deleted important data from a flash drive or hard drive. And if this happened, then do not worry, there is a chance of salvation! The rescue circle for you will be the programs for data recovery after removal or formatting:

Actually, is the best program for data recovery:


  • 1. Acronis Recovery Expert Deluxe
  • 2. Active disk disk pr
  • 3. Active Partition Recovery Pro
  • 4. HDD Regenerator
  • 5. Partition Recovery
  • 6. R-Studio
  • 7. Zero Assumption Recovery

1. Acronis Recovery Expert Deluxe

A good program that can recover partitions of your hard disk after a user error, or a hardware error in the event of a computer crash oravariyneth tripping. In addition, the program implements the creation of a boot floppy, and if something happens to your data, do not be afraid. Acronis Recovery Expert Deluxe will come to help in any case.

2. Active boot disk pr

To be honest, this is not even a program, but a package consisting of six DOS utilities, which includes tools designed for:

  • file recovery
  • recovery of partitions
  • full file deletion without recovery
  • backup
  • partition workNTFS
  • reset and password change Windows

3. Active Partition Recovery Pro

A small, but at the same time powerful tool that helps in finding logical disks that are strangely lost, as well as restoring partitions.

4. HDD Regenerator

This program works on the principle of eliminating bad sectors on the hard drive, and it eliminates them by means of magnetization, after which it becomes possible to recover up to 60% of the information.

5. Partition Recovery

This program of merit is not counted. .. data recovery on FAT, FAT12 /16/ 32, NTFS, NTFS5, data backup and recovery, reanimates the hard drive. Thus, the program interacts with all file systems.

6. R-Studio

One of the best data recovery programs, working with all file systems, locally and remotely via a local network. Recovers compressed files, encrypted files, while allowing you to control the entire process of data recovery.

7. Zero Assumption Recovery

Recovers data for all types of losses, on all file systems, contains many different utilities that would seem to help restore data even after several formatting. ..

Decide which is the best program for data recovery will still haveyou, because in different cases each of the programs can show a different result of the work, well, I wish you do not lose important data but still remember that real life is more important than virtual!