Huawei P10.Characteristics and reviews of the owners

P10 - the new flagship of Huawei, presented at the Mobile World Congress in late February 2017.This model has two varieties, the technical characteristics of each of which we consider below.

Features Huawei P10 64Gb

Screen 5.1 inches with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, Android 7.0 operating system, 64 GB permanent and 4 GB RAM, support for two SIM cards, the second SIM card slot is combined with a memory card slot. The battery is 3200 mAh. Eight-core processor Kirin 960 of its own design with graphics accelerator Mali-G71 MP8.The fingerprint reader is built into the touch-sensitive button on the front panel, which is slightly recessed into the case. Huawei P10 is made of a single piece of aluminum.

Cameras on the smartphones of the leading Chinese manufacturer Huawei are developing by leaps and bounds: in 2015 the company introduced the world's first smartphone with two main cameras( now this method is used by Apple and other manufacturers), in 2016 Huawei began cooperation with the famous German camera company Leica(Leica camera worth 5 million rubles is used, for example, by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev), and in 2017 Huawei did everything to make the cameras on their smartphones the best in the world, Leica aniyu not only to work on a double module of the main chamber, but also to work on the front-facing camera. But that's not all: starting with P10, Huawei began to cooperate with the cult American manufacturer of GoPro video cameras. In the framework of cooperation, GoPro will release for Huawei P10 an exclusive mobile application Quik for fast video processing. The video editor will be built into the standard EMUI wrapper gallery. The essence of the application Quik - the union of photos and videos to music on the background to create a beautiful memorable movie. It should be noted that previously GoPro did not release applications for Android or iOS.

What happened in the end? The Huawei P10 uses a combination of two sensors with an aperture of f / 2.2: monochrome, capturing information about light, and color RGB.The color resolution is 12 mp, and the monochrome resolution is 20 mp. This combination provides the following advantages: Huawei P10 camera has a double zoom without quality loss, it also allows you to take pictures with a blurry background - the so-called bokeh effect. There is a special mode developed by Leica's specialists, in which it is possible to make high-quality portrait photographs using a monochrome sensor. The result of the joint work of Leica and Huawei over the front camera P10 was the sensor at 8 mp, with which the selphi are obtained twice as light and with a wider dynamic range, even in conditions of insufficient illumination.

Camera Huawei P10 received on the resource Dxomark 87 points, which is 3 points less than the leader of the HTC U11 and took the 7th place. At the same time, in a blind test in April 2017, the camera Huawei P10 took the first place, bypassing the models that scored more points in Dxomark, for example, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel. The editorial board of commented on the choice of readers: "Most appreciated the bright and contrasting images, not paying attention to the details" and put the Huawei P10 on the 4th place after Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6( however, the differenceHuawei P10 and LG G6 was only one point).

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Average price Huawei P10 64Gb in Russia - 34 000 rubles. Buy Huawei P10 64Gb on AliExpress can be for 30.3 thousand rubles( shipping to Russia is free).

Specifications Huawei P10 32Gb

The Huawei P10 32Gb differs from the Huawei P10 64Gb in only one point, reflected in the name of the model. The P10 32Gb has twice less permanent memory, namely 32 GB.At the same time there is the same amount of RAM.The availability of memory card support makes this difference not so significant.

The average price of Huawei P10 32Gb in Russia is 33,350 rubles, that is, only 650 rubles cheaper than the P10 64Gb model. On sale on AliExpress a version of 32 GB now.


To date, Huawei P10 64Gb received 80% of fives on reviews in the Yandex-Market, and Huawei P10 32Gb - 60% of fives. Below are the reviews of the owners of both variations of Huawei P10 from various sites.

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