Steam iron for vertical ironing

  • Features of steam ironing
  • Functions of vertical iron
  • Overview of the most popular models of
  • Choosing an iron with vertical steaming function

Irons have entered our everyday life for a long time. Special development of ironing technology was in the late 20 - early 21 century. It was during this period that a steam iron was also developed for vertical ironing of clothes. Such devices are a big step forward, since now the problem of ironing products from the most diverse fabrics - from delicate to the most rigid and dense ones is solved.

Important! It is not necessary that the vertical iron be large and complex. Vertical steaming function is also available for miniature road devices. You can put your clothes in order, without removing it from the hanger, without using special stands or racks. Use these devices conveniently on business trips, on vacation or just before a business meeting.

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Features of steam ironing equipment

The steam vertical iron for household use is a multifunctional device. Due to the uniform steam supply, the device is perfectly ironed - both in vertical position and in the traditional way( on the ironing board).The heated steam comes out under pressure from special openings located on the soleplate of the iron.

Important! To start ironing clothes using a steam iron for vertical ironing:

  • Hang it on a hanger-hanger.
  • Then activate the steam function on the iron.

Under the action of the heated steam, the villi on the garments become voluminous, ugly wrinkles are eliminated.

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Functions of the vertical iron

The steam iron for vertical ironing greatly expands the functionality of the usual iron in everyday life:

  • The mode with low pressure of heated steam is used for smoothing clothes from thin fabrics - shirts, shirts, blouses, shirts, T-shirts. The duration of steam exposure does not exceed 3 seconds.
  • Intensive smoothing of clothes from dense fabrics - suits, coats, denim products. To do this, there is a function called a turbopar associated with a more powerful and intense vaporization.
  • Anti-drip system. This feature is equipped with most modern tools with vertical stripping. This device does not allow water droplets to get on clothes at a low temperature of ironing and low steam pressure. A steam iron with vertical stripping is equipped with a special valve that closes the reservoir that supplies water.

Thanks to these functions, it is possible to put things in order without using a bulky ironing board or table. Old-style irons gradually disappear into the past, driven out by innovative developments. As for the price, it is not much higher than the cost of a conventional iron.

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Overview of the most popular models of

To choose a steam iron for vertical ironing, it is the one that best suits your requirements, it is not superfluous to familiarize yourself with the review of the most popular models. According to users, these are:

  1. Phillips Elance 3030. The product with an almost perfect ratio of quality and price. According to numerous reviews, the product is reliable and has a long working life:
    • Power is 1960 watts.
    • The strength of the steam impact is 85 g / min.

Important! These characteristics are enough to iron in a vertical mode products from a variety of fabrics.

  1. Philips GC 4310 Iron. Compared to the previous model, this vertical steam iron is more expensive and powerful. If you compare the characteristics, then:
    • The power of the heater is 2400 Watts.
    • The maximum power of steam impact is 100 g / min.
  2. Philips GC670 / 05.This model connects the functions of the steam cleaner and ironing device. Such a floor device is equipped with a vertical stand and a shoulder hanger for placing clothes. A hose with a steam iron is attached to the body of the device. The steam is delivered through the nozzles in the sole of the ironing. Its characteristics correspond to the following values:
    • The power of the heater is 1800 watts.
    • Water tank - 2.1 liters.
    • The maximum steam supply is 40 g / min.
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Choice of iron with vertical steaming function

There are products that simply can not be ironed out using the ironing board. In this respect, an iron-steamer vertical is much preferable. This device will help quickly to put in order the blouse from the most gentle material, jeans or a coat from a dense fabric. Use steamers and for ironing curtains.

The advantages of a vertical steamer are more than enough. But how from a huge number of proposals to choose exactly the option that is optimal for you? What to choose - a steam generator with impressive dimensions and high power or a compact device that fits in a travel bag? When choosing, we are guided by the following criteria.

Load on the iron

If that "whimsical" thing, which can not be approached with a conventional iron, only one, then it is not worth buying an expensive vertical iron. Products from Vitek, Maxwell, Saturn or Supra will cope with a small load.

To iron a large amount of textiles( for example, in your own studio) you will need a more powerful device.

Technical characteristics of

This item should be considered in more detail. The capacity of modern steam generating devices varies between 1.2-2.4 kW.

The following variants of models are distinguished:

  • 1200-1500 W are small road models for fast steaming of things.
  • The device with a power of 1600-2000 W can be used for home use. This device is ideal if your ironing volumes are small.
  • 2100-2400 WSuch units ideally steal the outer clothing and heavy curtains. The power consumption is quite large, but the quality of steaming things is almost perfect.

Important! The more power the device has, the better it can handle the stripping of textiles.

Steam pressure

In addition to power, it is necessary to pay attention to the vapor pressure indicator. In various models, the vapor pressure is 10-150 g / min.

Important! If you are going to steal things out of dense material, you will use a more expensive model with a vapor pressure of 90 g / min. In more simple cases, be guided by the price category of the device.

sole material This is also an important factor, as you will use a steam iron for vertical ironing in both normal and vertical mode. For the manufacture of soles, the following materials are used:

  • Stainless steel. This is a durable and easy-care material. The disadvantage of steel is the large mass and high probability of scratching during operation, and they directly affect the quality of sliding.
  • Aluminum. It has less mass than stainless steel, but this material is easily deformed and unstable to scratches. Such models are the cheapest, but also the quality of the device is appropriate, because the manufacturer saves on materials as much as possible.
  • Ceramics. Provides perfect sliding and protects the fabric from beating. However, the material is fragile and requires careful care. Scales, cracks and other defects quickly appear when the device strikes, falls or other mechanical effects.

Important! Regardless of which material the sole is made of, there must be a sufficient number of holes in it to release the heated vapor. It is desirable to pay attention to the model with holes placed on the entire surface, and not just in its upper part.

Cord - practicality issue

To select a good iron with vertical steaming function, pay attention to the length of the cord. If it's too short, it will be difficult for you to steer things off by weight. In this regard, the length of the cord should not be less than 2.5 m.

Important! It is also desirable that it rotate 360 ​​degrees.


Please note, that it is convenient for you to work with the device. As for the set of additional functions, the following will be absolutely not superfluous:

  • Automatic shutdown. The iron with vertical steam will turn off, even if you accidentally forgot to turn it off.
  • Anti-drip valve, preventing water from escaping during operation.
  • Special device on the sole for smoothing small parts.
  • Self-cleaning function - even the toughest tap water to such an assembly is not terrible.

These "little things" significantly reduce the complexity of ironing things.

Important! When choosing an iron, be sure to consider the amount of work. A family of 2-3 people can easily be satisfied with a low-power model. For larger volumes, the option will be more impressive.

Now you know what a steam iron for vertical ironing is, what makes it different from classic irons, what characteristics should be taken into account when choosing the right model. This means that you will be able to fully appreciate all the advantages of such a device during operation after choosing the right one, and your things will always be in perfect condition.