Design Corner kitchen: 75 features and photo ideas

When visiting different homes, whether visits to friends, a dinner with family or business meetings with colleagues and partners at work, the first impression a person makes the interior. Simple house with the usual, nothing unsightly premises decoration, do not leave the heart and soul of a man of pleasant and warm emotions and feelings. This may be a nest of a happy, prosperous family, but nothing memorable you will get out of there.

Remember the last time you were in a house that is not just made up of four walls and a couch, but in the sense of taste which responded by Each casually standing books on the shelf, from randomly scattered colorful pillows on the sofa, from the obscure of the dial wall hours. Remember the feelings, the atmosphere and the state of your soul that you have experienced being in a house. And what colors these states are etched in your memory? Such houses speak for themselves. They are clear without words - respect and love for the people living there to the house, to the rooms, to others, to themselves permeated everything.

This article will teach you how to create a kitchen in your atmospheric impregnated love the house.

idea bright decor corner kitchen

If you want that food to impress guests need to pick up an interesting design

beautiful example of the style corner kitchen

Kitchen in orange create a cozy atmosphere and joy

light version of the style corner kitchen

Kitchen design is necessary to calculate every detail

Corner kitchen interior design


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In your own home that you built with your own hands, put a piece of themselves in every screw and every plate, surely you want something unusual exclusive. This will be your exclusive corner kitchen.

In the selection of kitchen design first step is to decide how to kitchen cabinets will be located. His house, and hence the size of the kitchen, includes its own design. His hand in the creation of kitchen design to make you simply must.

The best arrangement of furniture in the kitchen - corner. Depending on the kitchen facilities, passes the location of windows and doors, depends on the location of the tabletop, home furniture, dining table, bar and the ability of the device island.

Next, consider the selection, installation and design of the kitchen corner with a bar.

bright idea to design a kitchen corner

When planning the design should be determined in advance with furniture

Example of unusual interior corner kitchen

Corner furniture is the best solution

Before choosing kitchen units, appliances, wallpaper, floors and filling in all the kitchen facilities, it is necessary to hold a conversation with himself. During the conversation, ask yourself these questions.

  • How many people living in the home?

  • Age categories brownie population?

  • The image of family life as a whole and of each individual, and, therefore, interests?

  • Personal preferences?

  • The tendency to communicate (ie, the frequent presence of guests).

In answering these questions, you will see in your imagination emerges "She" - corner kitchen of your dreams.

Further in the article, the author will offer some answers to these questions, your version campy decoration kitchen interior.

Prepare drawings. Since you in all seriousness and professionalism will design your kitchen corner, it is necessary to equip the specialized devices for the draft. Convoluted to have nothing - is drawing paper, a ruler, T-square, a variety of patterns and tracing paper (or a special layout for the paper). After removing the kitchen size, put them on a piece of construction paper and draw a thick pen. Next, take a tracing paper, attach it to the floor plan and draw first option placement of kitchen furniture and appliances. Make a few options. Discuss them with your family members, alternately applying sheets of tracing paper on top of the main drawing. At this point you will be able to identify the pros and cons of either option and make informed conclusions. This approach is very good when you make a kitchen corner with his hands.

version of the beautiful decor of the kitchen corner

First of all make a drawing of your future kitchen

the idea of ​​the beautiful style corner kitchen

Do not forget to take into account all the wishes of the people living in the house

idea light decor corner kitchen

Just consider the features of the kitchen

Once prepared variant arrangement, it is necessary to determine the design. You will need the skills of the artist (to a small extent). Begin to plot different line. Line countertops, breakfast bar, dining table, upholstered furniture and chairs. Stringent geometries cabinets coupled with smooth ovals worktop. Even though it is a top view, but you will be surprised how this approach is objective and clear. Immediately become clear some aspects of the design trade. You will feel truly able to create an original product of his own thought.

Important! Decide on which direction the light goes out the kitchen window (s). Depending on this, at different times of day, the light from the sun would fall at different angles. From this will depend on the size of the shadows cast by objects that can make a significant contribution to the overall interior of the kitchen (as in the positive and in the negative direction). This phenomenon can be verified in practice, watch the shadows of the kitchen, and then make additional adjustments in the figures.

alternative bright design corner kitchen

It should take into account the position of the window in the kitchen

Example bright design corner kitchen

Kitchen design can be simple or unusual, it's up to you already

Let us kitchen design

If the number and age of the household all is clear with the lifestyle and preferences it is not the case. Let's say you love to drink morning coffee at the bar and watch the morning news on TV, and yet you read a lot of useful articles about home yogurt and milk shakes. All this is taken into account in the design of a kitchen, selection of home appliances, the location of the bar and the kitchen furniture.

You prefer to drink a cup of hot chocolate, peering through the window opening into the thick foliage of the garden? Then create a secluded place on the windowsill of your windows wide and enjoy the scenery of nature. Birdsong has beneficial effects on the nervous system.

Windowsill bed - the original decision of the window space. Under such a bed can make cabinets for products (vegetables in cans, all kinds of fruit drinks, etc.). If space allows, make a bed in an alcove.

If to your house very often comes a lot of friends, then you need to make the kitchen spacious and able to accommodate a table of all present.

unusual idea interior kitchen corner

If you create a kitchen design itself does not work, seek professional help

an example of a light-style corner kitchen

Red kitchen will have a positive impact on appetite during a meal

idea light style corner kitchen

To finish the kitchen, use only natural materials

If you are a young family and prefer partying, the bar counter in the kitchen - it's your business card at the reception. The bar in the corner part of the kitchen, possibly set differently. Here are a few examples.

  • Rack location in extreme side end countertops.

  • Apparatus rack opposite kitchen countertops in a peninsular structure.

  • Setting the bar island way.

The most common version of the location bar - this is a continuation of countertop at one end. It's simple - installing the bar takes place in a different level with respect to the table top (above). Located under the bar shelves and cabinets.

A more interesting option with the location of the bar opposite the kitchen countertops. Such an arrangement is possible both in the island version, and in the peninsular.

When peninsular location bar at the entrance to the kitchen area, creating the effect of separating the kitchen area from the living room. If you have plans to do a combined kitchen with living room (as our Western friends), then this option is for you. Color countertops bar, you can choose a bright, eye-catching, accented, while the facades of the kitchen shelves and drawers strict gray. Countertop bar may "let" on the wall to the ceiling, mount it spotlights and metal skids for glasses.

option unusual style corner kitchen

If you get a lot of friends, it is necessary to think about the free space in the kitchen

the idea of ​​the beautiful interior of the kitchen corner

Remember that the design of the kitchen should be kept in the same style

Continuing the theme of zoning: Draw the line and space on the floor. For this it is sufficient to lay different flooring (in the kitchen area - ceramic tiles, and in the living room - or parquet flooring).

Council. Try instead of wall cabinets in the corner to set open shelves in several tiers with spotlights. Depending on the total interior shelf may be of wood, glass or aluminum. This solution introduces additional decorative elements into the overall kitchen decor.

By the bar set special high stools or chairs with backs. With respect to gray facades kitchen cabinets, pick bardovye stools with aluminum elements. Also consider the option of open wine storage. Cupboard with mesh perfectly fit in your corner kitchen.

Kitchen with island and countertops location bar

For large space is a great option to make the countertop with a sink or stove in the middle of (or slightly offset from the center of the room) kitchen. Many homes today's young families build such kitchens. The bar is positioned on the corner of the kitchen island. To do this you must raise the bar on the main surface of the countertop.

Council. Play of light. Spread on the floor glossy ceramic tile. Depending on the shade of the kitchen, choose a shade of floor tiles. Island countertop make a composite. The base is made narrower than the upper part with drawers. It turns out step. At this step of the attached lamps or LED ribbon, pointing to the floor. At night, the lighting is to look cool. Light reflected from the floor, the kitchen will create a soft lighting.

version light decor corner kitchen

Be sure to make zoning

an example of beautiful design a kitchen corner

It is not necessary to clutter the kitchen unnecessary items

an example of a light decor corner kitchen

A beautiful chandelier in the kitchen perfectly complement the interior

Ceilings and walls

Depending on the type of final coating of walls, are chosen different finishes. If the kitchen walls are heterogeneous, uneven surface, it is impossible to paint them with gloss paint. They will show all the irregularities. For such a coating suitable matte paint. And if you use wood panels, then align the walls is not necessary. Also for uneven walls fit embossed wallpaper and decorative plaster walls.

Important! Kitchen walls must be made of moisture-resistant material, it is desirable that is not afraid to frequent washing.

The ceiling in the kitchen can also be painted with special paint in several layers, so it can be washed. If you plan to install on the ceiling of a complex cascade of different kinds of lamps, chandeliers and all kinds of lighting, you need to choose a suspended ceiling. It is performed at different levels, with all sorts of ornaments, decorative inserts, made of different material.

option unusual interior corner kitchen

The walls in the kitchen should be of waterproof material

bright idea of ​​style corner kitchen

Decorate the ceiling by using the backlight and spotlights

Interesting! For lovers of culinary art offering cuisine - the workplace. It must combine the technology-ergonomic placement and creative and work environment. In this kitchen will fit all kinds of "exotic" accessories for exclusive dishes, whether special knives and bamboo mats for making rolls, special scissors for removing oysters, or a special container for brewing ground coffee sand. In the interior of a kitchen sure to add information boards with the possibility of recording them recipes first and second courses, as well as for the complaint, the menu 'of today. " Kitchen window can be decorated with all sorts of figurines cook or plump Buddha.

Make kitchen space in the design of the different countries. You will have a combined French, Italian and Spanish cuisine with a variety of features, customs and traditions. Divide into kitchen space area and align the features of the interior of these countries (France - it is natural cheese and wine; Italy - pasta and Spain - Bullfighting)

Example bright decor corner kitchen

Do not be afraid to experiment, sometimes you can get an unusual and beautiful design

the idea of ​​an unusual style corner kitchen

Materials for the kitchen, choose high-quality and eco-friendly

light version of the design corner kitchen

The light in the kitchen plays an important role in the design

Advantages corner kitchen.

  1. Capacity. Using the corner of a room adds a large storage space for large utensils.

  2. Versatility. It combines almost all the properties and characteristics of other types of cuisines.

  3. It can simultaneously be involved in the process of cooking a few people that do not interfere with each other.

  4. The most successful and advantageous location bar suggest the presence in the house corner kitchen.

  5. The ability to use any upholstered furniture, tables and chairs (achieved through a large angular size of the kitchen).

Tips for owners of corner kitchen.

  • In the corner of the kitchen, place the sink. The large space will allow you to install a sink with two tanks, which is useful when large amounts of cooking.

  • In order to save money, place the bar at the beginning or end of the kitchen countertops.

  • Use a window sill in the space of kitchen countertops (plant pots in the green onions, dill or parsley, and have always fresh herbs straight from the garden).

  • Place some household appliances in the upper layer above the tabletop (such variant is very convenient for the microwave oven and the oven).

  • If you have small children, make a corner on your kitchen workspace for them.

version of the beautiful interior of the kitchen corner

For the working area can accommodate an extra illumination

the idea of ​​a beautiful design kitchen corner

The sink is better to install in the corner

Kitchen - a great place for socializing and entertainment big family. Always try to have dinner together at your beautiful, high-tech kitchen and original angle type. Surprise each other's culinary achievements in the culinary field!

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50 photo design ideas kitchen corner: