Kitchen Design 6 square. m

Small apartments are generating a large number of questions about their plan and comfortable arrangement. Kitchen Design 6 square. m plays an important role as a competent distribution of all available tools should provide comfort, warmth, and most importantly stylish look of the room. should follow some specific rules about them will be discussed in this article to create the perfect kitchen interior. The first thing to do before the start of repair work - to determine which colors to use, what shade like most. It is important to take into account the color of harmony between the walls, ceiling, floor, furniture. kitchen design, you can create a totally different, it depends on the furniture, its arrangement and variety of design accents. The bright interior colors can visually expand the space of the room, the emphasis is desirable to make, using the furniture or beautiful, standing out of the picture.


  • How to create a design of small-sized kitchen
  • Furniture for a small kitchen
  • The walls, ceiling, floor
  • layout
  • Lighting
  • Table for a small kitchen
  • The color of the room, the walls
  • Creation of additional surface in the kitchen
  • Accessories for small kitchen

How to create a design of small-sized kitchen

If you decide to do repairs yourself, engage the kitchen interiors, you will surely need to decide how to place furniture. Select the best accommodation based on what kind of shape is the room. The optimal solution is considered to be a linear rectangular kitchen accommodation, furniture located in that wall that is necessary communications. This will ensure that no large working area, but will be able to comfortably accommodate a dining area. If you want to make full use of the available space, the furniture must be installed by the letter "P". Free space left on the middle of the room. Corner kitchen is another common solution a small kitchen, furniture is located along long wall, usually takes the space near the window where the dining table can be located or washing.

Design a small kitchen 6 sq.m.

Furniture for a small kitchen

Choice of kitchen furniture today is very diverse. Manufacturers offer a great number of original, modern, roomy kitchen sets per 6 sq.m.. The most comfortable use of the kitchen is provided with an individual order furniture exactly to the dimensions of your room. Drawers, spacious shelves allow you to use the space as you are more comfortable.

Kitchen furniture set 6 sq

Before ordering furniture it is necessary to determine where to install the refrigerator. Design of small-sized kitchen 6 sq. m does not allow to fully accommodate all the necessary equipment, so the refrigerator is often installed in a corridor or balcony. Which material, color of the furniture is best complement the interior of a room, it depends on personal preference and design solutions. Once again it is worth noting that the glass components, such as a table, as well as furniture from the mirror surfaces will help visually expand the space of the room will make it bright, cozy.

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Easy and comfortable kitchen 6 sq m

The walls, ceiling, floor

For walls manufacturers offer different cover, wallpaper, plastic panels, painting or contemporary, decorative plaster. It is important to take into account the fact that the kitchen high humidity, so the surface is quickly spoiled. Therefore, it is best to choose a washable, high quality wallpaper, wall near the desktop and plates often trim tiles. Tile or laminate - the most popular options for the floor. But when choosing a laminate pay attention to the material has been strong, and above all resistant to moisture.

The tile on the floor in the kitchen

The most practical is considered to be the kitchen floor tile, the coating is resistant to moisture, the fall of heavy objects is a long time. Linoleum is less common, although it is quite practical, cease to use it because of the unattractive appearance. All the suspended ceiling is used often in the kitchen, the choice of fabrics is very wide, choose the design and color of the interior must be under.

Laminate floor kitchen 6 sq m
floor finish laminate in the kitchen


a small space of the room you want to use from the comfort of a small kitchen is very well suited:

  1. shelves;
  2. Compact tables without legs (attached to the wall);
  3. Mezzanine;
  4. Cabinets placed under the sink;
  5. Thin plates are installed underneath drawers, cupboards.
A small kitchen 6 sq m

Effective solution save space, precious square meters serves as a dining table instead of the rack. It will be good to complement a place near the window, this option should be excluded at once if you have a large family. A small room is very cozy and repairs are carried out quickly enough, the main task is to choose the design of a kitchen 6 sq. m at the initial stage of repair. You need to choose the style, color, furniture and the right accents, while planning to get comfortable. Small room allows the use of imagination fully.

Design a kitchen 6 sq m

Suspended cabinets is better to use as much as possible - to the ceiling.

Suspended cabinets in a small kitchen


Lighting plays an important role, as well as the presence of transparent objects. Most often, the owners of small kitchens choose a hanging lamp with a lampshade or a large bubble. An alternative is also considered to be a small chandelier. The choice of this type of lighting is not the most convenient, because the light falls on the center of the kitchen, leaving not lit work area. Kitchen lighting is divided into several basic types:

  • Total;
  • decorative;
  • Above the working area;
  • Above the dining area.

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Simple illuminated kitchen 6 sq m

Decorative lighting is not considered essential, to use it or not, everyone decides for himself at will. Kitchen Design 6 square. m. The most often used more rationally, clearly expecting the possibility of using the space walls. The light should not be too bright, it is important to consider color palette of the room. If the design of the walls, the furniture of light colors, they will reflect about 80% of the light, and vice versa if the kitchen design was selected dark colors, they represent no more than 12% of the light. Power working area lighting usually twice brighter than the dining area. For a small kitchen in the selection of chandeliers is better to prefer a flat lamp or recessed lighting. Working area is best to light using special lamps, are installed under the wall cabinets underneath. The more light in the kitchen, so it is more visually spacious.
The original chandelier for the kitchen

Table for a small kitchen

Manufacturers offer several options for table made of different materials. Choose a table in the kitchen 6 sq. meters need based on the number of family members. Two members of the family enough wall table, which has one leg, the main attachment is on the wall. Folding table has a similar situation differs only in that it can be folded if necessary. Folding table disguised as a specific section of the kitchen units.

Folding table for kitchen 6 sq.m.

Another common solution is the table-transformer, it is quickly and easily converted from a small to a full dining table. Popular countertop, window sill, great saves space and allows you to enjoy your meal while admiring the stunning views. Bar table - compact, convenient solution in a small kitchen. Quite a lot of options, the choice depends on what kind of design the kitchen of 6 sq. meters you have selected.

A small square table in the kitchen

The color of the room, the walls

The color scheme plays an important role far, room design you need to consider every detail, choose the color of the walls, furniture, appliances, dishes, so that all details are well combined complementing each other. To visually expand the space is better to give preference to such tones of gray, blue, yellow, white, beige. Cool colors add space, visually expand the space.

Decorating the walls with tiles in the kitchen

room design with bright colors should be diluted using modern furniture and interior elements. the color of the furniture should also blend well, add shade of the walls. White walls perfectly with any design, it is considered universal. The room in blue shades relates to soft tones, so it is desirable to exclude color combination with aggressive interior accents. Dark colors - gray, black, brown, quite dense, so they should be excluded in the design of a small room.

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White and green in the kitchen decoration

Creation of additional surface in the kitchen

Have already written to you about how to use the window sill instead of the kitchen table, it is a convenient solution that helps to keep the square footage. Visually expand the space will use the same texture and color cuisine. If there is a desire to extend the work surface, you can use the exit cutting board, it is located above the sink. Ceramic hob saves space, while in parallel can be used in the work, is enough to put on top of the cutting board. The shelves will always be relevant, they are conveniently located kitchen accessories, spices, or any accessories. Ordering the kitchen furniture you need to calculate everything to shelves and drawers located conveniently at hand, given the growth of man. Choosing a technique first refrigerator, you need to give preference to compact models, they combine capacity and small size.

Joint Working surface sill

Combining countertop sill and greatly expand the working area.

Corner kitchen 6 sq m

Accessories for small kitchen

The right choice of interior for a small kitchen will supplement it, make it more interesting, original and cozy. Designers recommend refuse from a large number of accessories, it is better to use one interesting detail, than a lot of different jewelry. Complement the design of the room is possible by means of:

  • pictures;
  • paintings;
  • mirrors;
  • Original chandeliers;
  • flowers;
  • Dish with a bright fruit.
Kitchen Design 6 square meters on all sides

Picture or photograph is not advisable to hang directly in the center, it is better to shift left or right, it is visually expand the space. Mirrors reflect light, make the room more, so they are perfect for kitchen 6 sq. meter in the Khrushchev. As the kitchen is perfect for decorating the original mirror on the wall or kitchen unit with mirrored doors. Crystal chandelier through a transparent, brilliant elements are also considered to be suitable for this.

A small kitchen 6 square meters with window

When choosing colors is better to prefer compact varieties which perfectly complement the room. Ways to create original, unique interior is pretty much hope that these tips will be useful, so the room layout will be done perfectly.