Little bathroom 2 square meters: photo design with a bath, how to arrange

Could it be a cozy little bathroom February 2 square meters? Definitely, yes! But to create a functional design need competent planning space. It is important to think through every detail of design and decoration, placement of plumbing and decor.

Orange on a white floor mat in a small bathroom

We'll have to work hard to make 2 square meters in a comfortable room for the adoption of water treatments

Bath Design Q2. m: take into account the features of the room plan


  • Bath Design Q2. m: take into account the features of the room plan
  • Design secrets visual extension sized bathroom
  • Color solutions for the bathroom 2 sq.m.
  • interior style
  • Decoration Materials
    • Decorating the walls
    • finishing the floor
    • finishing the ceiling
  • Washing machine (under the sink, on the wall, in a niche) Bathroom 2 square meters
  • The choice of plumbing and its placement in the bathroom
    • What bath choose
    • The shell of the washing machine
  • Bathroom Furniture 2 sq.m.
  • Shelves above the doorway
  • Accessories - create an individual style and design of the bathroom area of ​​2 square meters
  • Lighting, selection, types of lamps
  • Video: Review of the actual bathroom area of ​​2 square
  • Photo Ideas everything small bathroom

Let us consider how to equip a small bathroom 2 to 2 m photos for inspiration, you can look at the design site. There are 3 main types of layouts small bathrooms, which are based on the location of doors and windows:

  1. Square room with no windows and a door in the wall allows to arrange the bathroom in front of the door and the washing machine and sink - side. Mounted near the toilet.
    Disposition square bathroom with washing machine

    Planning example bathrooms square shape, wherein the wash basin and machine are located on different sides of the bath

  2. Square room with a door in the corner - here appropriate shower or corner bath type. Also, it is harmonious look over sink washing machine and toilet, located on the side.
    Compact arrangement bath and sink in a small bathroom

    Bath and sink will take less space if they consider the form in advance and positioning

  3. The room is rectangular in shape does not allow to buy a bath - shower, wall-mounted toilet and a sink hanging.
The design of the bathroom area in room 2 square meters with an orange floor

Perhaps the only solution for a rectangular room is to install a non-standard form of bath

A narrow bathroom with a suspended toilet

In this case, the sink is placed directly over the bath in its narrowest part

Orange color in the interior of a compact bathroom

The toilet is better to use the suspension, which occupies less space and facilitates cleaning

Sometimes it is necessary to start from the location of the utilities - not all the plumbing can be installed if the pipes under the water and conclusions differ unusual location.

Design secrets visual extension sized bathroom

What characterizes the small bathroom 2 square meters with bathroom design photo? To the room did not look quite tiny, there are a few tricks from the designers, offering an interesting solution to the question.

  1. Facing the bright colors - the perfect choice for a small bathroom. If this is combined coating, two contrasting colors, you need to perform trim horizontally. For example, to make the top light, and the lower part - the dark.
  2. The use of wall tiles with a small picture or photo - landscape. It is a known technique that makes the room more.
  3. Plumbing fixtures and furniture in pastel colors or white - a classic that not only emphasize your taste, but also to expand the space visually.
  4. large mirror expands the space without bulky frame, it looks stylish and compact.
Blue tile with fish on the wall in the bathroom

Tile small size makes the room more spacious and more comfortable

Do not forget to smooth corners - if the room is small, prefer a semi-circular or round surfaces that make the interior more softly.

Color solutions for the bathroom 2 sq.m.

There are many tricks to visually expand the room:

  • "Combine" sex line and walls the same color;
  • create a contrast - the top left light, bottom - dark;
  • better gloss and mirror surfaces;
  • to make the walls visually higher - add the vertical lines in the registration;
  • make the room volume, you can select one wall contrast - for example, black;
  • spotlights - a great choice for a small bathroom.

When the light design of the walls and ceilings can be identified plumbing: choose a bright bowl or sink, hang colored shelves or hooks.

Yellow walls of the bathroom with white tiles

To the interior did not look bored, you can add a personality as bright accents

Brown tiles on the bathroom floor 2 sq m

Originally overcame wall cladding tiles of contrasting colors

interior style

It is possible to equip a bathroom in any style direction: provence, classic, minimalist loft. For small classic-style rooms have one rule - light pastel tone finish and round surfaces. In minimalism is welcomed geometric patterns, brown or white, huge mirrors. If we talk about the style of Provence, it is dominated by blue - white palette, with patterns and floral prints. May be completed with cute little things: a basket of flowers, the original shutter, unusual soft textiles.

Mirror in a gilded frame over white bathroom

Small bathroom in the Provence style with gilded decor

Shower rack in the bathroom loft style

Interior bathroom in loft style with wood trim accent wall

For directions loft and bathroom need to combine harmoniously combined with the usual non-standard: a brick wall, white shell on a pallet of wood. This style is characterized by a feeling of unfinished repairs - overt utilities, concrete surface, open ventilation.

Decoration Materials

Do not forget that the materials for the repair of the bathroom must have good moisture resistant characteristics. In this room, constant humidity and temperature drop, the concentration of vapor.

Decorating the walls

There are many options for the design of the room: paint the walls with waterproof paint on the basis of, put a picture or make a relief pattern using putty. The most popular method - tiled. This material is a leader for many years, it is perfect in performance for the bathroom environment. It looks very elegant decoration of the walls with mosaics. Good and economical option - PVC - panel, with which you can simulate wood or stone. Given the small room settings, it is better to give preference to lighter shades with small drawings.

Wooden door on the bathroom wall

Diversify the interior of the bathroom, you can use the diagonal laying tile

finishing the floor

Optimal - ceramic tiles. Material moisture-proof, durable and perfectly clean. In addition, it is different durability, long service life and a large assortment, which allows to show imagination. You can pick up ornaments models, drawings, mimic stone or other natural materials. To visually expand the floor can be laid tile on the diagonal.

Design a bathroom with beige tiles

As a floor covering is better to choose a ceramic tile with a matte surface that is difficult to slipping

If underfloor heating is installed in the room, ceramics - the best option. If not, consider other ways to finish, because tile is considered to be a cold material. Good decision - laminate or linoleum. It is recommended to select the thickened material, resistant to moisture. At the peak of popularity is self-leveling floor - it makes the interior unusual, able to transform the bathroom into a tropical paradise corner or underwater world with corals and fish.

finishing the ceiling

Small bathroom 2 2 eliminates the use of dark ceilings - it is recommended to register only in lighter shades. The best option - gray, white or beige. To paint the surface, you must first align it, otherwise the paint will highlight shortcomings. Modern projects involve first paneling drywall and then paint. To visually expand a room, you can pull a glossy ceiling and equip it with the bright lights point.

Spot lights on the ceiling of the bathroom area of ​​2 square meter

White ceiling is visually increase the size of the room and make the bathroom more light

Washing machine (under the sink, on the wall, in a niche) Bathroom 2 square meters

Design a small bathroom with sink, toilet, wardrobes and washing machine needs to be well thought out. washing technique takes a lot of space, and place it needs to be compact. There are several options:

  1. Under the washbasin - a convenient and comfortable, height is governed by the sink. It is important to take seriously the connection of water and electricity. Good decision - to choose the sink in the form of water lilies.
    Place under the sink for the washing machine in a small bathroom

    Housed under a compact washing sink retain a significant portion of the space in a small bathroom

  2. On the wall - convenient for small bathrooms. The space under the machine can take a cabinet or a separate dryer. This design method, suitable for lovers of non-standard solutions. In this case, the installation is important - it should be made a master with all the rules.
    A compact washing machine on the wall in the bathroom

    For wall mounting are special models of washing machines, the possibilities are greatly limited because of their compactness

  3. In the niche - if we assume option arrangement niche, you are lucky in your bathroom. It is very convenient, because you can install on top of shelves or hangers for coats and textiles, which significantly saves space.
    Washing machine in the niche Bathroom

    Niche should be made to the size of specific models of washing machines

The choice of plumbing and its placement in the bathroom

The bathroom is the size of 2 by 2 is necessary to hide the utilities - they can hide behind a wall of plasterboard or cabinet. The best option - to use a hanging toilet, that visually make the room more. Think that will be installed: bath or shower. If you opt for a bath, give preference to a sedentary models without legs or angled versions. Shower selected with a drain in the floor: for this floor rises slightly to mount the drain trap.

Shower combination bathroom city apartment

In the small bathroom is better to give up the bath and shower set

What bath choose

The best option - a sitting or corner bath. If space allows, you can install and normal, but in this case it is necessary to consider the details of the following layout and location of objects. Small acrylic design presented at a rate of 120 cm and higher (length parameters). Corner allow intelligently distribute space, leaving the central part of the free room. They may be extended, or take the form of "quarter-circle".

Compact corner bath next to the toilet

Corner bath model can pick up even the most tiny bathrooms

The shell of the washing machine

A bathroom with a small area of ​​2 meters by 2 meters can accommodate a shell of a washing machine. Beautifully will look form lilies, which implies a special drainage system rendered the typewriter. This design is completely safe.

Washing machine for porcelain sink white

When selecting a sink for placing on the washing machine, pay special attention to how its lower bowl is made compact

Narrow machine characterized by vertical type drain system that is on the rear wall. It is worth remembering that the shell should be slightly to cover the washing machine - it is necessary in order not to get water on the equipment.

Bathroom Furniture 2 sq.m.

To equip a small bathroom is not easy - you need to take into account all the nuances. Consider the location and design - for such a tiny space is better to stay on minimalism. If the interior does not imply that the washing machine, feel free to purchase a wash basin with pedestal.

Drawers in the cabinet under the sink

Cabinet with sink and invoice drawers is very convenient to store toiletries

In another case it will be appropriate corner or an overhead toilet and sink. Bath with high bumpers sedentary type or compact shower - two optimal embodiment in this case. To visually stretch the room vertically, prefer acrylic trays for shower - they are convenient and take up little space. Hanging lockers and shelves are better placed over the door or on the sides of the bath.

Shelves above the doorway

Bathroom with dimensions of 2 square meters should have a thoughtful design. To save the area, it is recommended to place the shelf above the door opening the door - it's beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and original. Due to such arrangement, the space will be visually more functional.

Storage towels on a shelf in the bathroom

On this shelf you can store towels, toilet paper or boxes with the "small things"

Wooden shelf above the bathroom door

The simplest shelf consists of two brackets and panels. These components can be easily found in any hypermarket building materials

Shelves can be done by yourself or order. So you can avoid clutter space and accommodate the necessary things compact.

Accessories - create an individual style and design of the bathroom area of ​​2 square meters

To save a lot of area, do not clutter the room with small items and accessories: Think about bathroom design with dimensions of 2 m by 2 very carefully. The room should be the most necessary: ​​a soap dish or dispenser for liquid soap, towel holders and containers for toothbrushes. Add aesthetics can be beautiful original hangers or textiles.

Lilac tiles on the bathroom wall small room

The original decoration of the bathroom detracted from the lack of space and adds optimism to the interior

Prefer flat mirrors without frames - they accumulate water, which leads to the formation of mold and mildew.

To accommodate compact household chemicals and other trifles, it is better to buy an open bookcase or shelf. Good solution - a small chest of drawers or bedside table by the bathroom.

Lighting, selection, types of lamps

A small bathroom with a size of 2 May 2 5 requires good lighting. This is important not only because of the area: so you can visually make the room more. Not every plan provides a window in the bathroom, so you need to be equipped with two or more lighting devices.

  1. If this chandelier, choose flat option - the ceiling should be resistant to moisture. You can use the built-in lights around the perimeter - in the event that allows the height of the ceiling.
  2. Use lamps or bulbs in the mirror over the sink - it "pulls" the room horizontally.
Wall sconces on either side of the mirror in the bathroom

Maximum comfort in the bathroom lighting provides separation at the primary and secondary

Lighting for the bathroom - an important point, because there are committed all the hygienic procedures. Pick bright light bulb to your presence in the room was comfortable.

Video: Review of the actual bathroom area of ​​2 square

Photo Ideas everything small bathroom