The best-selling artists of our time

How much does contemporary art cost? Which of the living artists now enjoy the greatest recognition, whose benchmark is the banknotes? The Artnet website responded to this question by analyzing the results of the auctions from 2011 to 2015 and compiling the list of best-selling contemporary artists .Alas, the creators from Russia were not on the list.

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10. Ed Roussay

  • 9. Richard Prince
  • 8. Yayoi Kusama
  • 7. Peter Doig
  • 6. Fan Tseng
  • 5. Cui Ruzhou
  • 4. Zeng Fangi
  • 3. Christopher Wool
  • 2. Jeff Koons
  • 1Gerard Richter
  • 10. Ed Roussay

    In the 60s of the last century Ed, along with such famous artists as Andy Warhol and Jim Dine, took part in the historic event "The New Image of Common Objects".It was one of the first exhibitions in the emerging "pop art" style in America. Unexplained, the same picture Rushay most closely resemble the inscription under the stencil on the background of landscapes or a cheerful splash of flowers. However, for 4 years his creations were sold for a total of 129,030,255 dollars .

    9. Richard Prince

    Richard made a name for himself by photographing images from print ads again, assembling them in random order and adorned with biting slogans. From his hands suffered the cowboys "Marlboro", celebrities, porn stars, nurses and girlfriends of bikers. And he also painted the hoods of cars. The public appreciated his works in 146 056 862 dollars - for this amount several works of the artist were sold.

    8. Yayoi Kusama

    An artist suffering from mental illness likes to cover surfaces with dots of paint - this is called "network of infinity".And she managed to turn this pea and her disease into a trademark and is now the best-selling contemporary artist in the world( 152,768,689 dollars ).

    7. Peter Doig

    One of the representatives of traditional landscape painting. His work enjoys constant popularity with the weary hyper-dynamic postmodern viewer - after all, after the inscriptions, collages of photos and chairs in polka dots, it's so nice to stop your eyes on the nighttime tropical landscape. For 4 years, the paintings sold on the 155 229 785 dollars .

    6. Fan Zen

    Calligraphic inscriptions, transparent watercolor landscapes and portraits in traditional Chinese style are also sold quite well - 176 718 242 dollars from 2011 to 2015.

    5. Cui Ruzhou

    This modern Chinese artist is famous for his work with ink, depicting flowers, birds and landscapes. However, ordinary people can not understand the mighty power of art - and in 2012, the cleaner of the hotel Grand Hayatt accidentally threw one of his works at a price of $ 3.7 million. The work of Cui Ruzhou for the last 4 years was sold for 223 551 382 dollars .

    4. Zeng Fangi

    The complex multi-color works of another Chinese artist, where living things and objects either got entangled in the web, or got lost in the winter forest, and also sinister pioneers with bloodied hands from 2011 to 2015 were also selling well - for 267949 220 dollars .

    3. Christopher Wool

    Christopher's trademark is a huge white canvas with black letters. Four of these letters, forming the word Riot( "rebellion") were sold at Sotheby's auction for $ 29.9 million. And in just 4 years, the artist's works were sold for the amount of 323,997,854 dollars .

    2. Jeff Koons

    Former spouse of pornostar Cicciolina prefers to work in the genre of "neo-pop."He is especially famous for his sculptures from steel, imitating toys made from oblong balloons. For one of the works( a steel orange dog), Kristi paid $ 58.4 million at the auction. And Jeff plans to put a faucet in front of the Los Angeles art museum, on which the locomotive will hang, so that he puffs and emits smoke clouds. From 2011 to 2015, Koons sold works for a total of $ 379,778,439 in to .

    1. Gerard Richter

    The first place in the ranking of artists with the best-selling paintings is a master who does not even consider himself to be so. According to Gerard, for a long time he created something that was not related to art, composition, color, creativity, etc. Namely, he covered canvases with paint splints using scrapers and spatulas. One of these paintings, called "The Abstract Image", most reminiscent of a watermelon lost in torment, was evaluated at Sotheby's auction for $ 43.6 million , and for four years the artist's works were sold for a modest sum of $ 1 165 527 419 for .