Top 7 most popular iPhone apps of the year 2015 in the App Store

Modern smartphones - this is more than just a means for communication. They can easily replace the photo and video camera, allow you to work with text documents and images, and are able to perform an entertaining role. The functionality of the iPhone is not inferior to a personal computer. But, in order for your gadget to perform the maximum of available functions, it is necessary to provide it with useful applications.

We offer the current rating of smartphones of 2015, the best phones in terms of price / quality ratio, which allow using any of the applications of this list.

1. Clash of Kings

  • 2. Selfish Camera
  • 3. Badoo
  • 4. Photo Editor Filterra
  • 5. World of Tanks Blitz
  • 6. LovePlanet
  • 7. Music for iPhone
  • 1. Clash of Kings

    This famous gameis a strategy that allows players to manage in real time. In a war game you can build cities and make battles to get the right to the throne. You will build your own empire, and protect the castle from enemies, and also become the ruler of the seven kingdoms and explore the magical worlds of these kingdoms.

    Each new version of the game gets additions, and, in addition, you can choose one of the many languages. A multiplayer online game will divide gamers into enemies and allies, who will participate in heated battles to gain victory.

    2. Selfi Camera

    The most fun and beautiful selfies that deserve affable laikas can be done with the help of the Selfie Camera app. This utility is most successfully used with a self-stick. So it will be convenient for you to take collective photos, save the clarity of pictures and edit them.

    Features of the program

    • you can choose from thirty filters one that will make your portrait photo the most successful;
    • photo quality will be professional;
    • thanks to the possibility of photo correction, you can quickly turn "samashki" into creative images for your tape in social networks;
    • to start shooting, you can just shake the gadget;
    • excellent management and a good selection of tools for editing;
    • timer for selecting the best angle and poses;
    • serial shooting to capture bright moments and get natural collective photos.

    3. Badoo

    This program is considered the official application of the Badoo network, which is created for dating and communication with people from many corners of the planet. In your profile you can not only place a photo, but also indicate goals, and also indicate with which people you would like to communicate with. In the search you can find people by location, age or popularity on the site.

    4. Photo Editor Filterra

    This photo editor is supported by almost all models of modern smartphones. There are tremendous opportunities for creating atmospheric images that will delight and delight.

    Features of the

    • Photo Editor here you can edit the color of pictures, apply different textures and filters, and add all kinds of effects that are offered in a large assortment in the online supermarket;
    • clear interface makes the correction of images more qualitative and operative;
    • This utility allows you to compare different filters applied in one shot.

    5. World of Tanks Blitz

    This mobile game is easy to use online gameplay and is available on many devices. Stunning game locations, new maps, excellent graphics capabilities, exciting tank battles, skills training, clan education and many other opportunities are waiting for you in this game.

    Features World of Tanks Blitz for iPhone

    • inventory of available tanks counts more than 90 models;
    • understandable management;
    • short and futuristic battles at any point of the map;
    • four classes of combat vehicles and eight arenas;
    • mnogopolzovatelsky strategic gameplay;
    • movements of tanks and damage look realistic;
    • has built-in chat for communication between players;
    • possibility to invite friends to play;
    • tutorials, achievements, learning levels;
    • improved graphics and constant updates.

    6. LovePlanet

    This application from the popular dating site allows you to find people who are with you nearby and want to chat. Here you can put the likes of your favorite photos, play online games, and also look for people not only by location, but also by age, sex or hobbies.

    The application allows

    • to find people near you;
    • always be in touch;
    • look for new acquaintances;
    • communicate in any place( in a cafe, on the street, in the office, etc.);
    • to keep abreast of your friends' news.

    7. Music for iPhone

    Thanks to special applications, you can download music from the Internet not only from special online resources, but also finding a favorite track on social networks. You will get all the necessary features to listen to or download your favorite music, as well as create your own unique playlist.

    The most popular applications for the iPhone allow you to significantly expand the basic capabilities of your gadget, making it a universal device for communication, games, photography and many other purposes.