Rating of the most delusional occasions for calling an ambulance

I present to your attention the rating of the most unusual grounds for calling an ambulance. .. I wonder if the ambulance came to these calls. .. Very funny and interesting cases:

1. Doctor, please confirm that I'm pregnant, or my husband does not believe.

The call time is about 2 o'clock in the morning. The couple are married after a good family scandal.

2. Doctor, I have to fill up the sanatorium-resort card urgently - at work "a burning" ticket to the sanatorium was given. What does it mean - you do not have forms and you are not doomed to do it? Are not you a doctor?

The call time is about 20-00.A sober, intelligent-looking young man of about 45.

3. Doctor, you could not massage my neck? And then I got it, but now I'm going to drive behind the wheel.

The call time is 7:00 AM.Educated lady of 40-45 years.

4. Doctor, and you will not put my enema in an enema? And then she does not let me to her.

Time of call - 22-00 - 22-30.Mothers are 60 years old, daughters - 30-35.The enema needs rejuvenating with infusion of a turn or still any grass.

5. Doctor, do you have the opportunity to take me to the airport? And then I have a lot of things, in a normal taxi can not fit. I will pay.

The call time is around midnight. A young man of about 50, a citizen of one of the Central Asian republics.

6. Doctor, my son's day can not poke.

The call time is about 15-00.mother 70 years, drunk son - about 40.

7. Doctor, you do not have the opportunity to make me a sleepy injection? So, for good.

Call time is midnight. A married couple is an angry spouse and a spouse of a guilty kind. Both are about 50. The spouse wanted a spouse.

8. Doctor, and you do not sterilize my kitty at home? I will pay.

Time is about 10-00.Mature, very adequate, woman.

9. Doctor, I called you to tell this young man about the dangers of drugs!

Call time is one o'clock in the morning. Mom - somewhere 40, son - years 14.

10. Doctor, and you will not drink with me? It's my birthday now.

The call time is in the morning. Judging by his appearance, a young man of indefinite age celebrated his own birthday for the second week already. Of course, all the guests have long since fled.