Bunk bed in the nursery: how to choose the best option?

Wooden bed with drawers th

Wooden bed with drawers and a ladder-dresser for two children

Most parents try to make room for the children is not only safe, but also exciting. To do this, there are all possibilities. Furniture manufacturers offer so many models that you can choose the right for any style and age. Given the lack of square meters of preference often given bunk beds, which are optimal in the ratio of price, quality and design.

Wooden bed with different widths of beds

Wooden bed with different widths of beds intended for sleeping children of different ages

The main features of the use of two-level structures are:

  • compactness;
  • accommodation in any part of the room;
  • Use variation (not only as a sleeping child zone, but as a game or work space);
  • combining multiple segments (sleeping, working, playing), which greatly simplifies the problem of zoning.

The advantages of a bunk bed is much greater than the disadvantages.

  1. It perfectly optimizes space saving square meters.
  2. This additional entertainment. For children, it turns into a ship, a fortress or even any attribute. Since it is easy to construct a tent or an attic, where you can spend time wondering.
  3. It creates comfort in the interior. Today, furniture stores offer custom, creative models that will make any child's Neskuchniy and bright.
  4. Functionality. Fitted wardrobes and drawers added convenience during operation.
Bunk bed with built-in wardrobe, and a work place

Multilevel bunk bed with built-in wardrobe, and a work place

Among the disadvantages of such furniture isolated vertigo in children. Parents also worry about the risk of falling and seriously injured. Among other disadvantages is the inability to read your child a story before going to bed, lying side by side. If two children, then there may be constant quarrels of the upper or lower position. It is also undesirable to sleep on the top tier of suffering from respiratory diseases.

White wooden bunk bed

White wooden bunk bed in the room for girls


  • 1 Types of bunk beds
  • 2 How to choose the correct option
  • 3 The choice of dimensions
  • 4 What should be the style of children's
  • 5 Innovative design and the use of "smart" systems
  • 6 Video: Children's bunk beds. Examples of design and construction solutions
  • 7 50 of the best options for beautiful and comfortable bunk beds for the children:

Types of bunk beds

Convenient and safe bed

Convenient and safe bed for two children with an inclined ladder, shelves and drawers

Bunk beds vary according to several criteria:

  • number of beds;
  • design;
  • the form;
  • additional functions;
  • material.
Beautiful and functional bed-transformer

Beautiful and functional bed-transformer with three beds and a table

In a small apartment, where one child is not just for one child, the standard a bunk bed with two bunks, one above the other, will be more preferred. The twin bunk beds lower or upper tier transformed by gaming, training area. If the child is designed for two children, and area of ​​the room allows, you can build just two beds. Every child in this case will be a place to sleep and their own play or study area.

Bunk bed at an angle

White bed in two tiers disposed at an angle

beds are divided in design to:

  • classic;
  • angle;
  • sliding.

In the classic version the top and bottom are located precisely under each other.

Classic bunk bed

Classic bunk bed for two children

The angular embodiments tiers can be constructed perpendicular to each other or may be rotated at a certain angle.

Corner bunk bed

Corner bunk bed with three beds

The pull-out models of the lower part is attached to the top and, if necessary, just rolls. Such products are made on the principle of nesting dolls.

Bunk Bed-matryoshka

Compact retractable bed folded ranks as one bed and no dangerous stairs for toddlers

The shape of the distinction:

  • direct;
  • corner.

Straight, square can be located in any part of the room. Angular, complex models are specially made for installation in a corner.

Bunk bed made of wood

Bunk bed made of wood with integrated workspace and storage shelves

Additional features have bunk beds - great for small children, which need to save every square meter. Beds can be additionally equipped with:

  • drawers for linen, toys, things;
  • training area. As a rule, it is a table with a lamp, a chair and a rack for storage of school supplies;
  • sports equipment.
  • play area. It may be a hut on the lower tier or upper, Dolls house, garage for cars, etc.
-Cherdak bed with extra bed underneath

Modular composition consisting of individual items: a loft bed, the lower bed and desk

The material for the bunk bed could be the following.

  • Natural wood (Array). Beds made of oak, ash and beech are environmentally friendly, strong and durable, but the price is not available to everyone. They are not practical for small rooms because rather cumbersome.
    Classic bunk bed

    Classic bunk bed made of solid wood

  • Chipboard, MDF. This is the most popular option, as it meets the optimal price-performance ratio. The service life of furniture from such material is much smaller than the natural counterpart. Producers can also vary the density of the plates, which affects the strength. Bed from MDF or particle board is not suitable for rooms with high humidity, because quickly becomes loose and broken.
    Beautiful children's bed made of MDF

    Beautiful children's bed made of MDF with funny drawings

  • Metal. The high price and deter non-universality, but in fact, this option is the most durable. Over time, only to lose attractiveness in appearance, it is easy to fix, if the refresh time to paint. When you buy should pay attention to the slippery surface. If there is no special anti-slip coating and no additional fixing, it is better to abandon this model.
    Vintage metal bed

    Vintage metal bed in two tiers

How to choose the correct option

When choosing a bunk bed for children need to be guided by the following parameters.

  1. Ceiling height. For high ceilings (more than 2.5 m.) With a choice of problems will arise. Only certain kinds of designs suitable for low.
  2. Security. It is due to the strength, reliability anchorages quality material, its environmental friendliness. It must be ensured that the bed is equipped with bumpers. Stairs should be easy for a child to have a railing. All items must be securely fixed.
  3. Comfort. This concept includes the size of the bed, the distance between the tiers, the characteristics of the mattress.
Low bunk bed with a small house

Low bunk bed with a house and guards for preschoolers

The size is selected based on the age. Sleeper 1500h70 see. intended for the youngest preschoolers. For young people aged 11 - 15 years will approach the size of 80h1900 see. For high school students to choose the parameters 90h2000 see. Always better to take the size of room for growth. It would also be useful if a bed is needed for children with a large age difference.

Most bunk beds made of wood

Most bunk beds for teens with a separate space for guests

The distance between the layers should be such that the head of the seated on the lower floor to the upper part was 30 cm.

Mattresses are usually sold separately, which has its advantages, as you can select the option for the child. For healthy children need anatomic mattress. For those who have problems with the musculoskeletal system - orthopedic. Preference is recommended to give all season base, t. To. It is more hygienic.

  1. The quality of the material. It is useful to read reviews about a certain manufacturer on the internet before buying.
  2. Design. Color, shape should match the total style decision room.
  3. Functionality. If the room is small (12 square meters or less), it makes sense to keep an eye model with additional options (storage items, sports area, etc.)

The choice of dimensions

Bed in two tiers

Compact bunk bed white

Not all bunk beds are suitable for small rooms or rooms with low ceilings. Properly placed bed leaves the distance from the second level to the ceiling at least 90 cm. If you can not comfortably set the standard model, then give preference to products retractable-nesting dolls.

Two beds with pull-out bed

Pull-out bed for two children can accommodate two beds in the children, regardless of ceiling height

In a large room will look harmonious corner of the form and design of the bed. Large Area can also accommodate two bunk, twin beds.

Practical for small rooms are straight, angular in shape and classic retractable model.

Children's corner bunk bed

Children's corner bunk bed to save space

What should be the style of children's

Bed in nautical style

A set of furniture for children's rooms, decorated in a nautical theme

The two-level bed is almost universal. Choose the right model can be for the children, both in modern and classic design. the bed of solid (solid wood) suitable for classical interior. The product is made of MDF or particle board is suitable for almost any design, as with this material, you can perform almost any model in shape, color and design. Metal bed, ideal for the modern style: a loft, industrial, minimalist, high-tech, etc.

High-tech style for baby

Bunk Bed in an interior room hi-tech style

Innovative design and the use of "smart" systems

There are models to enhance the functionality of the room and optimize the space:

  • fitted wardrobes, drawers for storage;
  • built-in tables and racks for equipment training area and location of school supplies;
  • sofa like another place for relaxing during the day.
Sofa on the first tier

Sofa on the first tier of a bunk bed

The use of folding, retractable mechanism greatly increases the possibility of using such furniture.

Bunk bed in the marine theme

Unusual bunk bed, decorated in a nautical theme

And rational solution is layered construction equipment such sports and games town area. Slides, ropes, ladders - the essential elements of the active child. They make a pastime not only interesting, but also useful.

Bunk Bed "Pirate"

Bunk bed for two boys "Pirate" with the sports area

Video: Children's bunk beds. Examples of design and construction solutions

50 of the best options for beautiful and comfortable bunk beds for the children:

Bunk beds in the design of children's rooms
Lilac bed for two girls
White-pink bed with a tent on the 2nd floor
White bunk bed with desk
Beds of different widths in two levels
Bunk bed with bed arrangement at an angle
Loft bunk bed
White bed in two tiers, which can become twin beds
Children's bunk bed
Bunk bed with a third pull-out, sleeps
Beds in two levels with a wardrobe
Bunk bed Children's wood
Bunk beds in the interior of a child's room
Children's furniture with a bed loft, and a desk
Convertible sofa bed
Bed in two layers of MDF
Children's bunk bed convertible
Wooden bed in two tiers for the child and adult
Comfortable and stylish bunk bed
Delicate baby girls
Baby bed with space for games
A great option bunk beds for young people
Bunk bed with workspace
A bed in a two-tier to a large baby and grudnichka
Folding bed convertible
A bunk bed with a double bed for children and adults
Multifunctional bed duplex
Stylish bed on the second floor for a teenager
Unusual bed in two tiers
The purple room with a bunk bed
Beautiful bed with two floors in the interior of a bedroom
Cute young girls in bed room
Children's bunk bed with a curtain
Bunk bed with high sides
Black metal bed in two tiers
Baby bed on the second floor with a sofa downstairs
Bunk bed as a castle
Children's bunk bed for three girls
The two-level bed with play area
A bed of metal in two levels
Bunk beds in the bedroom for families with children
A large two-storey IKEA bed for children or adults
Bed for three children with unusual shapes
Bunk bed with retractable modules
Bunk bed with built-in cabinets and shelves - a good solution for the children of school age
Children's room with white wooden bed in two levels
Children's room for two children
A bunk bed in a locomotive
Stylish bunk bed near a brick wall