Choosing a double bed. Kinds of models, features, photos

Choosing beds, consumers put forward to them a number of requirements. Comfort, strength, the ability to become a harmonious part of the interior. Double beds may vary according to the parameters and have more advantages than disadvantages.

bedroom design to the bed

The choice of a double bed - a rather difficult task. It is important that it fits perfectly into the design of the apartment and has good qualities.

There are three criteria for determining the size of the bed:

  • DLength 1 m 90 cm and 2 m is a standard for people of average height;
  • WIrina is represented in sizes of 1 m 60 cm, 80 cm and 1 m to 2 m;
  • ATHeight of mostly 50-55 cm.
double bed in the bedroom

The choice of a double bed - a rather difficult task. It is important that it fits perfectly into the design of the apartment and has good qualities.

Sizes and designs are modern beds may be varied. Most Popular - classic rectangular having a size of 135h191 cm. Besides the traditional, double beds may have a circular, semi-circular, oval in shape and size manufacturers may change according to their standards.

round bed

Typically round beds have a diameter of 2 meters and double considered.

a round bed in the interior

Round bed will fit you very well, if you sleep alone.

Round Bed photo

It is also a viable option for those who like to sleep "up": two people can lie down in different parts of the bed.

Double beds are made with different types of headboard. It can be high, low, open-work, or flat, located vertically or at an angle. The headboard is fixed permanently to the bed to the wall above the bed - attachments, or puts in separate thumbs.


First and foremost the bed should have the convenience, comfort, and provide comfort during sleep.

headboard clearance

they also need to fit the design, placed in the room and does not clutter the space.


  • 1 materials of Construction
  • 2 Common design beds
  • 3 How to choose a double bed
  • 4 VIDEO: Selects the double bed.
  • 5 Double bed in the interior - 50 photo-ideas:

materials of Construction

The most expensive beds from natural wood - beech, alder, birch, oak, pine. The product looks beautiful, however, limited color shades of wood, and they can not fit into a ready-made interior. Require careful maintenance, maintaining a certain temperature and humidity, protection against temperature changes and wood pests.

bed of wood

Beds made of wood are strong, durable, safe for health, so very popular.

mahogany bed

Increasingly, in the interior design appears furniture made of natural materials.

Maximum reliability and easy maintenance are double metal beds.

metal bed

Beautiful forged products have a variety of designs, so you can easily choose the right product to the style of the interior of his apartment.

Materials are popular manufacturing particleboard and MDF. They are available at a cost, DSP bit cheaper. Manufactured from wood chips, sawdust, pressed and which keep their shape due to a chemical binder components. The advantage of these products - continuous operation without deformation and shape loss.

bedroom in bright colors

Addition of synthetic additives prevents mold and bugs.

double bed in the dark interior

Pressed plates little susceptible to mechanical damage, virtually destroyed by sudden temperature changes.

Common design beds

Most Affordable frame a metal base on legs with fixed louvres. In this arrangement, no side walls, headboard and footboard, the legs can be adjusted in height, which is very convenient if the floor is uneven. The mattress perfectly ventilated thanks to the free space between the slats.

bed frame with slats

As a rule, the distance between them is 5.5 cm, which is suitable for most mattresses.

Reinforced types of carcasses with the distance between the slats 4, 5 cm and 3.5 cm is recommended to people with body weight more than 100 kg, since prevent excessive flexing. On the anatomical bed-frame mounted double the amount of coupled slats, the central regulator have rigidity.

stiffness adjustment

Beds with bars or lamellae lighter in weight.

Double beds, sofas are full beds for two. Laid out as a forward folding chair. This option is very convenient for small spaces.

sofa bed

A sofa bed will be stylish and convenient solution for a small room.

Beds with niches for clothes may be different configuration. They have one large or several small boxes arranged on one or more sides, at the foot of the bed. Various methods boxes extension - on the rollers, casters, telescopic rails.

bed with drawers

No need to buy an additional cabinet, which will take up too much space. Bed easily replace it.

Bed with a lifting mechanism are of great clothesline niche, whose size corresponds to the size of the bed. The lifting mechanism may be spring or gas shock absorbers.

double bed with drawers

The frame is made of wood, and a lifting mechanism of a metal base. This combined formulation provides long service life.

Double beds-transformers are very practical, because it can easily turn into a sofa, wardrobe and desk. To do this, the bed is equipped with a special horizontal or vertical lift mechanism and attachments.

wardrobe bed convertible

In the assembled form, it is a common case, which is embedded in a wall or placed near it. And if the need arises, it can be quickly disassembled into a full double bed.

How to choose a double bed

Manufacturers offer beds of various sizes. In addition, you can order products according to individual sizes, which is very convenient for people of high growth and high body weight.

cozy bedroom design

The headboard can have decorative elements in the form of patterns, colors, shapes, and other beautiful elements.

The cost of the product depends on the materials of manufacture. They are low cost options with frames made of chipboard, MDF. The category of luxury furniture products are made of natural wood. Popular are double metal bed.

double bed

White model will fit perfectly to the style of Provence.

wooden double bed

High-quality children's and adult beds are made from hard wood species of high strength - oak, alder, cherry, walnut.

metal double bed

Each product is produced in a single copy, which has no analogues.

In addition to a variety of materials for the frame, is no less varied upholstery variants:

  • FROMinteticheskie;
  • Haturalnye tissue;
  • TOozhzamenitel;
  • Haturalnaya skin.
white double bed

Before purchasing, make sure a good build quality, to see if it wobbles, it is necessary to stably on the surface.

Bed in classic style

The seller must be the security certificates that he is the first requirement will provide you to explore.

There are other parameters that need to be addressed. The presence or absence of a headboard, types of storage space for clothes drawers or boxes with a lifting mechanism.

Loading bed

It is also important to pay attention to the base of the mattress, color and design.

VIDEO: Selects the double bed.

Double bed in the interior - 50 photo-ideas:

double bed black and purple design
Double bed headboard
double bed purple
double bed in the bedroom
Double bed with canopy
double bed light green design
double bed white-blue design
double bed in the dark interior
double bed Provence
double bed of blue and white design
a double bed in a blue interior
Double bed headboard floral print
a double bed with an original headboard
double bed with headboard screen
design double bed headboard
double bed in the master bedroom
a double bed made of wood
double bed lift
double waterbed
double bed white-blue design
double bed beige
double bed floral design
double bed purple veil
double bed modern design
double bed in the narrow bedroom
a double bed with bedside tables
double bed metal
Nouveau double bed
Double bed with upholstered headboard
double bed location
double bed folding
folding double bed
lifting double bed
double bed lift
double bed wardrobe
double bed with bottom drawer
double bed with cupboard underneath
a double bed in a dark room
double bed in the cupboard
a double bed in a blue cabinet
double bed Romantic design
double bed bedroom design
a double bed with closet
double bed modern interior
Arabic style double bed
double bed green and beige bedroom
double bed in pink bedroom
double bed vanilla design
double bed dark brown
double bed dark blue