Rating of synthetic motor oils

Correctly selected motor oil can serve as a guarantee of uninterrupted operation of the car engine in any climatic and road conditions.

Given that the market presents a variety of engine oils reviews of ordinary car enthusiasts can be misleading.

We offer rating of motor oils from the laboratory of LLC "VIAL OIL" and the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, based on the results of testing synthetic oils of viscosity class 5W-40 and 5W-50.

10. ZIC XQ( Korea) is a quality product that can be used all-season. Physicochemical parameters fully comply with the norms of the viscosity class. The oil showed good stability and an acid number, which indicates the presence of oxidation products.

9. MOBIL Synt S( Belgium) in all respects conforms to the standards, however, experts noted that the polymer thickener demonstrated a high degree of tripping.

8. SPECTROL Galax( Russia). Despite the good test results, experts noted the presence of large particles of oxidation products, as well as the rather high rates of performance of the polymer thickener. At each oil change, it is recommended to flush the engine to remove any deposits.

7. MANNOL Elite( Belgium). From the minuses of this product, experts noted only a significant rate of operation of the polymer thickener. The manufacturer claims a high thermal and oxidative stability of the product.

6. SELECT Lubricants Supreme( Russia) is a relatively new product on the market, but tests show that oil deserves the attention of consumers. In the process of testing, this sample demonstrated good stability.

5. AGA 027MS( Russia) demonstrated good physico-chemical characteristics. The test of engine oils showed that this product is out of competition for the cold start indicator. However, if the average time stability indicators were at altitude, then with prolonged oil operation, its aging is noticeable.

4. TOTAL Quartz 9000( France). The oil showed good results, experts noted the high stability of the additives included in the package. The period of operation of this product can be quite long.

3. CONSOL Ultima( Russia) demonstrated high stability, as well as resistance to thermo-oxidative processes. Experts recommend oil for continuous operation with a large interval between replacements.

2. VALVOLINE SynPower( Netherlands). According to the physico-chemical parameters, the product meets the established standards. Specialists note that even a significant interval between oil changes is quite acceptable when using this sample.

1. SHELL Helix Ultra( Finland) - the best engine oil in our rating. Experts confidently recommend it for continued operation. High resistance to oxidation has been particularly noted.