Rating of children's car seats for security 2016( Infographics)

Many children die or are injured every year in car accidents. Some of these deaths and injuries could have been prevented if the child were in a special chair. We present to you a rating of children's car seats on safety 2016.The best car seats are selected based on reviews, ratings and user reviews of Yandex. Market. They comply with the European standards of reliability, safety and showed themselves well after the crash tests.


  • 10. Inglesina Prime Miglia I-Fix
  • 9. Coletto Sportivo Only Isofix
  • 8. Cosatto Moova
  • 7. Cybex Isis
  • 6. Maxi-Cosi Citi
  • 5. Sparco F700K
  • 4. Koochi Motohero
  • 3. EspiroOmega FX
  • 2. Cybex Aton Basic
  • 1. Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix

10. Inglesina Prime Miglia I-Fix

The average price is 18 450 rubles.
Allowed weight: 9-36 kg.

Armchair with comfortable lock for passenger's head and several positions for growth. It can be used both in a car equipped with an IsoFix mount, and with 3-point belts.

Cons: The car seat is only for children who can sit on their own.

9. Coletto Sportivo Only Isofix

Average price - 15 900 rub.
Allowed weight: 9-36 kg.

The Isofix armchair, as the name suggests, has four backrest tilt positions, seven headrest height positions and a side impact protection. Internal 5-point belts are equipped with soft pads.

Disadvantage: difficult to move, weighs 11 kg.

8. Cosatto Moova

Average price - 15 590 rub.
Permissible weight: not less than 9 and not more than 18 kg.

The armchair attracts attention with its bright and beautiful design. It is attached by a car belt. It has three backrest tilt positions, and additional protection against side impact.

Disadvantages: there is no IsoFix.

7. Cybex Isis

The average price is 11 615 rubles.
Allowed weight: 9-36 kg.

The height of the headrest of this car seat can be fixed in seven different positions. Fastening in the car is carried out with the help of regular seat belts. If the cover is dirty, it can be removed and washed.

Disadvantages: there is no IsoFix.

6. Maxi-Cosi Citi

The average price is 14 000 rubles.
Permissible weight: up to 13 kg.

The first armchair-carrying in the rating of car seats for safety. Very light( only 2.75 kg).The cover can be removed and washed. It is permissible to secure the chair with your back in the direction of motion. So it is safer for a small passenger.

Cons: The armchair is made of synthetic material, the child can sweat.

5. Sparco F700K

The average price is 7 000 rubles.
Allowed weight: 9-36 kg.

Comfortable and wide armchair with an anatomical cushion, additional protection against side impacts and a removable cover. In it, the baby will be comfortable both in light overalls and in a warm coat. Belts and head restraints are effortlessly adjusted to the child's complexion.

Disadvantages: without IsoFix.

4. Koochi Motohero

Average price - 11 790 rubles.
Permissible weight: not less than 9 and up to 36 kg.

Light( 5.3 kg) chair with detachable five-point internal belts, anatomical cushion and protection against side impacts. Compatible with standard 3-point safety belt.

Disadvantages: without IsoFix, there is no adjustment of the backrest tilt.

3. Espiro Omega FX

The average price is 9 400 rubles.
Permissible weight of the child: 15-36 kg.

This car seat has an IsoFix mount, and the backrest is adjusted to the needs of the child. Additional comfort is provided by an anatomical pillow and a headrest adjustable in height. Small bonuses: there is a booster and a cup holder.

Cons: no removable cover.

2. Cybex Aton Basic

The average price is 7 997 rubles.
Permissible child weight: up to 13 kg.

Another light( 2.9 kg) and comfortable car seat for newborns and infants. Can be used as a rocking chair. There is a retractable visor, which protects from a draft. Well proved by the results of crash tests.

Cons: in the heat the child will sweat much.

1. Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix

The average price is 15 800 rubles.
Permissible child weight: up to 13 kg.

Tops the top ten most secure car seats for children model from the famous Dutch manufacturer. The chair can be set with the back facing forward, it has a liner for newborns, a box for small items in the back and a removable visor from the sun. To work on the creation of CabrioFix, pediatric orthopedists were involved, so that all the anatomical features of toddlers are taken into account.