How to paint suede shoes: the basic rules of paint choices, how to keep shoes

Painting suede shoes aloneCertainly the house each have at least one pair of shoes or boots made of suede. Material beautiful, attractive and requires careful maintenance. Brushes, paint suede shoes, a means to repel dirt and water - all of these products are essential for maintaining your favorite shoes in good quality. But how to use these tools? How to make so that the shoes did not look worse, but on the contrary, it has gained a fresh look? The main thing here - to carefully read the instructions and follow them.


  1. What to do in case of loss of color
  2. How to keep your favorite shoes
  3. Choosing paint

What to do in case of loss of color

Perhaps the most common problem faced by owners of the shoe made of suede, is a loss of color. The reason may be the sunlight, the chemical that is sprinkled with ice in the winter, rain, puddles, and so on. D. Unlike leather shoes, suede often loses its color. And then there is the need to dye suede shoes at home? Make it very simple, if you follow certain rules. By the way, shoes nubuck can be painted by the same principles.

  • How to paint suede shoesit is necessary to prepare properly before painting suede shoes: cleaned of visible dirt directly to the surface and suede sole, remove the decorations and strings, if any, to the color went as straight as possible.
  • While the shoes are dried after cleaning, you must prepare the room and means for its coloring. Since any ink, including suede, quite fragrant, the room should be well ventilated, it is best if the painting will take place on the street. With regard to the additional funds, in addition to paint, you will need old newspapers or magazines to lay on the floor, and household gloves to black, brown or any other color for suede did not stay in your skin. Also need a sponge, a brush and a final grooming spray.
  • Attentively read the instructions on flakonchike liquid paint or spray on how correctly to paint. Direct its enforcement is the main guarantee of the preservation of the original appearance of your product and the restoration of the desired color. Painted products made of suede or nubuck must be evenly, so that after drying it does not remain sloppy spots.
  • When staining boots or shoes is completed, and the results are satisfactory, it is necessary fasten it with special means. So the paint will last longer, and its color will be as bright and attractive.
  • After the completion of the procedures necessary to shoes put out to dry in a well ventilated place, Away from children, animals and heat sources.

How to keep your favorite shoes

Sometimes it happens that the quality footwear serves faithfully for many years, and owner are so bored that he wants to get rid of it. But there is a better way out of this situation. Shoes can always repaint. How to paint shoes paint a different color? This can be done by the same rules as described above. The new color will give it a breath of fresh air, and you will not have to spend money on new clothes.

Although paint boots or shoes is not so difficult, it is still necessary to remember the rules of socks suede products.

  1. Do not wear items made of suede and nubuck in rainy weather, avoid mud and puddles.
  2. Be sure to treat the shoes waterproof means before you leave home.
  3. Regularly clean it of dirt with special sponges and brushes.
  4. Store suede shoes in the air impermeable bags or sacks.
Painting an old suede shoes

Choosing paint

Whenever there is a need to dye suede at home, we have to choose what is best paint - spray or liquid. How to choose the right color, and whether it is in the range of shops? About this worry, of course, it is not necessary. There are a variety of paint colors and shades to date, so do not worry if you can find the right. The most popular at the moment are black, brown and blue.

Preppy look of a man is always a delight to the eyes of others, and an important role in this is the shoes. Clean and tidy shoes, boots, boots are the face of the person, because we meet on clothes. A wise person knows how to keep its "face" in order, knows how to dye suede leather products and footwear. In addition, the shoes, for which to care, thank the owner loyal and long service health legs and savings to more pleasant things.