The curtains in the living room in a modern style: the original examples, photo in the interior

Curtains for the living room - the final stage of labor-intensive work of the designer. Usually, this bright accent, jewel, attracts attention, at least - a subtle addition to the overall concept.

When selected modern curtains for the living room, it is the final and very important stage in the design of the room.


  • 1 Modern Style Living Room: Design trends, popular colors and patterns
  • 2 What blinds to choose for the living room
  • 3 In classic style, description, colors, examples of classic design
  • 4 The curtains in the living room: recommendations on the selection of fabrics / models, which style to choose
  • 5 The most interesting examples of curtains for the living room, the actual photo
  • 6 VIDEO: Luxury curtains in a modern style.
  • 7 50 variants of modern curtains for the living room:

Modern Style Living Room: Design trends, popular colors and patterns

The modern style is not clear descriptions and boundaries. As a rule, it harmoniously combines a number of popular destinations: Japanese-style, high-tech and minimalist and modern. And it was curtains serve as a link, which blurs the boundaries between areas, making diverse interior design elements into the overall picture.

Styling facilities require upgrading the windows so as not to disrupt the overall design concept.

The main criteria of modern style: simplicity, functionality and appeal.

For example, at the stage of finishing the interior is better to abandon the massive moldings and wooden parquet. More appropriate for the suspended ceiling and laminate flooring. The color combinations can be bright enough, yet more preferably unobtrusive palette.

Living in red and white shades. The bright color of the furniture and wall decoration is repeated in the elements of decor.

Visual room of modest size seems more thanks to the glossy surface tension ceiling.

Effectively looks unusual finish one wall. Godsend for the modern style.

"Dilute" the simplicity of the interior will mirror, wall decorations, such as paintings, as well as the laconic lamp. Additional interior carpet and cushions, overlapping color.

Curtains match the minimalist spirit of contemporary design.

As a rule, it is the fabric pieces, freely descending to the floor.

Designers selected for curtains in contemporary or monophonic material or fabric with a large geometric pattern. Preference is given to calm colors.

In the photo the curtains in the living room in a modern style.

Portieres color cocoa milk supplemented with tulle without pattern.

Dense, but not coarse fabric blends harmoniously with the interior.

What blinds to choose for the living room

Stylish draw the window - not an easy task. To the result of feast for the eyes, but did not cause a sigh of disappointment, it is important to take into account:

  • size of the room: the area and height;
  • How many windows in the room, their size;
  • General design decision;
  • The color that predominates in the decoration;
  • Furniture.

The modern style in the interior there are no clear boundaries, it may or may gravitate toward one direction and to combine harmoniously combines the features of several styles.

Another important aspect - the goals to be met by the interior. For example, you need to make the room visually larger or create a special atmosphere. Are the curtains will be a bright accent or be another spectacular element. Finally, whether or not intended to protect the room from the sun or the curtains will be a decorative element.

The photo modern curtains for the living room. Curtains and upholstery of the same color.

In this case, not used tulle.

Regulate the living room lighting will help roll or roman shades. The advantages of this model, functionality and brevity.

Multilayer structures are not modern style.

A small hall will be visually larger thanks to a light curtains. Pastel range of interior "will paint" the other elements: a pillow and blanket in orange tones.

The furniture in the modern rooms are not bulky, they have a lot of light and air.

Vintage interior proves that the modern style is not boring and not "gray". The main thing is not to overdo it with accents. In the photo roman blinds in the "company" with curtains. The color range of curtains and drapes is repeated, and the model does not look tasteless.

Upholstery also selected to match.

Considered a classic of modern curtains, complete with two curtain cloth. But this classic can be non-trivial. For example, if in the room with two windows, set one long cornice and tulle closes one blade two openings.

For large lounge suit is another option: the curtains of different colors (better contrast) and light curtains.

Important! If it is not necessary to protect the room from prying eyes and decorate the window only light tulle. Weightless cloud round the window space will make the interior of the air, and the living room will be visually more.

Standard solution for rooms with large windows: modern Roman blinds for the living room, without a skeleton model.

Living room in a modern style decorate with quality materials and all kinds of technical innovations.

Curtains-thread, despite the external decoration, to cope with all the responsibilities vested in the curtains. They help zoned space, protected from prying eyes and just give beauty and comfort.

Multi-colored, harmonizing with finishes and upholstered furniture, curtains filament turn the living room into a fabulous ballroom.

To make the curtains in a modern style, you can use any materials.

Kise has different forms of attachment and management. In the photo-thread curtains combined into blocks, rotating around its axis.

Thus regulated lighting of the room.

Curtains on the grommet - leaders in popularity. The main advantages - ease of mounting and functional design. Stylish appearance - an added bonus.

In classic style, description, colors, examples of classic design

To the curtains in a classic interior looked harmoniously, it is important to consider the following:

  • Curtains are chosen for a specific window, taking into account its size and shape;
  • For large hall suitable multilayer structures with labrekenami, SMAD and ties. For the "splendor" living in small sizes to anything;
  • Curtains dark - only for large living rooms;
  • The right choice of fabric - a guarantee of success. Classic "friends" with noble materials: velvet, satin, velor and silk.

Despite the fact that the changing fashion trends, classical-style curtains remain popular regardless of the time.

Classic style is recognizable in elegant drapery, beautiful curtains picked up for with volume brushes and accessories, as well as in design sophistication. Harmony of color and form.

Determine with curtains coloring, it is worth considering the overall interior style. Well, if the pattern is repeated in the curtains upholstery furniture or decorative items: pillows, bedspread or tablecloth.

In the photo curtains with floral ornaments. Design enough concise for a luxury classics: Hard pelmet, picked up with tassels and tulle unusual cut.

Designers do not recommend to use more than three colors in the decoration and interior design.

To the classic style looked truly magnificent, it is necessary to choose the width of the canvas. Narrow drapes, or cloth stretched without any folds, look ridiculous. Then the expensive fabric and home furnishings will not save the situation. Ideally the width of the webs is selected twice as wide as the length of the eaves. This will provide a three-dimensional drape and make window decoration worthy.

Due to the curtains in the interior you can change the impression of the size of the room. Narrow webs at the edges of the window will increase the space in height, and broad curtains visually expand.

Attached to the ceiling cornice and flowing drapes without grabs also visually increase the height of the room.

Curtains are located not only in the windows, but also on the wall next to the window. Interesting design course. Interior room looks complete and functional.

Classic curtains would be appropriate in a modern interior is no less than in the classical style.

The key point in the interior - a harmonious combination of all elements. If the furniture is reminiscent of the royal suite of Louis IV, the curtains and complex models will come in handy. If the interior is not the glitz and luxury, concise curtains will be just right.

Sophistication lies in choosing the right material.

The curtains in the living room: recommendations on the selection of fabrics / models, which style to choose

Living room - the heart of the house. It is here that welcome guests and gather the whole family to socialize. It is important to complement the design of windows quiet, condusive to the conversation situation. Stylish interior design will talk about the status and preferences of owners of the house.

To begin, determine the function of future curtains: either they are used for decoration and comfort, or protect against excessive light and prying eyes.

It is necessary to choose high-quality materials in warm and soothing colors.

Drape fabric is of three kinds:

  • Natural (beautiful, with good breathability and does not cause allergies);
  • Synthetic (affordable, easy care, a wide range of colors and textures);
  • Mixed (the most in demand, as it combines the advantages of the previous tissue).

Natural fabric more aesthetically pleasing, but it is not the most practical option. She quickly fade and resistant to external influences. In addition, the natural material absorbs odors, therefore, for the kitchen curtains should choose synthetic.

Underlined and harmoniously fit into details such as patterns in combination with natural motifs.

Coloring and natural and synthetic fabrics varied, so it is guaranteed a decent option for any interior. There is little tricks.

Horizontal stripes on the curtains will enhance the room.

A vertical stripes visually make the ceiling higher. This is true for the interior in any style.

If the room is dominated by a classic style, then there fit only direct curtains model.

For small rooms suitable gentle palette of pastel shades. Thanks to them, the room will seem more spacious.

Finally, add luxury possible using tiebacks. They can be done by hand or purchased at the store.

Options to choose curtains for the living room on the date set.

The most interesting examples of curtains for the living room, the actual photo

Bay window decorates the building not only from the outside. premises interior looks impressive large bay with proper space design.

Fashionable curtain into the hall in the classic version chooses the majority of families.

Luxury classic curtains decorated with massive tassels. Beautiful crystal chandelier completes the composition.

Comfortable, cozy and located in quiet communication environment obtained through the use of complex elements.

Unique design solutions for the decoration of the windows emphasizes the unusual arrangement of fixtures. Beige tulle with many curtains draped complements chocolate color.

Fashion trend - it's placement on the wall a few windows. Stylish solutions are fabric with a bulk drapery.

Asymmetric model curtains in a classic style. Option for the living room of modest size.

Modern style eliminates the conventions and rules, and helps make the interior of the most functional.

Curtains that complement the design, create a special atmosphere and make the room comfortable. Even in a typical apartment room it becomes special.

VIDEO: Luxury curtains in a modern style.

50 variants of modern curtains for the living room:

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