Tiles in the bathroom: 75 photo design examples

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Bathroom - one of the most important places of the house, a city apartment. It is important to comply with sterility, but because of the high humidity materials suit not all. Ceramic tile has worked well, because it is easy to clean, is available in various design options, for a long time does not require replacement. tile designs in the closet to select the most appropriate to the overall style of the interior of the apartment. Pasted a decoration on the floor, wall or self-involved visiting scholars.


  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • types of tiles
    • mosaic
    • Porcelain tiles
    • textured
    • Multi-colored with ornaments
    • Tiles "pylon"
    • Combined finishing using tiles
  • color solutions
  • Application Method
  • Style and tiles
  • conclusion

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any finishing material, ceramic tile has positive aspects:

  • hygienic - it does not accumulate dirt, to maintain a clean fairly simple wet cleaning;
  • Flameproof - not able to light up;
  • moisture - the water is not afraid, detergents, do not absorb odors;
  • Environmentally friendly - clean and safe material that does not cause allergies;
  • longevity - is able to maintain the beautiful appearance of at least fifty years;
  • strength - it put the heaviest household appliances, furniture items, without fear of damage.
toilet design in urban styleBlue and gray color in the bathroom decorationThe combination of white and orange tiles in toilet designYellow tiles with white ornament in the toiletRed tile on the floor in the toiletWhite and blue design of the toilet

Negative properties are also available:

  • too cold all year round - it is unpleasant to walk on with bare feet;
  • easy to break, dropping a heavy object on the surface;
  • soundproof quality has a very low;
  • correct laying under the force of each, requires certain skills, some of the tools;
  • exclusive design space will be very expensive.

To in the bathroom, which is tiled, walk was not cold, the coating is placed on heated floors. Soundproofing special materials are available.

White tiles in the bathroom

types of tiles

Tile is different in several ways:

  • application site;
  • composition;
  • form;
  • texture;
  • dimensions;
  • quality;
  • decorating method.

Depending on the application distinguish the floor, wall, ceiling tile. Sometimes it is made in the bottom of the tub combination bathroom countertop where the sink is mounted. By type of wall surface is glossy, matte, mirror, textured, painted. The floor differs on methods of production - stoneware, molded parts, extruded. Marking is also different: red mark very high quality, medium quality stand for blue, lower - green. High resistance to all chemical detergents labeled AA letters in average, low - S.

Tiles for decoration toilet

Wear resistance is indicated in Roman numerals, for the house it makes sense to use plitochki labeled from one to three.


The smallest of all kinds, because it is easy to apply on the surfaces of complex shapes - arches, convex, concave elements, asymmetric details premises. The most difficult place is decorated with such a material, so it is so fond of experienced designers.
Mosaic produced different shape - square, rectangular, rhomboid, round, polygonal, asymmetrical. Its size - from one-on-one, two by two, or five by five centimeters. Shops, stroyrynka implement block and piece mosaic. The block has larger dimensions of approximately 30 by 30 cm., Is composed of a plurality of fragments, glued solely on the flat surface.

Mosaic tiles in toilet designMosaic tiles in purple toilet designMosaic tiles in gray toilet designMosaic tiles chocolate color in toilet designMosaic in toilet designYellow mosaic in toilet design

In material manufacturing distinguish mosaic:

  • glass - is composed of feldspar, silica sand, metal oxides;
  • smaltovaya - made of pressed glass with a dye suitable for places with high load;
  • metal - made of steel, brass, to be applied to the gum base;
  • stone - made of granite, marble, jasper, malachite, onyx, slate and others, it is decorated with the most expensive interiors.

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The most common patterns of her following are true:

  • "Checkerboard" horizontal, vertical stripes;
  • gradient transitions from pale blue to blue, and purple-black to white;
  • schematic silhouettes of animals, people, houses;
  • folk ornaments, letters, characters;
  • randomly spaced bright shiny pieces on a light background.
Blue mosaic in toilet design

This type of lining is suitable for even the smallest room, because the cramped quarters, the more tiny details are selected for him.

Porcelain tiles

This material is the "next of kin" of ceramic tiles, having in its composition, not only clay but also dyes, feldspar, quartz sand. It has rough surface that prevents slipping.

Its positive properties:

  • not burn, does not lose color;
  • low conductivity;
  • not damaged by bacteria, parasites;
  • not capable of eliciting allergy;
  • very durable, wear-resistant.
Porcelain tiles in the bathroom decorationBlack and white toilet finishMaroon tiles in the bathroom decorationRed and white design toiletGreen and black design of the toiletBathroom in chocolate and beige colors

Cons granite:

  • expensive;
  • Floor cold;
  • It has an increased brittleness when cutting or transportation.

The material most often placed on the floor, fragments of relatively large because the installation process does not last long.

Brown shades in the design of the toilet with sinkMosaic ornament in toilet designtoilet design in blue tonestoilet design in whiteShades of red in the interior of the toiletBright colors in the bathroom design


It looks very original - the master cast tiles, imitating the texture of natural precious wood, natural stone, bricks, cloth, straw, metal and others. The color palette is also quite diverse. The cost of such veneer dressing room is not small, but for the original appearance does not mind paying a little more. Available as tile "for laminate" - a large oblong plates with wood texture. This tile is sometimes done with photo printing, which is very decorated with even the simplest interior, giving it a unique, recognizable. The main disadvantage of parts with complex texture - the complexity of care for these surfaces.

Textured tiles in the bathroomTile under a brick in the toilet designTextured tiles in toilet designTextured tiles in the bathroom decorationTextured tile in the bathroom designGray textured tiles in the bathroom decoration

Multi-colored with ornaments

Tile coated with a pattern or color perfectly complements any bathroom. Walls, floors are made to them completely, or this decorative element is allocated a separate area, mirror, sanitary devices. Often combined white tile with a color or patterned in a checkerboard pattern, vertical stripes represent the color of curbs etc..

For visual expansion close the toilet rear wall is monochromatic, preferably black, purple, blue or mirror. The side walls are made in bright colors.

Tile with an ornament in the toiletTiles with colored patterns in the toiletThe design of the bathroom tiles with ornamentOriental style bathroom designTiles with ornament on the floor in the toiletIllumination in the toilet

Tiles "pylon"

"Kabanchik" - tiles rectangular shape having a chamfer in appearance resembles a brick. How did this name: during the production of the product formed from two technological holes, like a pig nose. After the ingot is broken, it turns out the two pieces of convex shape, the beveled at 45 degree corners.

Advantages of the "pig":

  • hardness, strength;
  • durability;
  • resistance to temperature extremes, humidity, chemicals;
  • ease of care.

Dimensions of the tiles: the smallest are the size of 7 to 10 cm long - 25 to 35 cm, other dimensions of the relationship... They are produced preferably monochrome, matte, glossy, imitating various materials, glass.

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Hog tiles in the bathroomTile hog in toilet designTiles in the bathroom hog finishingToilet with sinkWhite tiles in the bathroom hog finishingWhite tiles in the bathroom pylon design

With such a correction tile shaped space - if required to extend and expand, it is placed horizontally, as bricks, when one wants to make the ceiling higher - vertically.

Combined finishing using tiles

The tile in the bathroom, the bathroom is often combined with a variety of materials:

  • with decorative plaster - finishing masks irregularities of the walls, perfectly combined with any types of tiles. Sometimes it is coated with acrylics, pearlescent enamel etc .;
  • paint - tiles cover 30-60 per cent of the height of the wall, and the rest are painted. Sometimes the details on the walls and the floor are made of the same material that looks very interesting;
  • wallpaper, photo wallpapers - quite a budget option. Tiles finished with the space around the toilet, the sink, the whole shower, rest of the wallpaper, preferably washable, designed for wet areas;
  • with panels of PVC - mimic tile, using them to hide all communications. There are such panels are cheaper than the tile, which is important for those who want to save;
  • with panels of wood - an environmentally friendly material that is suitable for many styles. For protection from water is covered with special structures, produced natural colors.
Combined option registration toiletBlue wallpaper and white tiles in the bathroom designRomantic style in the design of red and white toiletTiles and mosaics in the bathroom designThe unusual design of the toiletTiles under the black brick in the toilet design

All joints between individual plitochki treated with special water-resistant grouting.

color solutions

Colors bathrooms depends on stylistic solutions, the area of ​​the room. In the toilet "Khrushchev" apartment with an area of ​​two to four square meters, it is usually used for the tiles bright, warm colors. For a more spacious and have a window, it is possible to use any of color solutions including dark, cool colors.

Floral ornament in toilet design

The most popular combinations:

  • golden with blue;
  • hot pink with lavender;
  • ocher and beige;
  • Stone with pale emerald;
  • sunny yellow brown;
  • blue with gray canvas;
  • turquoise with green;
  • black and milky white;
  • lilac with fuchsia;
  • vanilla with wine-red;
  • overcast, heavenly olive.
Purple and white in the bathroom decorationOrange tiles in the bathroomGreen mosaic in toiletThe combination of red, white and black design in the toiletGray and yellow in toilet designPale lilac in toilet design

When a combination of two or three colors simultaneously share basic should account for at least 60% of the whole space. More than three is not recommended to use the callers.

Application Method

Tiles for the bathroom, the toilet is placed in several ways, which are used separately or combined:

  • standard - the wall is coated like brickwork, ie, every detail is shifted by half the length of the previous row of tiles. The method is used more often than others;
  • Vertical offset - performed almost like the previous one, but the displacement is carried out with respect to the vertical lines. For very small spaces is a design solution is not recommended;
  • Stacked horizontally - mounted seam in a seam, if the items are rectangular, then horizontally. It is important to observe the weld shape, make them as flat as possible;
  • Stacked vertically - made of vertical bars in the same way as the previous one, but they are placed vertically. Suitable for a bathroom with a low ceiling;
  • "Checkerboard" - a rectangular part two, alternating with horizontal, vertical, square to select different colors. It looks good on the floor and on the walls;
  • diagonal - way to a complex in execution, but very beautiful, very suitable for tight spaces;
  • "Tree" - reminiscent of the classic parquet laying in old buildings. It looks impressive, but some details need to cut at an angle of 45 degrees.

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Gray and blue in the bathroom design

The calculation of the required number of tiles, adhesive, made in advance, prior to its installation. Mark out the wall using a laser level, twine stretched the width of the seams is 2-5 mm.

Style and tiles

Making toilet, bathroom matched to the rest of the design space of the apartment:

  • Loft - rectangular elements matte white or red-brown caramel stacked in the form of blocks, does not water pipes covered bronze colored or shiny steel plumbing selected simple shapes, indoors a lot of light;
  • modern - tiles "pylon" pure colors on the walls, on the floor - a large square-shaped, ergonomic harness plumbing, accurate lighting on the walls of small shelves;
  • Deco - hexagonal tiles with bright paintings on the walls, combined with dark wood, dark floor, with plumbing parts made of brass, gilt decoration, plastic moldings on the ceiling, in the presence of the window, it is decorated with a curtain of Organza;
  • classic - large tiled, marble-like elements on the walls of the bathroom color mosaic, forming the subject compositions, on the floor - simple square shape, a small number of wooden furniture;
Style Loft in toilet designLight mirror in toilet designProvence style in toilet designTile under a brick in the toiletClassic style in the interior of the toiletShelves and a mirror in the bathroom
  • hi-tech - abundance mirror plitochek interspersed with registration "on a metal" shower frosted glass, toilet separated openwork screen plasma cutting;
  • Environment - on the walls of the "wood" texture tiles on the floor of terracotta colors of granite, countertop near the basin is decorated with shade tolerance in pots, plumbing chosen light brown or green;
  • Scandinavian - white, beige or yellow wood tiles on the walls and on the same floor space, a minimum of furniture, maximum light, wooden shelves above the dressing table;
  • Provence - matte porcelain tiles in the design of the floor, on the walls combined with decorative plaster, textile valance under the sink, matching in texture with curtains on the window, the ceiling is made out of light timber;
  • minimalism - red, white, black tiles or a combination of all three colors drawn floor, walls, ceiling, plumbing chosen contrasting main background, detergents, cosmetics, hygiene items "hidden" behind the screen a bathroom;
  • east - on the wall is lined with a mosaic image of a Chinese pagoda surrounded by "water" characters, "earth" "Fire" and others, the room is made with red and brown colors, with a small amount of white, black.
White sanitary ware in the bathroomDesign a small toiletBar in toilet designtoilet interior in beige and brown colorsBlack tiles on the floor in the toilet

Scheme styling options combinations of materials and textures, think independently or apply to one skilled finisher.

Olive in toilet designtoilet designLight green tile in the bathroom decorationMosaic burgundy color in the toilet designThe paintings in the interior of the toiletThe combination of tiles and mosaics in the bathroom design


Tiles for the bathroom - the most popular material for many decades. Correct, accurate wall coverings, floor tiles give any apartment sanitary tidy appearance, is pleasing to the eye for about half a century. His hands stick tiles complicated, because it should be done as straight as possible, keeping the same width joints, all the while checking the level or plumb. Therefore, many are hiring a professional tiler, who will perform the work quickly under sketches of the customer in the best possible way. If we have difficulties with the selection of stylistic solutions restroom, get help from experts, designers, as well as various workshops from the Internet.