The design of the bathroom in a private house 75 photos of the interior

Able to freely dispose of their own living area opens to the owner a huge scope for the realization of the most daring ideas. The modern design of the bathroom in a private home is aimed at improving the functionality and comfort. Virtually no restrictions, especially if the house is built "from scratch". Any size and configuration, windows, arches, stucco - residents typical apartments can not even dream about it.

At the same time equipping bathrooms in a country house has its own characteristics, but with the help of modern construction technologies and materials are easy to solve the most complex tasks. As a result, the disposal of the homeowner appears room hygiene procedures, is not inferior to its aesthetics and comfort bedroom or living room.


  • Tips on planning and zoning
  • Communication in the bathroom
  • Ventilation
  • Do I need extra insulated
  • Decorating the walls, floor and ceiling
    • Wood
    • Tile
    • mosaic tiles
    • Marble
    • Wallpaper
    • Painting
  • WC
  • What furniture is needed
  • Bathroom with fireplace - necessity or luxury
  • That is suitable for decoration
  • conclusion

Tips on planning and zoning

If the house several floors, bathrooms are located on the non-residential area, close to the bedrooms and with access to the ventilation shaft. The window in the bathroom - it's not just a fad, but also save energy during the day, as well as effective ventilation. The window usually overlooks the courtyard.

Bathroom Designbath decor treeBeautiful bathroom in the houseGray tiles in the bathroombath decoration metal DeckingBright bathroom

All the nuances of planning reflected in the design project, which with the help of computer programs can be visualized in the form of 3D-image.

Bathroom area depends on individual preferences, but can not be less than prescribed in the SNIP. The smallest size of the bathroom or toilet; 0.8 m (width) by 1.2 m (depth). In determining the size of the area allow for plumbing and furniture, which will be installed.

Elegant bathroom furniture

Large bathrooms are divided into functional areas by zoning. When zoning using methods shown in the table.

architectural light color
septa Spotlights glossy tiles
niche swivel lamp decorative plaster
podiums sconce marble
Bathroom in a classic styleLuxurious bathroom design in the houseSand tiles in the bathroomBathroom decor tree roomWooden bathroom furnitureBathroom in dark tones

Partitions, niches, screens - are traditional tools for architectural zoning. Sliding glass partition between the bathroom and wash basin gives the entire room lightness and grace. Plasterboard niches are complemented by figurines or vase with flowers. When color zoning used lining materials of different colors and textures. Directional light of varying intensity will provide beneficial side and visually increase the room volume.

Communication in the bathroom

The livelihood of the bathroom paramount role played by electricity, water supply and sanitation. The sources of water are wells and wells, whence it is fed to the bathroom via the pumping station. For heating use different equipment from domestic boilers to combi boilers. Drainage effluent passes through the pipe system, and then in general - for the house sewage systems. If necessary, it provides a supply for a washing machine. In order not to spoil the aesthetics of the room, communication elements hide from the eyes using a special mounting or with decorative elements.

Large bright bathroomWooden shelves in the bathroomLuxury bathroom interiorGreat view from the bathroomInterior for a large bathroom in the houseoval bathtub

The pipes are laid in the ripple and hidden in the screed, the walls. At the same counters and threaded connections are left out, as easy access to them is required.

Electrical wires hidden in the walls and ceilings, performing in these grooves. Possible wiring at the seams between the tiles with subsequent covering tile adhesive. Hidden wiring aims not only to improve the aesthetics of the room, but also to protect the cables from moisture and temperature changes. When the flush mounting pads routes all communications are recorded on the chart and photographed.

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A bathroom in the middle of the roomBlack and white design of the bathroomSpectacular bathroom decorBathroom in the atticTurquoise walls in the bathroomBathroom in the attic of a private house


To remove the saturated vapor air masses and providing fresh air in bathrooms necessary ventilation system. It can be as forced and natural. The easiest way to create a hood, which will provide natural air circulation. This is the most demanded a method that is used in low-rise construction. The most commonly used extraction with two channels. Channel through which there is flow of air in the room is equipped with a variable diffuser that helps to avoid hypothermia bathroom.

Efficient ventilation system prevents the formation of mold and mildew, and will provide a healthy atmosphere in the room. Elements of ventilation masks, as well as other communications. The most simple ways to do this - plastic boxes and gypsum sheathing. As mentioned above, if the bathroom has a window, it is also used to ventilate the room.

Curtains in the bathroom

Do I need extra insulated

Bathroom in a typical small apartment does not come into contact with the external environment, ie the street, although they have a wall adjacent to the entrance. In private houses the bathrooms are in need of additional insulation, as located on the ground or upper floors, and usually have exterior walls. Effectively insulate the bathroom is only possible by following a set of measures, including the insulation of external walls and the floor and ceiling as needed. To this end, the following materials are used:

  • Styrofoam;
  • bung;
  • liquid polyurethane;
  • mineral wool.
Big bathroomProvence-style bathroomRound mirror on the bathroomwide sinkSink-bowlPanoramic window in the bathroom

Good effect gives installation towel warmer and batteries connected to the home heating system. Gaining popularity of underfloor heating systems. Warming bathroom improves its comfort and, along with ventilation prevents mold growth.

Decorating the walls, floor and ceiling


With wood bathroom is made in the Scandinavian style, ecological style, the style of Provence, and country. Modern materials are processed at the factory special structures and become resistant to deformation and high humidity. It has been used successfully:

  • piece array;
  • laminated veneer lumber;
  • wall paneling;
  • veneer;
  • flooring;
  • laminate.
Bathroom in black

Wood-moisture resistant materials, capable to simulate fine wood with an appropriate texture and color scheme. A few simple and cost-effective design options with a wooden finish walls and ceiling shponiruyutsya, the floor is laid out with laminate or floorboard. Decorating the walls and ceiling is carried out by means of laminated veneer lumber, from it also creates partitions for zoning. In the homes of logs all remains in its natural form, is carried out only additional processing surfaces water repellent and antiseptic compositions. Popular combination finish as in areas of high humidity walls faced with ceramic tiles, and in other areas - a tree.

LED lighting above the sink


Traditional design solution for the bathroom - the tile surface finishing. Floor tiles using unglazed porcelain stoneware, which may be special grooves for water drainage. Floor tiles should be non-slip. Wall cladding performed glazed or enamelled ceramic tiles with water-repellent coating gloss. A huge variety of color palettes and textures to satisfy any aesthetic requirements. Bright, cold colors visually expands the space.

Decorative tile in the bathroomClassic bathroom decorBright bathroom in the houseClassic bath in blackbrown tilesSmall bath in the attic

The same property of "push" the wall has a fashion mirror tiles. Original look panels of photo tiles that mimic the windows or paintings. For finishing the ceiling widespread polystyrene tiles with water-repellent coating. It can be a single tone or patterned, smooth or embossed.

mosaic tiles

Clearly and creatively arrange the bathroom will help mosaic tiles. It is a ceramic, glass, metal and even pebbles. Independently to produce separate pieces do not have to - sell ready-made solutions with a certain pattern. It looks elegant mosaic floor. To implement this idea, use a special floor tiles, mosaics, which are thicker and stronger than usual. The mosaic ceiling associated with luxury.

For facing angular and radial architectural elements (protrusions) is used in a flexible manner tiles. It is suitable for the decoration of columns and arches.

Decor toilet wood

Mosaic tiles laid out not only simple geometric designs, but also landscapes, urban patterns and any other images. It is organically combined with traditional ceramic tiles, enriching the interior and emphasizing its individuality.

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Marble is consistently associated with wealth and luxury. Marble tiles on the walls and the floor is unmatched in its beauty and durability, but expensive, therefore, is available to a narrow circle of homeowners. No wonder this material was used in ancient times mostly in the residences of high-ranking persons. But you can use marble in combination with other finishing materials and thereby get a decent interior for a reasonable price.

Marble floors in the bathroomThe white walls in the bathroomBathroom with a large windowLight mirror over the sinkbathroom decorLighting in the bathroom

Marble floor in the bathroom brings the spirit of antiquity, but it requires the application of anti-slip compositions. Natural texture, unique natural patterns formed streaks - all increase the aesthetic value of the marble. Rich and his colors from pure white to black, from yellow to pink. The interior bathrooms organically looks marble blue, gray and green shades.

Jacuzzi in a private house


Water-repellent, washable wallpaper perfectly suited for walls and ceilings, and even floor in the bathroom. It is advisable to use them in conjunction with tile or stone, without which it is difficult to get near the wash basin or bath. Universal solution would be wallpaper in muted colors. If the room is furnished with a monochromatic light furniture, you can vary the interior, the walls papered with colorful floral wallpaper. Floor and ceiling using wallpapers 3D, which surprisingly authentically simulate a starry sky, grass and flowers, the sea depths. Wallpaper help zoned premises, to increase the space visually. One of the advantages - not trivial. If you want to impress guests, the wallpaper perfectly cope with this role.

Shower cubicle with wall


Thoughts about painting the walls in the bathroom run into an invisible barrier. And all because of the long-outdated stereotypes. But specialized paints are ideal for rooms with high humidity and temperature. They are widely used in European countries designers to create elegant interiors. The only problem here - to align the base surface. If you can get a perfectly smooth walls and ceilings, you can safely proceed to their coloring. The catalogs contain hundreds of choices of colors and shades.

In combination with the wealth of textures such a variety of designers opens endless opportunities. When choosing paint, rely on well-known producers, which guarantees its resistance to humidity and environmental cleanliness.

The wooden floor in the bathroomBeige bathroom decormosaic tilesWooden chest of drawers in the bathroomBlack and white bathroom wallLaying tiles under brick


The area of ​​private houses usually allows to equip a separate bathroom and toilet room. But sometimes more rational and convenient option becomes WC. Highlighting the area under it in 5 square meters, are ideal conditions for the performance of any hygiene procedures. This space is enough to equip the bathroom:

  • washbasin;
  • Bath (Jacuzzi);
  • shower;
  • toilet;
  • bidet:
  • urinal;
  • shelves mounted;
  • horizontal cabinets;
  • mirrors.
Beautiful bathroom furniture

The design bathrooms with toilets widely used architectural and visual zoning. For example, the bath is separated from the toilet area brick wall. Or bath set on a podium, facing a sharp contrast with the floor. The walls in the bathroom area and storage are covered with decorative plaster, and next to the bathroom and wash basin - ceramic tiles.

What furniture is needed

Bathroom choose a functional, ergonomic furniture, which is not afraid of moisture and easy to clean. If the room is small, the furniture on top of that should be compact. Set for large bathrooms:

  • cupboard under the sink;
  • Vertical pencil case;
  • mirror (one or more);
  • hanging shelves;
  • nightstand;
  • chest of drawers.

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Of furniture for bathroomA small bathroom in a private houseJacuzzi in the houseLarge windows in the bathroomClosed-in showerBlue walls in the bathroom

If space allows the interior include seat, which is convenient to carry out hygienic procedures. With limited space, can not do without the traditional kit, which includes cabinet and countertop with integrated sink. On the facade of the cabinet is mirror. Securing external components is performed with care to avoid damaging the surface finish.

Bathroom with fireplace - necessity or luxury

Combine such contrasting elements like water and fire in a single interior - a tempting idea, but difficult to implement. Greatly simplifies the installation of a small electric or gas fireplaces. If we talk about the wood-burning fireplace in the style of a classic, then this is possible if there is sufficient space and readiness to equip the chimney. Any fireplace performs not only a decorative function, symbolizes the generosity and commitment to comfort, but also serves as an additional and highly efficient heat source. Living flame in this wood-burning fireplace also fills the space of a bathroom special atmosphere of comfort and a pleasant aroma. But we must not forget about security measures, otherwise there is a risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

A large mirror in the bathroomsquare bathBright lighting at the mirror in the bathroomWhite bathroom furnitureLarge windows in the bathroom in a private housePink bathroom decor

Of course, without a fireplace you can do, the more time is carried out in a bath is much smaller than in the bedroom or living room. But with all the counter-arguments, romance lovers, most likely will not be able to give pleasure to contemplate the fire, taking a bath. And maybe for them it is really urgent need, not a luxury.

That is suitable for decoration

Bathroom should be not only functional and comfortable, but also beautiful. If it is in a private house, there are all possibilities. As an original decorative elements are ideal:

  • mirrors;
  • seashells;
  • canvases;
  • chandeliers;
  • vase with flowers.
The original sink in the bathroom

A large mirror in an unusual frame can become a central element of the interior. In the bathroom with the light and uniform finish looks great bright canvas depicting a seascape. Continuation of the "nautical theme" will be natural seashells. It is because they can make a frame for the picture and a bar of soap. Standard bathroom - built-in lights. In the mansion you can get away from this tradition and incorporate the interior bathroom fancy wall sconces or a large chandelier pendants. Increasingly, design projects offer bamboo decor.

Mirror in a bamboo frame looks harmonious with a partition and shelves made of bamboo. Decor elements are in harmony with the surrounding interior, almost merging with it, or, on the contrary, to create contrast, attracting the focus. The choice of options depends solely on personal aesthetic preferences.

White bathroom in the houseWC in the houseBeautiful decor bathroomsLarge showerThe carpet in the bathroomPurple tiles in the bathroom


Bathroom plays a huge role in the life of modern man. Diverse sanitary equipment allows much more hygiene than before. Whirlpool, douche... en converted into a spa and helps to maintain health, youth and beauty. Nobody will be surprised Jacuzzi or bidet, but it requires an appropriate environment. Naturally the desire to make a bathroom aesthetic and comfortable for all family members. Thanks to the successful design, it becomes the perfect function space and at the same time place to enjoy your privacy. In the evening you can enjoy a relaxing holiday, which gradually goes into a peaceful sleep with pleasant dreams. In the morning, a beautiful harmonious decor will tune in to the dynamic rhythm of the coming day.