Bruxism - Causes and Symptoms

Bruxism called gnashing of teeth during sleep. Manifested not only grinding, but the champ, tapping teeth. This condition is characterized by intermittent involuntary contraction of masticatory muscles. Muscle tension causes the pressure of the upper and lower jaws to each other and friction teeth.

Bruxism - Causes and Symptoms

It is believed that bruxism - a clear sign of helminthic invasion. This conjecture has not been scientific proof.


There are the following possible reasons:
• malocclusion;
• arthritis / osteoarthritis mandibular joints;
• heightened emotionality;
• stress;
• depressive disorders;
• failure of various parts of the nervous system (epilepsy, somnambulism)
• cervical osteochondrosis;
• wrong prosthetics, installing braces;
• dental disease;
• abuse of alcohol, coffee;
• reception of psychotropic drugs and drugs that increase the tone of the muscles and nervous system.

For more information on bruxism can be found in the handbook of medical terms:


As a rule, people do not know a long time, that is suffering from bruxism. But the accompanying symptoms are often seen: a headache in the morning, pain in the jaw in the jaw joints in the neck. For more rare signs include pain in the back, shoulders, morning fatigue, insomnia, tinnitus, discomfort in the paranasal sinuses.
Usually, that person creaks teeth in his sleep, his family members have reported. It should immediately consult your dentist.

After tooth gnashing fraught with rapid erasure of tooth enamel, a change in the bite. Even if the cause is not bruksizma- dental character, still should see a dentist. He ruled out the pathology of the teeth and jaws. The physician may choose the protective caps for preventing dental enamel sewing to complete cure. Be sure to pass the medical examination to determine the cause of the pathological process and its elimination.

It is recommended to minimize the emotional outbursts, avoid stress, give up bad habits, limit the intake of coffee and strong tea, check out the last meal a few hours before sleep. It is also necessary to comply with sleep and rest, poor sleep, and his lack of - the strongest stress to the body. Do not take yourself any drugs rationally treat comorbidities.

To establish the exact cause of bruxism is recommended to undergo dental examination, a neurologist, otolaryngologist, a psychotherapist.