Than to wash fukortsin from a skin, clothes and furniture?


  • Features of fucocine that influence the way to remove it from surfaces
  • Flush spots of fucocine from the skin - safe and effective options
  • How to clean fukortsin clothes and furniture at home?

Fukortzin is a rather strong antiseptic, recommended for use against microbes and fungi. But before you use it, you need to know how to wash fukorcin from the skin, furniture and clothes. Practice shows that the use of the formulation often results in the formation of spots on the listed surfaces. At the same time, they differ in resistance, which would envy and zelenka, but not so much that can combat the phenomenon without unpleasant consequences. Today, manufacturers of medicines offer colorless fucocin, but it is noticeably inferior in therapeutic properties to its bright pink analog.

Features of fucocine that affect the approach to its removal from

surfaces The product contains a special substance - magenta. It is this that provides the drug with such a bright and rich color. In addition, the composition contains a number of potent ingredients. It is strictly forbidden to apply to cover large areas of the skin. In a large number of such useful fucocin can provoke the development of dizziness and nausea.

Fine specks of the medium gradually lighten and without external influence, but only if they are on the skin. With clothes and furniture, the composition can only be washed off by force. And, the longer this is delayed, the more forces will have to be applied in the future.

We should not forget that it is not possible to completely wash fresh fucocin in just one approach. We will have to make several attempts with a frequency of several hours, but even in this case, a positive result is not guaranteed. Not the least role in the effectiveness of the impact is played by the features of the skin of a particular person. Do not despair if the first approach has not allowed to wash off the stains from the skin. There are several solutions to the problem and some will certainly help.


The use of gasoline, stain removers, bleach and other household products is strictly prohibited. Even if they help, their impact will be associated with unpleasant sensations, a risk of damage to the integrity of the skin or damage to household items.

Flushing spots of fucocine from the skin - safe and effective variants of

Despite the fact that it will not be possible to completely wash the fucocin from the surface of the skin from the first try, there are several approaches that can reduce the intensity of the stain several times and muffle its bright color:

  • First of all,try a fatty baby cream. We put the product on a cotton pad, put it on the problem area for two minutes and after a specified time we gently rub the surface of the skin. After a couple of hours, the approach is repeated, this time we finish the manipulation of the application of the lotion by the type of epidermis. Strongly rub nothing!
  • A mixture of 3% hydrogen peroxide and ammonia is quite aggressive, but allows you to wipe even an old stain. You need to take two teaspoons of peroxide and a teaspoon of ammonia, mix. You can add a little fragrant shampoo to the composition, then the effect will be more gentle, and you will not have to suffer from a sharp specific smell of the product. If there is severe itching or unusual burning during handling, the compound should be washed off immediately.
  • You can get rid of specks on the body with a soap solution. You need to prepare a concentrated composition, moisten them with a cotton disc and easily rub the stain.
  • If fukortsin somehow got to the teeth or lips, it's worth trying baking soda. We take half a lemon juice on a tablespoon of the product. Mix the two products in a bowl, dip the toothbrush into the resulting paste and brush the teeth. It is easy to erase stains in this way, but do not abuse the technique, it can negatively affect the state of tooth enamel.
  • Especially persistent stains on the body can be treated with a mixture of vegetable oil and salicylic acid. Ingredients are taken in the ratio of 3 to 1.

Use one of the listed products for skin cleansing only if absolutely necessary. If the situation allows, it is better just wait a couple of days and wait until the specks come off on their own.

How to clean clothes and furniture from fucorcine at home?

When exposed to tissue, more aggressive components are allowed. For the treatment of the skin, they can not be applied, even if the result is rapid and obvious! When exposed to tissue, you should not expect a quick fix. The spot first becomes a little lighter, but it will take some time before you can wash it completely.

  • With furniture upholstery fukortsin is easier to clean with bleach. You must act with caution, starting with the weakest solution. Gradually, you can increase its concentration, but at the first signs of discoloration of tissue it is recommended to take a break.
  • Old stains can be washed with acetone. It is applied to a cotton pad and gently rubs the stain until it discolored.
  • If the fabric is light or colored, it is worth trying sodium sulphite. But it can not be left on the fabric. Apply the product to the stain and quickly wash off with a large amount of water.
  • Traces on the carpet or carpet can eliminate the usual bleach or a specialized powder of the "Vanishi" type.

Regardless of the composition used to wash the poisonous pink liquid from the surface of the skin or from the texture of the tissue, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the reagent. Residual traces of drugs can adversely affect fiber matter, cause allergies or disrupt the integrity of the skin. If the composition was acidic, it is necessarily neutralized with alkali immediately after obtaining the desired result. At home, baking soda will cope with this task.