How to wash a pillow

  • What are the pillows?
  • How to maintain the purity of the pillow?
  • How to wash a feather pillow at home?
  • How to wash sinteponovye pillows?
  • How to wash bamboo cushions?
  • Useful tips

Our healthy sleep directly depends on the purity of the pillow, during its use, dust, dirt, pieces of skin, fragments of feathers accumulate in it, there may even be a feather mite and all sorts of microorganisms. But this is not all the fun - the filler gets lost, and becomes hard. As in this case, how to properly wash the pillow so that it returns its shape and becomes clean? The easiest way is to carry the object to sleep in a dry cleaner, where the fluff and feather are cleaned in special drums, all the garbage is removed, the prevention is done by ultraviolet rays, but, unfortunately, not everyone has free time or the availability of funds for this procedure. Do not despair! In this article, we will tell you how to wash the pillow at home and spend a little digression on the types of pillows.

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What are the pillows?

The current range of these items is quite diverse. In general, the main criterion of difference is the filler. This principle distinguishes pillows:

  • down;
  • fountain;
  • orthopedic;
  • with synthetic filler type sintepon, holfayfer;
  • with organic filler: buckwheat or other husk, dry grass.
  • with bamboo filler.

The answer to the question of which pillows can be washed and how, we will give you in the next section.

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How to maintain the purity of the pillow?

In principle, all types of pillows are amenable to washing, except for organic filler - it has a limited service life, you can tell they are disposable.

Before you wash the pillow, pay attention to some of the features of care:

  1. Do not use any kind of air conditioners and rinses, even if you really like the smell - over time it can cause a headache or simply get bored.
  2. Use only liquid detergents, as the powder is clogged into the material.
  3. If you are allergic, use a laundry soap( pre-salt and dilute in water) or hypoallergenic medications.
  4. To prevent the appearance of underwear mites, rinse add a few drops of essential oil to your choice: lavender, orange, cypress.
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How to wash the feather pillow at home?

The following materials are needed for this procedure:

  • New napernik;
  • Loose material such as chintz or gauze for pouches, which will pack a feather;
  • Liquid detergent.

How to wash the feather and down pillow by hand?

If your pillow is large and you do not have a washing machine available, in this case we offer an effective way to wash your pillow with your hands. Be prepared for the fact that this is a rather laborious process:

  1. Sew the bags from the gauze, and on the top, sweep the edge with a thread so that you can tighten the bag.
  2. In a large washing container, pour warm water and dilute the detergent.
  3. Strike the napernik and small parts so that the feather does not scatter, shake it into a soapy solution.
  4. Leave to soak for several hours so that dirt and dust settle on the bottom.
  5. Collect the feather with the help of a kitchen colander, drop it into the basin.
  6. Drain the dirty water.
  7. Rinse the pen in a colander under a stream of warm running water.
  8. Carefully press.
  9. Repeat the soapy solution, wash the filler by hand, repeat the rinsing process.
  10. Press the stylus and place in pouches.
  11. The story is dried in fresh air, so that they are in the wind and sun.
  12. In the drying process, shake each one so that the fluff does not stick together.
  13. When the feather dries, move it to the napernik.
  14. Shake well.

How do I wash a feather or down pillow in a washing machine?

The process of washing the feather pillow in the washing machine will be a bit like manual washing, but with some features. Washing is carried out in several stages.

  • Step 1 - Preparation:
    1. Before you wash a large or medium-sized pillow, sew three or four covers from an old sheet or an old tight coat. In this case, the gauze will not work, because with mechanical washing through the pores, the feather and down can crawl through.
    2. To wash a small pillow - do not fool around with covers, put a few towels with it in the car to distribute the laundry throughout the drum.
    3. Carefully remove the edge of the pillow, sweep the cover to avoid spreading the fluff on the room, in the same way fill the rest of the cloth containers.
    4. Do not tie up the covers, but firmly sew them.
  • Step 2 - Wash:
    1. Spread the objects to be cleaned on the drum.
    2. Pour liquid detergent fluids into the powder container or dissolve baby soap.
    3. Set the wash mode for delicate fabrics.
    4. After washing, turn on the Rinse Mode a few more times and set the maximum spin.
  • Stage 3 - Drying:
    1. Remove the covers from the machine.
    2. Slice the feathers with your hands, distribute them evenly over the cover.
    3. Lay out the old towels, put the covers on them, roll them into rolls, remove the moisture residues.
    4. Dry as quickly as possible, for 1-2 days, so that the stench does not have a stale smell, and mold does not form.
    5. It is desirable to dry the feather in the open air in sunny weather in a well-ventilated place.
    6. Periodically carefully shake bags to avoid sticking together the stylus.
  • Stage 4 - final:
    1. Pour the dried filler from the cover into a new napernik.
    2. Sweep around the edge.
    3. Sew up.

Important! Drying is possible not only in the open air, but also on heating appliances, but in this case the product does not acquire a fresh smell. If you dry in the dryer, set the temperature not more than 30 °.To the fluff does not dry up the lump, periodically remove the covers and shake the feather.

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How to wash sinteponovye pillows?

Wash items from sintepon is not difficult, except for orthopedic pillows - a gentle filler does not tolerate machine wash, it must be washed by hand.

Before you wash the cushion from the synthepone, make a check for its suitability and degree of soiling:

  1. Place any heavy object on the middle of the cushion.
  2. Wait for a while.
  3. Remove the weighting agent, note:
    • If the dent quickly straightened - the pillow will still serve you.
    • If the concavity remains - replace the pillow with a new one, since the filler has lost its properties.

Wiping cushions from synthon is easy - proceed as follows:

  1. Read the label with care instructions.
  2. Use recommended detergents.
  3. Set a gentle mode with a second rinse and a maximum spin of 600-800 revolutions.
  4. Dry in a well-ventilated, warm place, preferably outdoors in direct sunlight.
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How to wash bamboo cushions?

Pillows with bamboo fill are popular because of its useful and convenient qualities:

  • is an environmentally friendly natural product;
  • bamboo fiber keeps the shape well;
  • microporous structure is breathable;
  • in this form of filler does not form harmful bacteria and dust is not collected, since it has powerful antibacterial properties;
  • is suitable for people suffering from problem skin, allergic and asthmatic diseases.

If you decide to wash the bamboo pillow yourself, adhere to certain conditions:

  1. Before washing the bamboo pillow, check the manufacturer's recommendations on the product label: the type of washing and drying.
  2. Pay attention to what can not be done:
    • Do not use active bleaching agents.
    • Do not use iron to iron items with bamboo filler.
    • Do not hang in a vertical position when drying.
  3. Wash the bamboo pad in the "Wool" mode.
  4. Adhere to a temperature regime of 30-40 °.
  5. It is recommended to use natural detergents.
  6. Press at low speed.
  7. Dry the bamboo pillow only horizontally, well, if it is an outdoor dryer.
  8. As fiber dries, whisk.
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Useful advices

  • To protect the cushions from deformation, caking and keep them fresh, periodically dry them in fresh air in direct sunlight.
  • Bamboo cushions in any case do not take dry cleaning, chemical reagents will have a negative impact on the unique qualities of bamboo.
  • So that the pillows do not get lost and do not lose their shape, they are often beaten.

Now you know how to wash any pillow, so this problem will no longer arise. Take into account our recommendations and you will not only save your health, but you will always feel comfortable during sleep, and therefore, to have a qualitative rest! And what else is needed for good health and a good mood?