Top 4 most popular reference aggregators

Everyone knows that without the promotion of the site and thereby increasing the number of visitors on it, it will be impossible to begin the process of monetization and obtaining long-awaited earnings. One of the stages of growing up a young site is that it needs to increase its weight due to external optimization, that is, it is very important that it is referred to as much as possible of other already untwisted resources.

Previously, all manipulations with external links to optimizers had to be done manually, select donors, make lists of anchors, but to date the emergence of link aggregators allows this process to speed up and automate. Eliminating the owners of sites from the long routine work of

Which of the existing referential aggregators are considered the most popular today? Comparative analysis makes it possible to single out for the present four leaders. So, in the TOP-4 hit: Rookee, Mega-index, Seopult, and Webeffector.

Reference aggregators independently purchase links to significant quality sites, which are selected on different reference exchanges. You will only need to enter a keyword on which the site will be promoted, specify a relevant page and correct its contents on the recommendation of the system for internal optimization, determine the budget and this completes your work. Further, the aggregator will do everything himself: generation of link texts, search of sites, rental of places under references, their placement, indexing and constant tracking of the result.


Very good service - reviews about SeoPult. One of the young projects. Well composed reports. In the interface functionality you can understand. Pleases the availability of the schedule of entries and dynamics of the requests you are promoting in the most significant Russian search engines. All the necessary information on the results of the promotion is very clear.


This service pleases with its beautiful design, clear reports and very convenient and multifunctional interface. Here you will find literally all the existing functions that you may need to test the operation of your site.


This service has a solid business interface, which, however, soon quickly get used to. Convenient functionality, almost all functions are located in the main menu, which is called "literally at hand."The results of promotion with the help of this service are very encouraging.


It is possible to create two projects: quick( time-saving) and expert, that is, customizable. Openness of prices for clicks, which makes it more profitable to determine the choice. Generates very good anchors.20% of the budget is returned to the client, when 80% is enough to get the goal.