How do I set up a webcam on my computer?

  • How to connect a webcam?
  • How to connect a webcam to a PC without a disk?
  • How to install the camera on a computer in Skype?
  • How to set up the camera on a laptop?

A device such as a webcam allows us to communicate via video communication over the Internet. Every day a small digital web is becoming more popular, many consumers use a device for shooting video and chatting with friends in video chat mode. Companies use these devices for video conferencing or simple daily communication with customers. Modern webs do not require much effort to install, and today we'll show you how to set up a webcam on your computer. Believe me, even a person who is poorly oriented in modern technologies can connect the device.

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How to connect a web camera?

Today, quite a large number of laptops have a built-in webcam, and its configuration is carried out by the technique itself. If it is not built into the computer, then you can install the web camera in the following ways:

  • With captures, if the LCD monitor is narrow.
  • Place on the table or under the monitor, if the webcam with a platform or foot.

Important! Regardless of the method of installation, all gadgets are connected via a cord to the USB input.

installation sequence Most tabs are automatically switched on when connected. And for the operating system to see a new device, you need to put a special program.

Detailed instructions for connecting and setting the device:

  1. Read the operating instructions carefully. It can specify what you need to do first: install the software, and then connect the webcam, or vice versa.
  2. Connect the camera via the USB port to the computer. As a rule, the required connector is located in the back of the system unit. In laptops, the USB port can be located on the side or on the front.
  3. Wait for the automatic software installation to begin. If this does not happen, then the system can offer a driver search on the Internet. From this point on, the basic functions of the switched device must be available.
  4. Insert the installation disc into the CD-ROM.The Installer window should appear. Download the program from the disc that comes with the webcam as a regular program. Follow the prompts of the setup wizard until the program files of the web page are fully loaded onto the computer.

Important! If desired, you can additionally put various programs to work with the device. Open "Start" - "Programs".In the application that opens, configure various web settings: width, height, brightness, quality.

  1. If you performed all the driver installation procedures correctly, when you open the "My Computer" window, you will be able to see the connected device.
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How to connect a web camera to a PC without a disk?

If the device is purchased without a disk, then the necessary software can be downloaded on the Internet:

  1. Look at the manufacturer's company and the name of the chosen model.
  2. Go to the manufacturer's website.
  3. Find the official driver for your device model.
  4. Download the program.
  5. Run the downloaded file. The Installer window opens.
  6. Perform the same manipulations as described above.
  7. After installing the downloaded drivers, restart the computer.

Important! To find the driver for your model, you can enter the identification number of the device on the official website of the manufacturer.

In the "Device Manager", find the camcorder, next to it will be an exclamation mark, since it does not have a driver. Click on the device name with the right mouse button and enter "Properties".Go to the "Details" tab and select "Equipment ID".Use the first line as the name of the device and type in the search engine.

Found by the identification code of the software download:

  • If there was no disk to the camera, then you can download the driver-pack. This is a set of different drivers for different devices. Look in the driver-package driver for your model.
  • If your model is capable of working without a driver, then connect the camera to the computer and start working with it.
  • If there is no software, you can select "Update drivers" in the device manager and click "Automatically search for drivers".

Important! All these manipulations must be done after the physical connection of the webs to the computer.

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How to install the camera on a computer in Skype?

To configure the webcam on a computer on Skype, proceed as follows:

  1. Run the Skype program.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Click the Tools tab.
  4. Select "Settings".
  5. In the "Basic" section, go to "Video Settings".
  6. The image from the camcorder appears in a separate window.
  7. Position the webcam so that it grasps your face.
  8. Test the operation of the microphone and the web. Configure the settings you need.
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How to set up the camera on a laptop?

Almost all models of laptops have a built-in camera. The operating system automatically finds the software for the device. If the webcam still does not work, then put the software through the disk that is bundled with the laptop.


  • Some laptops have a function to turn the device on and off. Therefore, if the device does not work, then check the power button: press Fn to activate it.
  • Never touch the webcam lens with your hands, if you want it to work properly.

We hope that our recommendations helped you to install and configure the web camera on your computer, and now you can safely communicate with friends and acquaintances on different servers.