The most dangerous and aggressive breeds of dogs in the world.10 pictures

Aidi( Atlas Shepherd), Ainu( Ainu dog, Hokkaido), Akbash, Akita Inu, Akita American( large Japanese dog), Bergamasco( Shepherd Bergman), German boxer, Briard( French Longhair Shepherd), Dahlia Brodmurmer, Flemish Bouvier, Bulldog Alapachian Thoroughbred( Otto), Bulldog American, Bulldog Majorsky( ka de bou, feather de preso malborkin), Bullmastiff, Bull Terrier English, Bull Terrier English Staffordshire, Boerboel South African, Welsh Terrier, Shepherd Kart( Shepherd Cart)sheepdogAmerican-Canadian white, Belgian shepherd( grunendal, lakenua, molonea, tarviewer), shepherd Bern( Bernese zenenhaund), shepherd big Swiss( big Swiss zenenhaund), Dutch Shepherd, Greek Shepherd, Portuguese Shepherd( shepherd), Caucasian Shepherdwolfhound Caucasian), Shepherd German, Shepherd South Russian( Taurian), Shepherd Picardie( Picard), Shepherd Polish Podhalyanska, Shepherd Polish Tatra, Shepherd Central Asian( Alabai, Central Asian Wolfhound), Shepherd Orientalrope, wolfhound Irish, Doberman Pinscher, Great Dane( Argentine Mastiff), Great Dane( French Mastiff, Great Dane de Bordeaux), Great Dane, German, Dalmatian, Drathaar, Airedale Terrier, Kangal, Cane Corso, Cao de Castro Laboreiro, Cao de Serade-astrela( Portuguese shepherd dog), Anatolian Karabash, Commodore( Hungarian shepherd), Kuvasz Hungarian, Labrador Retriever, Landseer( Newfoundland black and white), Laika, Leonberger, Malamute Alaskan, Maremma( Maremo-abrucian sheepdog), Mastiff English,mastiff belgian, mastiff spanish, mastfir Pyrenean, Mastiff Tibetan, Mastino( Mastiff Neapolitan, Mastino Neapolitano), Mittelshchnauzer, Moscow watchdog, Newfoundland, Feather de Presa Canario( Canarian dog), American Pitbull Terrier, Puruhaar, Rafaeiro Dualitegu( Portuguese guard dog), Ridgeback Rhodesian, Ridgeback Thai,(big schnauzer), Rottweiler, St. Bernard, Italian wolf dog, Wolf wolf Saarl( wolfhound), Wolf wolf dog, Pyrenean mountain dog( Great Pyrenean), Russian black terrier, Toza Inu( dog I(Brazilian mastiff), fox terrier, Siberian husky, hovawart, Slovak chuvatch, yagter terrier, mestizo( cross) of all the designated breeds.

Inclusion in the list of some non-aggressive by nature breeds of dogs may seem strange, but not everything is so simple. It should not be forgotten that even the most inoffensive-looking dog is a descendant of a wolf, which you can not call non-aggressive already because of its predatory nature. Ancient instincts can doze off with the correct way of life of a dog, but if, for example, a sled dog intended for constant activity is almost always kept in an apartment, it can splash into serious outbreaks of aggression. Especially dangerous are the breeds of large dogs, with which it is difficult to cope even with an adult person, not to mention a child.

The most dangerous breeds of dogs. Top 10

We are moving from Russia to another part of the world - in the USA.The American Veterinary Medical Association, abbreviated AVMA, conducted a study to find out the most dangerous breeds of dogs for humans. The basis was the number of deaths from attacks of different breeds of dogs over a 20-year period from 1979 to 1998.After processing the statistics in the magazine, produced by AVMA, the top 10 most dangerous canine breeds were published. The appearance of some rocks in the list looks surprising at first glance, but it is quite logical if we take into account the considerations expressed in our article above.

10 place. St. Bernard is a dog breed of giant sizes, originating from working dogs from the Italian and Swiss Alps, who were originally bred as rescuers. One of the most powerful breeds of dogs. St. Bernard named Raittes Brandy Bear transported during the competition in a cart 2905 kg. It is the strength and dimensions of the St. Bernard that make this breed when mishandled by one of the most dangerous.

9 place. The Great Dane is the tallest breed of dogs in the world, bred for hunting. The record holder of this breed is a giant Great Dane from Michigan named Zeus, whose height is 111.8 cm, while standing on its hind legs, it reaches 2.2 m in height. The weight of the giant is 70.3 kg. Another German dog became the most powerful dog in history, having moved a cargo of 3428.5 kg. Everything that was said about the strength and size of the St. Bernards is applicable to the Great Dane, and the fact that the dog is hunting only adds to it a hidden danger.

8 place. Chow Chow is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. According to the research carried out, it refers to the first primitive canine breeds evolved from wolves. It is genetic proximity to wolves that explains why this cute dog can be very dangerous. With a lack of physical exercise( which the Chow Chows are vitally important, since this breed is bred for protection, hunting, reindeer breeding and as sled dogs) and simply from boredom the Chow Chow can attack a person. Therefore, those who have children, you should think about before buying a dog of this breed, by the way, one of the most expensive breeds in the world.

7th place. Doberman .The presence of this service breed of dogs, often used in the police, should not be surprising. She got into the list of aggressive breeds of dogs, cited above. Moderate malice is the indispensable quality of the Dobermans.

6 place. Alaskan Malamute - bred in Alaska by crossing large breeds of wild wolves and sled dogs, designed for harness work, is one of the oldest breeds of dogs. Genetic proximity to wolves, great physical strength, the need for constant physical activity make this breed unsafe for people with wrong treatment and way of life.

In the photo - Alaskan malamute named Rader, who is the champion in terms of cargo draft. His personal best is 2072.5 kg.

5 place. A wolf and dog hybrid, called wolfdog in the US, and wolf cub in Russia. The danger of this unrecognized breed on the international level for humans is primarily due to their wolfish temper and strong hunting instinct. At the same wolf cubs still closer to dogs than to wild wolves. They are man-driven, and their virtues are much more developed flair, intelligence and endurance than ordinary dogs.

4 place. Siberian Husky. Having studied the DNA of the Siberian husky, scientists ranked them among the 14 oldest breeds of dogs, whose genotype is least different from the wild wolf. The breed was withdrawn in ancient times by the Chukchi. This semi-nomadic people needed a dog capable of moving quickly over long distances in order to transport cargo from hunting hunting places to permanent settlements and back. Siberian husky with the right content, implying constant physical activity, are very friendly to people, tk.originally they were kept directly in the dwellings. But if you lock the Husky in 4 walls, then her need for activity will spill into aggression.

3 place. German Shepherd. This watchdog of dogs, often used by police and border guards, should also not cause surprise to their entry into this list.

2 place. Rottweiler is a service breed of dogs prone to outbreaks of aggression. Like the German Shepherd, it is used by the police and the border guard. This rottweiler is heavier and more dangerous than a German shepherd. According to statistics, in the US, Rottweiler attacks kill 2 people every year.

1 place. American pit bull terrier .This fighting breed is a symbol of dog aggression. From attacks of pitbull terriers for 20 years 66 people in the USA were lost. After the prohibition of dogfights in America, the breeding of pit bulls was also prohibited at one time. Their aggressiveness is successfully used in the police, both American and Russian.

At first glance, it might seem that a dangerous and aggressive breed of dogs is one and the same. However, practice shows that a non-aggressive dog of large size can, because of improper treatment, cause a serious, even fatal outcome, harm to a person. Therefore, this article is divided into 2 parts. In the first, we will talk about the most aggressive breeds of dogs, in the second - about the most dangerous breeds.

The most aggressive breeds of dogs

In 2006, a draft federal law "On breeding and keeping dogs of aggressive breeds in the Russian Federation" appeared in Russia. In it was a list of dogs of aggressive breeds, which were proposed to be forbidden to ordinary citizens. The right to breed and keep dogs of aggressive breeds in the Russian Federation was to be obtained by state paramilitary organizations;legal entities with special statutory tasks;organizations that lead hunting;organizations involved in reindeer herding and horse breeding, transhumance cattle breeding;subdivisions of the Russian Academy of Sciences carrying out field work related to the protection of nature and natural resources in the regions of the Far North and equated localities in remote and mountainous areas;specialized enterprises leading hunting mammal hunting;cynological nurseries.
After the promulgation of the law, it caused a violent public reaction, and the law was never adopted. However, the extensive list of dogs of aggressive breeds, presented in the document, is of interest. Here is the list: