The most visited European football championships

Football originated in England, but the English football championship in the 21st century is not the most visited in Europe, behind Germany, though ahead of Spain and other countries. In this article, we compare the different attendance rates of the three most popular football European championships: the German Bundesliga, the English Premier League and the Spanish Examples.

German Bundesliga

In the 2012-2013 season, on average, the Bundesliga match is attended by 42 thousand 341 people, which is the best indicator in Europe. Dortmund Borussia, whose average home attendance exceeds 80.5 thousand people, is the most popular football club in Europe. The attendance of the other Bundesliga football clubs can be seen on the picture:

The stadium's best performance in the Bundesliga from Munich's Bavaria, Dortmund Borussia and Schalke 04 from Gelsenkirchen, at home games where the stadium is always almost full, and the worst figure for Stuttgart, whose stadiumis filled only by 79.61%( while in absolute figures Stuttgart is among the top six most visited teams in Germany).The average occupancy of stadiums in the games of the Bundesliga is 91.57%.

Next - the schedule of the Bundesliga's season attendance dynamics, where it can be seen that last year an absolute record was set in Germany - 45,116 people on average for the game:

English Premier League

In the 2012-2013 season, the average match of the English Premier League,leagues are visited by 35 thousand 708 people, which is 6,6 thousand less than in the German Bundesliga. The most visited clubs in England are Manchester United, London Arsenal and Newcastle, and the least visited is London's Queens Park Rangers:

Germany is ahead of Germany in absolute game attendance, England is ahead of it by the percentage of occupancy of stadiums: 94.73% against 91.57%.Immediately 6 clubs of the English Premier League( Chelsea, Manchester United, Reading, Arsenal, Tottenham, Fulham) have an occupancy rate of more than 99%.

If the attendance of the Bundesliga has increased in recent years, then the attendance of the English Premier League peaked in the 2007/08 season and after that it declined:

Spanish Example

In the 2012-2013 season, the average match of the Spanish example is attended by 28 thousand 326 people, which is 14thousands less than in Germany and 7.4 thousand less than in England. The most visited clubs in Spain are Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid( Madrid) and Atletico Madrid( Madrid).

The percentage of occupancy of stadiums in the championship of Spain is much lower than in England and Germany and is only 72.67%.Leaders for the occupancy of the stadium in Spain are Real Madrid( Madrid), Malaga and Granada, whose stadiums are filled by more than 90%.

Attendance of the Spanish Examples for the last 10 seasons is approximately on the same level:

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