How to decorate a shirt?

  • How can I decorate my shirt?
  • We decorate the collar
  • We decorate the sleeves
  • We decorate the front part

Simple things can become works of art if you show your imagination and decorate them with your own hands. Even the most ordinary shirt can become original, designer, stylish and fashionable. Do not believe me? Let's look at several ways how to decorate a shirt with your own hands and turn it into an envy of all your girlfriends.

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How can I decorate my shirt?

Uniform shirts to decorate the easiest, but the shirts in the cage - the most finicky, as the colored fabric distracts attention from the decoration.

So, let's look at the basic decor techniques:

  • embroidery;
  • applications - these can be group logos, symbols or even mottos;
  • acrylic drawings - you can draw by yourself or use stencils;
  • original elements - this can be buttons of unusual shape, metal rivets, colored zippers, etc.;
  • beads;
  • beads of different shapes and sizes, rhinestones;
  • artificial stones;
  • metal braid or braid with lurex;
  • an overhead collar made of beads or beads.

The crocheted article can be decorated:

  • using a wide belt, beads, bright kerchiefs;
  • having sewn beautiful buttons on it, pockets;
  • fixing a curly brooch on the collar.

Important! For those who think how to decorate a denim shirt with their own hands, any of the above methods will do, since on jeans all the decorations look good.

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We decorate the collar

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about how to decorate a woman's shirt is the collar decoration, because this part draws attention first.

Artificial stones

Perhaps the most interesting solution is to decorate the collar with artificial stones. Multicolored pebbles shimmer in the sun and the usual thing seems fabulously beautiful.

Decor yourself:

  • The round gate is easy to fill with small pebbles, but for a turn-down collar one has to invent a cunning pattern - best of all, a geometric shape.
  • Colored stones will look good in the tone of your blouse.
  • Stones can be of different shapes and create beautiful drawings wrapped around your neck like a necklace.
  • How to decorate a white shirt? Decorate the collar with light stones, it will be both casual and, at the same time, elegant.


Rhinestones are round and oblong, so you can use them to create various shapes and patterns:

  • Several rows of rhinestones of different lengths will create a feeling of a necklace.
  • Make out flowers and leaves - they will look effectively on the neck of the blouse.
  • Turn-down collar will adorn the pattern of oblong and round crystals of silvery color.


Large and fine contrast beads expand the collar of the shirt, usually use geometric patterns( triangle, diamond).You can evenly sew the beads across the surface of the collar or make rows from thick to more rare.

Embroidered ornament

A sharp collar or an unusual shaped door can be transformed with embroidery. Embroidered ornament can be of a variety of shapes - from simple geometric to floral.

Important! You can add it with colored inserts from other fabrics or stylish fittings, for example, an anchor at one of the corners of the collar.

Laces and ruffles

Some like to decorate the collars of white shirts with lace and ruffles - they give the clothes a stylish look.

Important! When decorating things, remember: the main thing - everything should be in moderation, do not overdo it, otherwise - your shirt will look tasteless.

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We decorate the sleeves

With the help of decoration, you can not only decorate the sleeves, but also strengthen. Most quickly wear out elbows, cuffs and an armpit zone. In such cases, it is best to sew figured patches from colored fabric.

You will need suitable flaps, threads and patience.

Ideas for the decoration of things:

  • Men's shirt can be ennobled with solid geometric shapes. Make the plates in the form of a triangle, cover with the same cuff fabric.

Important! Choose a color that is already present on the shirt, or take a few tones brighter.

  • Cuffs of a white shirt can be sewn with white ruffles or colored threads. The contour of the cuffs can be decorated with beads or beads, it will be beautiful to look small artificial pearls.
  • Sleeves of colored shirts can be decorated with acrylic paints. Now popular are images of feathers, birds, angels, different colors, and also emblems.
  • On a man's shirt sometimes it is enough to replace usual, unremarkable buttons with original ones, and the shirt has a completely different look.
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We decorate the front part of the

The front part on the women's shirts is easy to decorate with massive beads, bead patterns, stones and bizarre embroidery. How to decorate a black women's shirt with your own hands? This shirt is trying to transform in classical style, as well as white, colored and checkered shirts more modern style is more suitable:

  • The easiest way to change the appearance of your shirt is to replace the factory buttons with hand-made products, emphasize seams with contrasting threads.
  • If you have a desire to transform a simple blouse and give it a designer look. Do not be lazy, find an interesting scheme of embroidery on the Internet. Well, then, using hoops, colored threads and patience, make embroidery around the collar or vertically across the front of the shirt.
  • Use beads, beads, rhinestones, artificial stones and pearls - call for help all your imagination, designer tips and master classes from the Internet.
  • Create stencils from handy tools and use acrylic paints. Make drawings by hand if you have the ability to draw. Wait for the paint to dry out, iron the thing with the wrong side to fix the result.

As you can see, a good imagination and golden hands create real miracles and can create a real work of art out of a simple ordinary shirt.