The best low cost airlines

The low-cost is an airline that sells tickets at low prices. It is thanks to such budget carriers that you can get to anywhere in the world for affordable money.

Naturally, the services of loukosterov have their own nuances. The ticket price, as a rule, does not include luggage and meals, flights are periodically transferred, and the fleet of planes can be quite modest. And meanwhile, the best air carriers render service at a worthy level and deserve attention. Such reliable and inexpensive carriers are represented in today's Top-5.


  • 5. Pegasus Airlies
  • 4. easyJet
  • 3. Wizz Air
  • 2. Ryanair
  • 1. AirAsia

5. Pegasus Airlies

The largest Turkish loukoster was founded in 1990.The airline carries out flights from many cities of Russia. Flights to Europe are made, as a rule, through Istanbul. Unlike most budget carriers, Pegasus has its own licensed training center for training pilots, as well as the service company Pegasus Technic.

4. easyJet

The British low-coster flies to 104 European airports. The "chip" of the airline is ecological. EasyJet practically does not use paper tickets to reduce deforestation, flights are trying to do as much as possible direct to reduce emissions to the atmosphere, food is custom-made not to translate products in vain.

3. Wizz Air

The company is the largest carrier in Eastern Europe. Despite the fact that the low-costers often neglect the service in favor of cheapness, Wizz Air has a lot of additional services from choosing seats to compensations for the delay in departure. Also the loukoster has his on-board magazine Wizz Magazine. A distinctive feature is the change in the departure date.

2. Ryanair

The first European low-coster was founded in 1985 in Ireland. The airline took the model of budgetary transportation from American airlines that was gaining popularity at the time. Ryanair serves over 160 airports in 27 countries. Return tickets for the company's flights are not provided, there is no free luggage limit.

1. AirAsia

The largest Asian loukoster makes flights to 4 hundred destinations in 25 countries. For several years AirAsia has been recognized as the best budget airline in the world. Daily liners of the company make over 400 flights. In addition to air travel, the company is also developing a network of budget hotels. Also, AirAsia has a subsidiary company AirAsia X, which carries out long flights in the Asian region.

From the Russian airlines in 2017, VICTORY entered the rating of the best.