Rating of the most slender stars of Hollywood

Hollywood is awash with slender figures, but not so many who manage to keep a thin waist for many years, invariably causing envy of competitors.

The heroines of our current ten are invariably slender and beautiful. Genetic predisposition to leanness, plus regular fitness and proper nutrition - these are the secrets of the ideal "star" body. We bring to your attention rating of the most slender stars of Hollywood .


  • 10. Lindsay Lohan
  • 9. Carmen Electra
  • 8. Paris Hilton
  • 7. Nicky Hilton
  • 6. Denise Richards
  • 5. Anna-Lynn McCord,
  • 4. Lisa Rinn
  • 3. Tori Spelling
  • 2. HeidiPratt
  • 1. Molly Sims

10. Lindsay Lohan

from the age of three plunged into the modeling business and only later became an actress. However, the figure Lindsay allows her to successfully demonstrate both clothes and reincarnate on the screen. True, fragile appearance requires careful treatment - this year, Lindsay was hospitalized with the diagnosis of "exhaustion".

9. Carmen Electra

started a stellar career with a job as a dancer. Slender and delightful Electra was four times included in the ratings of hundreds of the sexiest women on the planet. We gladly included Carmen in last year's Rating of the hottest stars in Hollywood. The real name of the actress is Tara Lee Patrick, but the chosen pseudonym suits the sultry beauty. Today, the model, actress, singer and TV star remains at the peak of popularity.

8. Paris Hilton

scandalous, glamorous, and invariably slender. Most of the high-profile scandals in which Paris was involved were associated with drunk driving and a significant excess of speed. Her acting talents cause criticism in critics, but as a fashion model and designer clothes, the former heiress of the huge Hilton empire performs quite successfully. By the way, despite the blossoming view, Miss Hilton worries about her own age, Paris is in the Top 100 sexiest women of the planet according to FHM.

7. Nicky Hilton

is the second great-granddaughter of the legendary founder of Hilton Hotels chain Conrad Hilton. Nicky is not looking for success on the screen - she only played a movie twice, and the last time in the company of her older sister Paris. Nicky Hilton - a fairly successful model and designer of sportswear.

6. Denise Richards

and in forty years remains a stunningly graceful beauty. The mother of two daughters demonstrates an almost perfect body, being one of the sexiest celebrities. On account of Denise Richards - more than fifty roles in films and serials. From the title of Top Model, Denise is separated only by a low growth - only 168 cm. And if it is not enough for a podium, then fashion photographers simply adore Richards. It was Denise last year that opened our Rating of Hollywood's hottest stars .

5. Anna-Lynn McCord,

, despite her youth, already has several prestigious titles: laureate of the Young Hollywood Superstar in the nomination "Actress of Tomorrow", as well as "Breakthrough of the Year 2010".A promising and very slender actress promises to make veterans of Hollywood a serious competition in the future.

4. Lisa Rinn

is older than all the participants of the rating, which does not prevent her from successfully performing in fashion shows. In 2010, the TV star released a reality show about his own life. By the way, Lisa Rinna admits that she often resorted to the services of plastic surgeons, but she never crossed the boundaries of the reasonable. The blossoming appearance and slenderness of Lisa, it seems, are not subject to time.

3. Tori Spelling

- the most multi-mother in our ranking of slender stars. Three children did not affect the consistently thin figure of the actress, screenwriter and successful producer. Among Tory's professional awards is the Young Artist Awards. Paparazzi invariably annoy the star, and in 2011 even became the cause of the car accident, which Tori hit, escaping from the intrusive chase.

2. Heidi Pratt

is an actress, singer and active participant of television shows. His appearance Heidi pays close attention, making more than a dozen plastic surgeries. Slender and moderately scandalous Pratt enjoys great love of script writers reality show. No less popular is the girl and among the editors of glossy publications for men.

1. Molly Sims

is an actress and top model, taking part in shootings and shows for more than 20 years. Molly successfully combines work in Hollywood and fashion shows. It is logical that with such a brilliant appearance, Molly Sims does not hesitate to voice her own weight - it is 52 kg with a height of 176 cm. One of the most slender stars of our time last year married and awaits the appearance of the first-born.