10 of the world's tallest women

Many girls of low height enviously sigh, looking at the tall figures of the top models. Men often represent next to a high bright companion. However, in fact, the life of a girl taller than 185 cm is more often full of ridicule and offensive nicknames than admiring looks and compliments. Even more difficult are the participants of our dozens of the world's tallest women .

It is interesting that among the highest people in the world are only men.


  • 10. Gamowa Ekaterina( Russia) - 202 cm
  • 9. Rita Miniva Besa( USA) - 203 cm
  • 8. Eve( USA) - 205 cm
  • 7. Elisani Silva( Brazil) - 206 cm
  • 6.Caroline Welz( Germany) - 206 cm
  • 5. Mali Duangdi( Thailand) - 208 cm
  • 4. Malgorzata Dudek( Poland) - 213-221 cm
  • 3. Zeynab Bibi( Pakistan) - 218 cm
  • 2. Sandy Allen) - 232 cm
  • 1. Yao Defen( China) - 233 cm

10. Gamowa Ekaterina ( Russia) - 202 cm

This tall and athletic girl from Chelyabinsk became a famous volleyball player, Mandership her aunt, her niece razglyadevshy remarkable abilities. As a result, Ekaterina Gamova holds the title of champion of Russia, Turkey, Europe and the world, is a prize-winner of the Grand Prix and World Champions Cup.

9. Rita Miniva Besa ( USA) - 203 cm

This black beauty was born in Zambia, but today she and her family live in the USA.

8. Eve ( USA) - 205 cm

The world's highest model demonstrates that a tall girl can be stunningly beautiful. Bikini for Eve sew to order - to buy a suitable outfit for shooting is not easy.

7. Elisani Silva ( Brazil) - 206 cm

This young girl has crossed the two-meter mark at 14 years and is still growing. She is recognized as the world's tallest teenage girl.

6. Caroline Welz ( Germany) - 206 cm

This German woman has not only an outstanding growth, but also an impressive size of shoes - 49.

5. Mali Duangdi ( Thailand) - 208 cm

The reason for the abnormally high growth of Malia tumor that caused a hormonal imbalance in the girl's body. At the age of 19, the weight of Mali is 130 kg, and its further growth is blocked by expensive drugs. Without drugs, the girl will inevitably continue to grow. Unfortunately, inoperable swelling affects not only the appearance, but also the vision of the girl, which begins to noticeably weaken.

4. Malgorzata Dudek ( Poland) - 213-221 cm

The famous Polish basketball player was one of the highest female athletes in history. The weight of Magoljata was about 100 kg. Unfortunately, Dudek died in 2011 at the age of 37 years.

3. Zeynab Bibi ( Pakistan) - 218 cm

She was born in 1974 in illiterate low-income parents, became the fifth daughter of the Toba Tek Singh family. Zeynab had to leave for the UK, because at home the girl was mocked and bullied. Zeynab Bibi has a truly impressive appearance - her legs are 137 cm long, arms - 106 cm, fingers 24 cm, toes 10,8 cm. At the same time, the weight is small compared to the other participants of our rating - only 82 kg.

2. Sandy Allen ( USA) - 232 cm

The growth of Sandy was constantly increasing due to the tumor of the pituitary gland and therefore the girl decided on an operation to remove it. Sandy Allen tried to be an example of supporting high people by speaking in schools, convincing children and teenagers to be less shy about the features of the exterior. For several years she performed at the Guinness World Records Museum. The woman died in 2008 at the age of 53.In recent years, Sandy moved only in a wheelchair.

1. Yao Defen ( China) - 233 cm

The tallest woman in the world! At birth, Yao was not at all distinguished by a heroic physique or outstanding growth - an infant weighing 2 kilograms 800 grams was born in 1972 in Anhui province. However, by the age of 11, the girl's height had reached 188 centimeters. All members of the Yao family are of medium height, and its high growth causes a pituitary tumor. Only after surgery, the growth of Yao Defen finally stopped. Today, its growth is 233 cm, and weight - about 180 kilograms. To earn a living, Yao was forced to perform in the circus.