The most aggressive countries in the world, 2015 rating

Experts from the Institute of Economics and Peace( IEP) made a rating in which 162 states were evaluated according to 23 criteria. Among them: terrorist activity, the country's participation in internal or external conflicts, the system of justice, the number of prisoners, the number of policemen per unit of population, political stability and defense spending. The more points the country collects, the more terrible it is to live in it.

We present to you the most non-ambitious countries in the world. Russia is located on the 11th line of the rating.

We also published the most peaceful countries, the list was headed by Iceland.


  • 10. North Korea
  • 9. Pakistan
  • 8. Democratic Republic of Congo
  • 7. Sudan
  • 6. Somalia
  • 5. Central African Republic
  • 4. South Sudan
  • 3. Afghanistan
  • 2. Iraq
  • 1. Syria

10. North Korea

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in North Korea, the economic crisis began, as a result of the famine, several hundred thousand people died. So far, about a quarter of all Korean children suffer from weight loss. At the same time, expenditures on the army and the defense industry are extremely high. The militant country is a militarized country, but, on occasion, it can "saber weapon".

9. Pakistan

During the Afghan war, military and training camps of mujahideen were located in Pakistan. Until now, the borders adjacent to the Afghan territory are practically not controlled by Pakistani troops.

8. Democratic Republic of the Congo

In 2012 it is recognized as the poorest state in the world. Its rulers considered the country, first of all, as a means of personal enrichment. President Mobutu Sese Seko appropriated about 5 billion dollars during his reign. In the country, gangs of looters roam, robbing, killing and raping. Cannibalism was observed.

7. Sudan

At the time of British rule, the boundaries of this colony were drawn along parallels and meridians, not taking into account the religious and historical differences of the peoples living in these territories. After the proclamation of independence in 1956, armed conflicts began between the Arab north and the Negroid south until the separation of Southern Sudan in 2011.

6. Somalia

Since 1988, there has been a civil war in the country, which began as a protest against the dictatorship and led to the disintegration of the state, interclan conflicts, the rise of piracy. In the south, the Mujahideen of Islamist groups oppose the allied government forces, and the north is controlled by the unrecognized republic of Somaliland.

5. Central African Republic

In this country, a tyrant, a sadist and an ogre - Colonel Jean-B├ędel Bokassa, alone for 15 years alone ruled. After its overthrow, a series of coups d'etat began, against the backdrop of ever-growing social instability and a worsening economic situation. The average life expectancy in the CAR is only 50 years.

4. Southern Sudan

The perennial war between north and south Sudan has led to a humanitarian catastrophe. Droughts, hunger, lack of fuel, poorly developed health care system and the ever expanding zone of military confrontation forced many people to flee to neighboring countries.

3. Afghanistan

Since 1978, the country has not ceased civil war. At first, Afghanistan turned into an arena of conflict between the USSR and the United States. After the withdrawal of the Soviet troops, the Islamic group "Taliban" came to power, during whose reign in Afghanistan a record amount of narcotic substances was produced. After the September 11 attacks, the United States brought troops into Afghanistan, which triggered a new round of civil war.

2. Iraq

Another country that felt the consequences of September 11.US President George W. Bush said that Iraq supports international terrorism and is developing weapons of mass destruction. In 2003, after the invasion of the troops of the international coalition, a civil war broke out in the country. It goes to this day. And weapons of mass destruction have not been found.

1. Syria

The most aggressive country in the world . For several years, Syria has experienced an unprecedented drought, which caused a huge internal tension. In March 2011, speeches began with demands to change the existing regime. Anti-government troops supported the United States, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, and the government of Syria - Iran, Russia, the DPRK and Venezuela. Currently, the war in the country continues. Losses from sanctions amounted to 4 billion dollars, 3.9 million Syrians left the most dangerous country in the world.