How to stretch ballet shoes at home?

  • How to carry ballet shoes that are made of leather?
  • We wear suede ballet flats
  • How to carry ballet flats that are made of patent leather?
  • Do I need to stretch the ballet shoes or not?

Absolutely all women at least once in their life bought ballet shoes, shoes or another type of shoes one or two sizes smaller than necessary. The simplest reason for this is that they were simply so beautiful, and the appropriate size was disassembled. And in the hope that you do not have to turn into a little mermaid, girls are looking for ways to stretch ballet shoes at home. What is most surprising is that it is really possible. How to carry ballet flats, you will learn from this article.

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How to carry ballet shoes that are made of leather?

To wear ballet shoes from the skin is easy enough. To do this, you must thoroughly soak the shoes and for a few hours walk directly into the wet shoes on your house.

Important! Do not remove the "cobblers" until they completely and completely dry - 2-3 hours will give tangible results.

Soak tight shoe as follows to increase it in size:

  1. Place the ballet shoes in a bowl and cover with a piece of natural cloth dipped in water. You can also synthetic, the main thing is that the fabric has the ability to absorb water well.
  2. After that, pour a little bit of hot water on the cloth. You will need approximately 700-1200 ml of water.

Important! Pouring water inside is not necessary, in some cases even incredibly harmful, since the seams can completely get unstuck, if their quality is still doubtful.

Dry method

In case you are afraid that such a shower can ruin your shoes, try stretching leather ballet shoes with a dry method. To do this:

  1. Put a new pair on top of tight socks.
  2. After that, warm them thoroughly with hot air - the best way is to use a hairdryer for this purpose.

Important! Pay attention to the fact that before the beginning of this procedure, the surface must be oiled with shoe polish, shoe wax or any kind of fat. This is one of the basic rules for the care of leather shoes , preventing drying and deformation of the material.

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We wear suede ballet shoes

The easiest way, as it is not strange, is to wear suede ballet shoes. This material is incredibly plastic, so it easily takes the shape of your foot. The main difficulty lies in the fact that a large number of liquids leave indelible marks on the entire surface of the suede.

Important! It is better and more reliable for suede to use special means-stretchers. Most often they can be found in the form of foam or spray.

To carry the ballet shoes at home, if they are made of this material, use this approach:

  1. Dampen the ballet with beer with a rag from the inside and put them on top of thick socks.
  2. In this hip-and-beer design you will be forced to walk around for about 3 hours.
  3. At the same time, you should make sure that the suede on your shoes does not stretch more than you need - you will not be able to pull off the different ballet flats.
  4. As soon as your ballet flats have acquired the necessary parameters, take them out to a fresh air.
  5. Approximately 6-8 hours will save your ballet flats from an unpleasant beer smell.
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How to carry ballet shoes that are made of patent leather?

It is somewhat difficult to wear lacquer shoes, and also risky. The main problem is not to damage the glossy coating. In order to stretch lacquer shoes, you must use any alcohol-containing substance. Suitable alcohol, vodka, or cologne:

  1. Lubricate the inner surface of shoes with this liquid.
  2. Then put the ballet flats over the thin toe.

Approximately 3-4 hours of walking around your apartment - and your favorite lacquer ballet shoes will become larger by approximately half the size, or maybe the whole size.

Important! The main advantage of these ways of stretching shoes is that the shoes sits exactly in the shape of your foot, and not just stretches in all possible directions.

But the most simple, reliable, as well as universal way to stretch all tight shoes is professional. True, such a service is not offered by all shoe care shops, so you may have to walk around several masters right away.

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Is it necessary to stretch ballet flats or not?

Many buyers are worried about whether these methods will not damage the ways of stretching the shoes, whether the form will eventually deteriorate or the shade will suddenly change. Risk is always present.

The main problem is that it is not always possible to say with precision what material the product is made of. Now an incredibly large number of substitutes - and suede, and leather, which by their appearance can not be determined at once, but here at the posting everything will become clear.

That's why, if a person is not quite sure about the quality of the material, it is better not to use folk methods. It is necessary either to replace this pair with a similar one, but to a larger size, or consult a specialist about how best to stretch ballet shoes at home.

After completing this article, you know how to distribute ballet shoes at home, but it's better to buy shoes at the right size, and then you will not need this information. Look worse from this you just will not - on the contrary, will be more comfortable and comfortable to feel, respectively - more confident and more pleasant for all around.