How to clean suede shoes from dirt at home?

  • Basic rules for cleaning suede shoes
  • When to start cleaning?
  • Correctly choose a brush for suede
  • Care for wet shoes
  • Remove stains from shoes from suede
  • How can I clean light suede at home?

Suede shoes were always appreciated, because it is soft, comfortable, looks beautiful and expensive. But not everyone can afford to buy it, as suede is more fond of grooming than leather. Let's figure out how to clean suede shoes from dirt at home, so you do not have to buy a new pair every season.

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Basic rules for cleaning suede shoes

To care for suede shoes at home, you need to remember a few simple rules that will allow you to wear shoes for many years:

  • Buying suede shoes, be sure to buy a special brush and spray to protect from moisture and dirt.
  • Use protective equipment in advance, and not before going out, especially in wet weather.
  • Try to walk as little as possible in this new thing in rainy weather. Suede does not like water.
  • If you have shoes of several colors, then for each of them use a separate brush. Be careful when cleaning light suede. A dirty brush, you will make a lot of spots that will be difficult to remove.
  • Cleaning should be done only in dry form.

Important! If you need to restore or refresh the color, do it only with special aerosol paints. Do not skimp on them, because cheap paints can forever ruin your shoes.

Means for protection and care

In the process of caring for a new thing you may need the following tools:

  1. Special protective equipment.
  2. Double sided brush.
  3. Eraser. Crusts of rye bread.
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When to start cleaning?

Remember that you need to start taking care of shoes immediately after purchase. Often the shoes, while still in the store, are covered with a thin layer of dust, which at the first wet gets into suede and forms stains. And when fitting, pollution happens.

Therefore, when coming home with a new thing:

  1. Clean the shoes with the rubber side of the brush - you can move the tool only in one direction.
  2. Then apply a protective water repellent spray.
  3. After drying the first coat, be sure to apply one more. In this way, you create a film on the shoe that prevents the penetration of water and dirt.

Important! Each subsequent cleaning with such care will not be burdensome for you, as the mud can not strongly adhere to the surface.

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Correctly choose a brush for suede

When buying carefully consider the brush - this will determine the ease and efficiency of the process when you decide to clean suede shoes from dirt at home. A good brush has two different surfaces:

  • on one of them is attached rubber or rubber denticles;
  • the other side is equipped with soft natural bristles on the sides and metal stiff bristles in the center.

The side with metal bristles is designed to remove dirt during dry cleaning. Rubber denticles are needed in order to raise suede villi, to remove greasy stains.

Important! We advise you to pay attention to the brushes with a side rubber or rubber wheel. With the help of such a device, you can clean the seams and wounds from dirt. On sale, you can still see brushes with crepe wavy material for very gentle cleaning of fine suede.

If you do not have a special brush at hand, you can easily replace it with an eraser, rye bread crusts, which not only perfectly cope with impurities, but also have adsorbing properties.

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Moisture of suede shoes

Suede shoes are recommended to be worn in dry weather. But there are cases when we fall under the rain or sleet, then the shoes not only get wet, but it also gets very smeared.

Important! Do not try to clean wet shoes, because you can reliably smear and rub the dirt. And then your front boots will turn into working chunks.

Consider how to clean the suede from dirt at home correctly:

  1. It is very important for the cleaning process to dry the suede properly. Remember that in no case can it be dried near heating appliances, hair dryer, iron. With this heating, the shape is lost, the base is warped and uneven color spots are formed. Shoes should be dried in a natural way. So that it does not lose its form, fill in with paper, newspapers, napkins, toilet paper.
  2. After complete drying, walk on the surface with the hard side of the brush, removing dirt. Dirt should be removed with dry material, and not immediately upon arrival home.
  3. Then walk the rubber surface to raise the pile. In this case, you can apply a protective agent.
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Brushing stains from the suede shoes

In the process of wearing, suede shoes may show stains from dirt, grease, and salt stains, after contact with the sprinkling of roads, so it is important to know how to clean the suede from dirt at home. If you decided to wait with a purchase of special tools for one reason or another, take note of such methods and means than to clean the suede from dirt:

  • To remove salt from the surface, dab the brush in the vinegar and wipe the suede until the spots disappear, after wipe the dampclean cloth. Dry and then coat with a preservative.
  • If you want to get rid of serious dirt, try using steam. Boil the water in a kettle, hold the soiled places of the shoe over the steam for 3 minutes. Then rub the dirt spots with the rubber or rubber side of the brush.

Important! Make sure that the suede over the steam is only moistened, not strongly soaked.

  • If the previous remedies did not help, apply self-made cleaning foam. In a glass of warm water, add 1-2 tablespoons of ammonia and liquid hand soap. Stir well until foam formation. Dip into the mixture a clean soft cloth, which wipe the stains on the suede shoes. You can use a soft brush made of natural nap. Rinse with a mild solution of water and vinegar. Take care that shoes do not get wet. Suede dry, brush, apply a protective spray.
  • If you have oily stains on shoes, you will need talc, a brush with a rubber side or an eraser. Fatty place abundantly sprinkle with talcum, let it soak up dirt and grease, and then brush with a brush. Such spots, if there is no talc, can be rubbed with an eraser.
  • When the surface is very greasy, try rubbing it with a rye bread crust or a creamy brush.

Important! To remove dirt, you need to drive with a brush only in one direction. Moving in opposite directions is necessary to eliminate wear.

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How can I clean the light suede at home?

So that your light suede shoes do not lose a good look for a long time:

  1. Never walk in it in wet weather.
  2. Be sure to stuff your shoes with white napkins or toilet paper after each socks to absorb excess moisture and sweat.
  3. Get a separate brush for light shoes.
  4. To clean light suede boots at home from stains, use a mixture of talc, liquid soap and ammonia. The rules for their application are described above.
  5. White and light suede with soiling can save milk. Mix the milk with soda and apply to the surface with a clean white napkin. Blend the mixture with cool vinegar water. Shoes dry, brush with a brush. In the end, apply a protective agent.

Our tips will help to prolong the life of your suede shoes and relieve you of the need to use the services of expensive cleaning. Take care of suede and wear it with pleasure!