Pressostat for washing machine

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  • relay How to adjust the washing machine's pressure switch?
  • Sensor Malfunctions and their Signs
  • How do I check the water level sensor in the washing machine?
  • Checking the pressure switch
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sensor The pressure switch( also called a relay or a water level sensor) is one of the most important parts of an automated washing machine. The unit monitors the volume of water that enters the tank. When the device fails, the owner of the stylalki immediately notices this. The machine stops performing its functions correctly. This article is devoted to the questions: what is a pressostat for a washing machine, the principle of its operation, typical breakages and ways to eliminate them.

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Relay location

The location of the relay in the eraser may be different, but it is generally located at the top of the unit. It is a cylindrical piece with attached wires and a plastic tube that goes to the high pressure tank.

Important! The high-pressure tank can be self-contained or be part of a plastic filter housing.

When water is collected through the pipe, a pressure corresponding to the water level is transmitted. Closing or opening of relay contacts occurs. The washing unit receives a signal that the filling of the tank is sufficient for normal operation.

Important! Imagine a situation that this part is not in the car. After starting the washing program, the machine collects water. If the water level sensor in the Samsung washing machine or any other brand is missing, the device "does not know" whether the tank is too full and whether it is full. This is not to mention the fact that different washing programs assume different amounts of water supplied to the tank.

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How to adjust the washing machine's pressure gauge?

To ensure that the sensor responds correctly to the pressure and at the right moment, the manufacturer adjusts the relay. Therefore, the owners of the equipment in most cases do not have to worry about the configuration.

If the owner of the stylalka has decided to experiment with the regulation of the relay, this can be done with the help of special screws. With their help, fine-tune the settings.

Important! You can not try to adjust the sensor without certain knowledge, skills and a set of necessary tools and instruments.

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Sensor malfunctions and their signs

It also happens that the device is out of order. The work of the washing machine also becomes incorrect. To break the water level sensor in the washing machine "Samsung" and most other models from different manufacturers, the following signs indicate:

  • The machine starts washing the laundry without filling it with water. Can switch on without filling the tank and the heating element. Most likely, the heater will burn out from overheating, since it is not designed to work in this mode.
  • The machine collects a lot or, on the contrary - little water. It also happens that it is collected indefinitely and flows out.
  • The tank remains full after washing. Despite the fact that the spin mode works, the laundry remains wet.
  • The machine can not rinse the laundry.

As you can see, the malfunction of a small-sized pressostat leads to the most serious consequences. If the listed signs appear, there are reasons to think about the fact that the sensor is defective.

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How to check the water level sensor in the washing machine?

If you suspect that the malfunction of the washing machine is "responsible" for the pressostat, do not rush to throw it out and buy a new one immediately. At least because you need to make sure: the problem is in it.

To check the serviceability of a part, you must first access it. So where is the water level sensor in the washing machine?

  1. As a rule, it is located on the side wall of the machine, closer to the top.
  2. The workpiece is secured using two screws that must be unscrewed.
  3. The next stage of disassembling the device is detaching the contacts and the tube. The tube is clamped, so you have to either unscrew it or open it with pliers. The tube must not be damaged or clogged. If damaged, it must be replaced.
  4. Inspect and contact details. If they are contaminated, they are cleaned.
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Checking the pressure switch

To test the relay, you will need a hose approximately 100 mm in length with the same diameter as that removed from the sensor. The verification algorithm is simple:

  1. Connect the tube to the sensor inlet.
  2. Blow into the tube.

Important! If the device is working properly, clicks are heard inside the pressostat. Clicking can be one or more. It all depends on how much you blow into the tube.

To check the integrity of the multimeter, conductivity is measured, which varies with the air pressure change.

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How to replace the

sensor Fortunately, the cost of the relay for the stylus is not at all great. The best option is to buy a part in an online store. Do not forget to indicate in the order the make and model of the washing machine.

Important! You can find the required model and the number that is listed on the relay itself.

To install a new pressure switch for the washing machine is extremely simple, you need:

  • put the hose on it%
  • insert the contacts;
  • tighten the bolts.

After that, it remains only to start the machine to check how it works.

The pressostat is a small detail, but without it the erasing unit starts to work badly or even fails. Repair or replacement of the device in case of breakage must be carried out in a timely manner.