The highest basketball players in the world, the NBA and the USSR / Russia( 10 photos)

Basket basketball is located at a height of 305 cm( 10 feet in the English system of measures) above the floor, so in this sport are valued tall players. In this article we will find out who are the highest basketball players in the world, the NBA and the USSR / Russia.

The highest basketball player in the history of the USSR / Russia - Alexander Sizonenko( July 27, 1959 - January 5, 2012).His growth was measured in 1990 by the Guinness Book of Records - 2 meters 39 cm. In 1990, Alexander Sizonenko was not only the tallest man in the USSR, but also the tallest man in the world. Sizonenko grew after 1990, at the end of his life his height was 2 meters 45 cm. In his youth Alexander played basketball, from 1976 to 1978 he acted as the center in Leningrad "Spartacus", and from 1979 to 1986 - in Kuibyshev"Builder", was a candidate for the USSR national team. Specialists noted that Sizonenko had a subtle positional finesse and mastered the art of passing, but because of his growth he did not possess the necessary high-speed qualities necessary for the player. From the big sport he had to leave in 1986 due to hormonal failure. In 1988, Alexander Sizonenko played the role of giant in the feature film "Brave Sailor".In the last years of his life, because of severe osteoporosis, even at home, Sizonenko went on crutches.

The highest basketball player in the history of the world sport was the Libyan Suleiman Ali Nashnush( August 17, 1943 - February 25, 1991), whose height was 2 meters 45 cm. He played for the national team of Libya in basketball. Like Alexander Sizonenko, Suleiman Ali Nashnun also left his mark in the cinema: he can be seen in a small role in the film Federico Fellini "Satyricon".Suleiman Ali Nashnun was the tallest man in the world between 1990 and 1991.

Suleiman Ali Nashnun and Federico Fellini:

The title of the highest basketball player in the strongest league of the world - the NBA was divided at once by two athletes with a height of 2 meters 31 cm. This is Romanian Gheorghe Mure┼čan( born February 14, 1971) and Sudanese Manute Bol/ Manute Bol( October 16, 1962 - June 19, 2010).It is noteworthy that in 1994 both giants played together in the same NBA team - Washington Ballets( now the team is called the Washington Wizards).In addition, Gheorghe Moreshan played for the NBA club "New Jersey Nets"( now the team is called "Brooklyn Nets"), and Manute Bol played for the clubs "Golden State Warriors", "Philadelphia Seventi Sixers" and "Miami Heat."

Almost all people of huge growth owe their gigantism to the pituitary gland. Alexander Sizonenko, Suleiman Ali Nashnun, Gheorghe Mureshan - not an exception. In contrast, Bol had a quite healthy pituitary gland, and his growth was due to his ancestors - African scotopas: his mother was 2 meters 8 cm tall, his father was 2 meters 3 cm tall, and Bol's great-grandfather was even higherthe growth of his famous descendant - 2 meters 39 cm Sister Bol, by the way, also basketball - 2 meters 3 cm

Manute Bol

Manute Bol is the only player in the history of the NBA, who blocked more shots in his career than scored points. On average, Sudanese recruited a modest 2.6 points per game, making 4.2 rebounds and 3.3 block shots. On block shots on average for the match in the history of the NBA, Bol is second only to Mark Eaton( 3.34 against 3.50).It should be borne in mind that Bol rarely spent more than half of the match on the court.

Manute Bol( height 231 cm) and Charles Barkley( height 198 cm):

Manute Bol( height 231 cm) and Chuck Nevitt( height 226 cm):

Gheorghe Mureshan averaged 9.8 points for the game, making 6,4 selection, 0.5 transfer and 1.48 block-shot. Like Sizonenko with Ali Nashnun, Mureshan also starred in the movie, and in the main role. It was the 1998 comedy "My Giant".

Gheorghe Moreshan

Gheorghe Mureshan( height 231 cm) against Michael Jordan( height 198 cm):

Gheorghe Mureshan and the girls:

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