Black paint for clothes, stages of painting

  • How to choose the paint for black trousers?
  • Types of paints for clothes
  • How to paint trousers in black in a washing machine?
  • Useful tips for high-quality painting:

Each of us has black things, so it's no surprise that many are wondering how to return the former saturated color to their favorite dress or trousers, if during the washing process and socks lost their brightness. For the solution, there are two options:

  1. Dye your clothes at home. For this, there is a special black paint for clothes.
  2. Apply to a dry cleaner. Typically, in this case for coloring, special dyes are used that can not only color your pants well, but also irretrievably spoil them. In addition, there is such a paint a tidy sum.

The painting process at home is not time-consuming or laborious. All you need is to pick the right paint for things and follow the instructions.

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How to choose the paint for black trousers?

Before you buy a paint, pay attention to the composition of the material from which your trousers are sewn. The presence of synthetic filaments, such as lavsan or nitron, makes the painting ineffective, since they practically can not be painted. And subsequently such actions can even spoil the trousers.

Paint for things has different areas of use, a wide range of colors, and different effects when applied.

If there is no tag on your trousers indicating the composition of the fibers, and you can not determine the composition yourself, do not despair. In such cases, get a universal paint for trousers.

Important! For coloring clothes use only high-quality products, you can buy it in specialized stores. This will largely depend on the result. For example, a lot of positive reviews received paint for clothes from the trade mark "Simplicol".

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Types of paints for clothes

Paint for trousers is available as an aerosol and powder for use in a washing machine or manually. The choice of this or that kind of remedy depends solely on personal preferences of the method of coloring.

Paint in aerosol cans

This kind of tool is used very often. Mistresses love him for simplicity and accessibility. In addition, aerosol black paint for clothing has a number of other advantages.


  • This kind of paint is made without the addition of harmful substances, so it can be used for both natural and mixed fabrics.
  • Aerosol paints are easily applied and spread evenly over the entire surface.
  • Such tools are very convenient to use and economical.
  • For staining large surfaces, a stencil can be used.

Preparing clothes for painting with aerosol paint

Before proceeding to the process of coloring the product, it is necessary to perform some actions that will ensure the best result:

  • The clothes must be washed before painting.

Important! If there are spots on the clothes, they should be removed, since these places can not even be painted over with black paint for clothes.

  • Place a film or cloth under the bottom of the product so that the paint does not get on the furniture when sprayed.
  • Be sure to shake the paint mixing bottle before painting. Keep the canister vertically at a distance of 5-6 cm from the trousers.

Important! Do not tilt or bring the paint bottle too close to the trousers. This can affect the quality of the painting.

  • After painting leave the product for about forty minutes so that the dye penetrates the fibers.
  • When the pants are dry, wash them in water with a temperature of no higher than 30 degrees.
  • Dry on a balcony or in a dryer.

Important! Try to avoid getting on the painted product of direct sunlight, as the color can just burn out and lose its brightness .

Acrylic paint

Such a paint for things has a water base and is suitable for any kind of fabric and surface. Acrylic solutions are very easy to use, for preparation it is enough to dilute with water in the right proportion.

Important! Until the paint has dried, it can be washed off with water.

Advantages of acrylic paint:

  • Suitable for all types of fabric.
  • Quickly dries.
  • Bright, contrasting color palette.
  • Does not burn, does not dim when exposed to sunlight.
  • No specific odor.
  • Does not cause allergies.

Important! To fix the result after painting, iron the product from the wrong side.


Acrylic paints are considered environmentally friendly and have a high level of quality. The only drawback of this dye is its reaction to low temperatures. Lowering the ambient temperature leads to the loss of all the qualities of the dye, which can not be restored.

Important! Store the paint should be at a temperature above zero degrees.

Glowing paint

Basically, a similar tool is used to paint T-shirts, jackets, baseball caps and shirts made from any cotton fabric. They produce such a paint from the phosphor. This component is the basis of the product and is a fine powder mixed with a colorless varnish. Such a paint for things glows with ultraviolet light and gives things a special gloss and style.

Important! Before use, the vial should be mixed thoroughly to avoid sedimentation.

Aniline dye for clothes

A similar dye can be used for painting things at home. The composition of the product is suitable for processing woolen and nylon fabrics, in some cases it can be used for real leather and fur. Exceptions are the tissues of lavsan and nitron. A detailed instruction on the package will tell you which fabric the dye is suitable for.

Universal paint for fabric

This type is suitable for painting clothes made of cotton, linen, viscose, silk and cotton fabrics. It is the best option for things whose composition is not completely known to you.

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How to paint the trousers in black in the washing machine?

Coloring trousers in a washing machine is considered one of the easiest ways. Clothing does not shed after staining, and the dye composition does not harm the mechanical parts of the machine. The process itself does not require much effort and time. Detailed instructions on the packaging greatly help in the organization of coloring.

There are times when the manufacturer offers instruction only in foreign languages. In this case, the information with step-by-step actions in our article will help you understand the process and do it right.

For painting you will need:

  • Washing powder.
  • Black paint for clothing and disposable gloves.
  • Glass bowl and spoon made of metal.
  • Salt, vinegar, chlorine-containing bleach.

Instructions for painting black trousers:

  1. Before the main stage of painting, you should wash the product with powder and stain remover. If you use a rinse aid for normal washing, then in this situation it should be discarded.

Important! Be sure to use rubber gloves to protect your hands from dye.

  1. In a glass bowl, it is necessary to pour out three packages of dye and pour hot water with the calculation: 2 glasses of water for 1 pack of paint. A metal spoon should be mixed until the pants paint completely dissolves.

Important! The proportion of water and staining technology from the manufacturer may differ from that proposed in the article. Carefully read the instructions on the dye package.

  1. Add 1 glass of coarse salt( used as a fixer), 1 cup of vinegar, 1 tablespoon of powder. Mix everything thoroughly.
  2. Pour 1 liter of water into the bowl, pour the resulting mixture into it and mix well again. Then fill in the washing machine.

Important! For painting things in a washing machine, only vertical loading of products is suitable, since things are laid during the washing process.

  1. Place wet pants in the machine and set the washing mode, which will not exceed 30 minutes. After the end of the cycle, rinse the trousers until the water becomes light.
  2. Hang the painted product dry.

Important! Things that are designed for washing in water with a temperature of 30 degrees, the color is at the same temperature. And products that are washed at 40-90 degrees, stained at a water temperature of 40 degrees.

  1. To completely clean the washing machine of the dye, activate the rinse cycle if there are no things in the drum.

Important! With this method of coloring in a washing machine, the color of the skirts and trousers is uniform, and they take the form of new things. Due to the durability of the paint, the color is retained for a long time.

Paint hand trousers

Before you start the process, protect the hands from chemical agents. Be sure to wear gloves. Then proceed in such a way that the black paint for clothing gives a qualitative result:

  1. If the painting takes place in the bathroom, pre-cover the entire bath or bath area where the container with the dye will stand. So you will save the bath from getting paint.
  2. Pour water into the pelvis according to the proportion and sprinkle with paint. Stir the mixture well in the process of falling asleep.
  3. Lower the trousers or dress in the contents of the pelvis for 20-30 minutes. That the paint for trousers well has impregnated trousers, it is necessary to mix periodically an article in a solution periodically in circular motions. Staining can be finished when the pants have acquired a darker color than necessary. When they dry, the color will definitely brighten.

Important! If you plan to paint many things, you should paint them in turn. In this case, the fabric is better painted. Make sure that the fabric does not stick together, and that there are no creases - these areas may not be painted later.

  1. If the coloring liquid is to be heated by instruction, prepare a suitable container in advance. Turn and tamper with trousers followed by forceps or a metal spoon. The process of staining lasts 30-40 minutes.
  2. After finishing the coloring, rinse the trousers in water, after adding 1 spoonful of vinegar. Vinegar will help your things hold the color longer.

Important! Painted items retain color for a longer time if you add vinegar on each subsequent rinse.

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Useful tips for high-quality painting:

  • If you are painting for the first time, try painting the thing that you do not mind spoiling. If the painting has turned out, you can proceed to change the color of your favorite trousers.
  • Dry after drying. The sun's rays lead to a rapid burning out of the color.
  • Reducing the proportion of the dye can result, as a result, in a lighter shade.
  • Wash painted black trousers first several times stand apart from other things. Paint at the first wash can intensively move away from the trousers and spoil the other things.
  • Before painting, pay attention to the labels on the clothing tag. You need to know if the thing is suitable for staining.

Staining of trousers and other things at home using dyes does not provide durability and bright color for a long time, unlike factory painting. But in this way you will give your favorite things a "second life", and you can, if only for a short time, return to them the attractiveness and style.