How can I delete a mobile bank from my phone?

  • What is a mobile bank?
  • What does the Mobile Banking service Sberbank do?
  • How to disconnect a mobile bank?
  • What should I do if you lose your phone or change the number to a new one?
  • What every
  • should know about. Why is not it advantageous to disable the Mobile Bank of Sberbank?

When issuing a bank card, Sberbank usually offers all its customers an option to connect "Mobile Bank".Most users do not understand the usefulness of this type of service, agree to its connection. Many customers for various reasons, over time, try to turn off this option. In this article we will try to figure out how to remove a mobile bank from the phone.

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What is a mobile bank?

At the specified phone number, the option "Mobile Bank" can provide the user with full information about the bank payments made by him in Sberbank, such as payment for the Internet, utility payments made through an ATM or terminal.

Important! After some time, many customers understand that they do not use this option, but they have to pay for the functioning of this service every month. Also, from the operators of Sberbank constantly receive endless notifications in the form of SMS, which do not report any useful information. In addition, there is concern for personal data that attackers can use if there is a low level of security of information.

The mobile banking service additionally allows you to perform the following actions:

  • Possibility of making a quick payment. You can recharge your account on the phone from any operator, as well as transfer money to the Savings Bank card using your cell phone number.
  • Receive notifications about interest accrual to an open account in Sberbank for all accounts and deposits.
  • SMS messages about new products are coming.
  • There is an available form for setting up SMS notifications
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What does the Mobile Banking service Sberbank do?

In the modern world, the functioning of online services is becoming increasingly popular. But still there are people who want to remove the mobile bank.

  • It is recommended that it be turned off for those clients of the bank who have not previously used existing functions, such as paying loans from their own money, replenishing their personal accounts, and having control over available funds.
  • It also makes sense to suspend this option if you never use the provided system of possibilities, which consists of paying bills and credits, replenishing accounts, viewing the balance. This additional option is usually connected at the time of issuing the card, when there is no clear idea of ​​the operation of this option.
  • If you are not satisfied with the monthly subscription fee or you are afraid of access to your confidential data, disabling the MB service is also justified.

Many people have concerns about the protection of personal data. That's why some people resort to disabling this option. Consider the recommendations that help protect mobile banking from intruders:

  • The first rule is that never, under any circumstances, you can not transfer confidential information to third parties.
  • Avoid questionable sites that suggest entering a phone number or bank card code in an incomprehensible registry.
  • If, for some reason, the number has changed, it is advisable to apply to any branch of Sberbank for making changes in the form of the contract.
  • It is necessary to check for the presence of old SIM cards of phones that functioned before the change in the online banking system.
  • Some clients of Sberbank have fears for their deposits. Therefore, if a certain amount was withdrawn from the bank card and a message on the latest transactions was received on the mobile phone, then by contacting the hotline it is possible to quickly block the card. Law enforcement authorities for this period of time fix the attackers.

If there is a large payment for the additional option "Mobile Bank", then you can transfer the tariff to a free "Economy" package, which does not have a monthly payment. Such a tariff has one drawback - the lack of the function of automatic SMS notifications and paid requests.

Important! When the option "Mobile Bank" is completely disabled, there is no longer any possibility to use useful functions of the system.

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How to disconnect a mobile bank?

How to delete a mobile bank? Very easy and affordable procedure for connecting the reviewed service from Sberbank. But how to immediately turn off this option is not known to every client of the bank. Disconnection must be done when changing the card, if the phone number is changed to another or if the mobile phone is lost.

Important! Some users of Sberbank Online think that through the Client's personal account on the Internet there is an opportunity to turn off the service. But this is incorrect information.

How to remove a mobile bank from the phone:

  • you can make a temporary lock;
  • disable the service in one of the branches of the Savings Bank, and, as practice shows, this is the surest way;
  • can also suspend the operation of an additional option via the hot line;
  • to disconnect you can use the terminal or ATM;
  • there is a version of the transition to a free serving package, which is the most optimal method.

Important! If you turn off the option "Mobile Bank" you need to weigh everything properly, since this additional option allows you to quickly and efficiently perform financial transactions tied to the card, which greatly simplifies the service work of Sberbank Online.

If you do not pay the subscription fee for this option, it takes a lot of effort and time, because you have to constantly request a password at the ATM and the terminal to enter your personal account, and there will be no transaction report. This procedure is not very convenient

Important! In principle, the deactivation of the additional option "Mobile Bank" is justified when the card is blocked or the phone number is replaced, because for the next owner it will not be very difficult to gain access to information of a confidential nature.

The procedure for disabling mobile banking is much more difficult than connecting this service. If necessary, such an operation can still be done independently. To do this, you need to determine the most appropriate method from the above. After a while, the result will come. In the Online Sberbank system, there is still no possibility of fast functioning of this option. Perhaps in the future there will be a change for the better, because the Internet bank does not stand still, but develops by leaps and bounds.

Blocking of the Mobile Bank

To block the considered service, it is necessary to compose an SMS notification to a special short number 900.

Consider the format of an SMS notification how to delete a mobile bank from the phone:

  • To whom: 900.
  • Dialed text message: BLOCKING SERVICES XXXX.Where XXXX is the designation for the last 4 digits of your card number.

Important! Instead of the dialed query BLOCKING SERVICES in SMS message, you can specify: SERVICE BLOCK, BLOCK SERVICE, 04, BLOKIROVKA USLUGI BLOKIROVKA USLUG.

After the sent notification comes a message that asks to confirm the disabling of the option. You must perform all the actions described in the message.

Important! It is necessary to understand that the SMS notification blocks the Mobile Bank service. SMS-notifications and requests will not come, but you still have to pay the monthly fee, and it will be automatically debited from the account. To completely turn off this option, you need to use other methods.

To disconnect the service in the Sberbank office

To completely disable the considered service, the cardholder must write an application in any branch of Sberbank. Along with the application, the bank employee is provided with a user's passport and a written agreement when registering a plastic card or the bank card itself.

After three working days, from the moment of registration of the application the option "Mobile Bank" is to be disconnected. On your mobile phone you will receive an SMS message about the disabling of this service.

Disable the service by phone support

There is an option to turn off the option "Mobile Bank" with a free call to the help desk by phone 8( 800) 555 5550. After the call, the operator of the support service for the account holder's identification will require a card number, some passport data and a code word. After accepting the application, within 3 days you will disconnect the service "Mobile Bank".

Important! This method is not always successful. So, many owners of Sberbank cards say that it is almost impossible to get through to the support service. Some card holders, however, managed to hear the voice of the operator, who suggested that they turn off this service in any branch of the bank.

Go to the free package Econom

Since it is not possible to directly disable the full package of services, it is possible to connect a different tariff and switch to an economical package that is free. To go to this package, you need to send an SMS notification.

Let's consider the SMS message format, how to switch to the Economy package and delete the mobile bank:

  • To whom it is sent: 900.
  • Directed text message: ECONOMY 0000. Where the digits 0000 are the last 4 digits of the

card number After sending this SMS text message, youget the code sent by the SMS message to confirm this operation. After this, there will be a transition to a free economy package.

Via terminal or ATM

At first glance, disabling the option "Mobile Bank" is a simple way, but some customers may face a number of difficulties. Not all mobile devices support the function of mobile banking management, and those in which this option exists, there is not always the possibility of suspending such a service. And in addition, to block this option, you should expect 2 to 3 days. You can use the ATM or the terminal of the Savings Bank.

How to remove a mobile bank from the phone:

  1. You need to insert a bank card into the terminal or ATM box.
  2. After entering the codeword, the main menu is displayed.
  3. In the opened dialog window we find the necessary tab "Mobile bank".
  4. Next go to the option "Disconnect".
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What if you lost your phone or changed the number to a new one?

If you lose your phone, you should immediately contact the Sberbank office in person or call +7( 495) 500 00 05 to block the service.

Important! A lost phone can fall into the hands of an enterprising and not very honest person who can transfer all the money from the account and use them for their own purposes. In this situation, the bank advises not only to disable the Mobile Bank service, but also to block the lost SIM card.

If you change the tariff or if, due to the change of mobile operator, you stopped using the declared phone number, then you must necessarily unbind your bank card from the previous phone number. Six months later, the unrequested number of communication operators are transferred to other users who, without waiting for themselves, will have access to other people's means and cards.

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What every

should know About some recommendations:

  • If the old card expired and you received a new one instead, the "Mobile Bank" service will not be disabled.
  • If your account does not have enough funds to pay for the considered service, then Sberbank may without its knowledge disable the operation of this option.
  • If there are no funds in your account, the service is automatically blocked. When replenishing the account, mobile banking starts to function again without your intervention.
  • The disabled service makes it difficult to access the Internet for payment of payments. To enter the Personal Area, you can not get a password by phone, but only have to go to the terminal or ATM.
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Why is not it advantageous to disable the Mobile Bank of Sberbank?

Before completely disabling online Sberbank "Mobile Bank", you need to think carefully, since there may be some inconvenience when working with Internet banking. In addition, there are some problems when paying for the purchased goods via the Internet.

If you have Internet banking connected, then the mobile phone receives passwords that allow you to enter the Internet account. When you disconnect mobile banking passwords for entry will have to be purchased at the ATM, which is not entirely convenient.

If you still decide to cancel the online banking service, you know now how to do it. We hope that this procedure was successful and you did not spend much time on it.