Bedbugs in the couch - how to get rid?

  • Why do bedbugs live in the couch?
  • Signs of the appearance of bedbugs in the couch
  • How to get rid of bugs in the couch?
  • How to get rid of bedbugs in the couch by yourself folk remedies?

From the appearance of domestic bedbugs in their own apartment or house is not insured by anyone. Bedbugs are ugly crawling insects that easily adapt to life in virtually any room and can get into the house in a variety of ways, including "coming" on furniture purchased at the store. Bedbugs in the couch is a problem that can affect everyone, but on the path to war with insects, you need to know that there is almost no point in driving out and frightening them. The most effective and effective option - the destruction of sofa bugs and use for this you need special tools.

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Why do bedbugs live in the couch?

Bedbug "sofa" - the name is more popular than scientific. All the bugs that live in a human dwelling and feed on blood belong to the same species, and are called "bed".This is already popular rumor gave them the names "home" and "sofa."

Important! Favorite habitats of nasty insects are soft beds, sofas and armchairs. First of all, such furniture attracts bedbugs not only because of its comfort, but rather as a source of food - a sleeping person. They need to move less around the room, and therefore - to risk being noticed. In addition, between the cracks, seams, you can find an ideal shelter, where the bugs will feel confident, because they need to touch the surfaces and back and belly, that is, where closely - it is most convenient. And of course, an important factor is warmth, because the sofas and beds keep the human heat well.

The answer to the question why the bedbugs live in the couch is extremely simple and consists of the following key points:

  • Homebugs base their colonies closer to the person( to the place of his sleep).
  • In a secluded place gets a minimum of sunlight( the bugs are very afraid of the sun).
  • In sofas, armchairs, beds there are a lot of cracks, folds, seams and other places hard to reach for people.
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Signs of the appearance of bedbugs in the couch

The most important sign of the appearance of sofa bugs is bites on the body. If you relax on the couch and have a habit of sleeping on upholstered furniture, then bites will appear every night.

The next sign of bedbugs is black dots and discarded insect skins. By leaving black dots and skin of insects, you can determine the location of the lair of parasites, and in order to detect the pests themselves, their larvae and eggs, it will be necessary to disassemble furniture, including mobile mechanisms. In this case, special attention should be paid to the back of the furniture, soft cushions, joints and seams.

Important! If the sofa is infected with bed bugs for a long time, then you will feel an unpleasant sweetish smell. It is isolated bugs during the active process of life. Ambergris, which publishes insects, is quite characteristic and recognizable - it is similar to the smell of almonds or rotten raspberries.

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How to get rid of bugs in the couch?

If there are bedbugs in the couch, then most likely these parasites managed to settle in other places of the apartment, for example, in beds, bedside tables, clothes, behind the skirting boards, which means that it is most effective to conduct full treatment of the whole house,the appearance of bedbugs in the room.

Important! Of course, experts will do it best with the help of chemical agents. But it is quite possible to get rid of pests by themselves. It is necessary only to have patience and act as quickly as possible, because adult females lay to 3-5 eggs per day, which develop within a month.

Preparation of

Before proceeding with pest control:

  1. Remove all food, dishes, toothbrushes from the treatment area.
  2. Isolate pets and aquarium fish.
  3. Carry out a thorough wet cleaning at home. Pay special attention to the skirting and crevices when cleaning.
  4. Curtains, blankets, bed linens, if possible, dry-clean or, in extreme cases, wash in hot water.
  5. Wear clothes from the closet in the sun or wash in hot water.
  6. Prepare upholstered furniture for processing. Move it away from the wall and disassemble it.

Important! If a careful inspection of the shelter places of bedbugs has not revealed their presence in other places, but only in the couch, then there are not so many ways to remove insects from the sofa. Here are the main ones.

Mechanical destruction

This is an extremely inefficient, long-lasting and unpleasant process, since it is necessary to collect insects with your hands or with a vacuum cleaner. One advantage is the cheapest.

Important! To pull the insects out, you can use valerian. Treate the surface of furniture with a solution of valerian, and the bedbugs themselves "will come out to meet you."

Temperature processing

As the sofa is mobile, this is one of the best ways. Bedbugs in the couch and their eggs die at temperatures below -18 C during the day, at temperatures above 50 C die almost instantly. This method involves the following procedures:

  • In winter, a sofa can be taken out for a couple of days on the street.
  • Treat soft furniture with heat or special means.

Important! To get rid of sofa bugs, an effective way is scalding the sofa with boiling water. But after the procedure of upholstered furniture, it takes a long time to dry.

Treatment of the sofa with chemicals

There are a lot of chemicals on the market, but before you get rid of bedbugs in the couch, pre-arrange the special events described above. Carry out the processing of furniture by chemical means in accordance with the instructions.

To date, the main assets are:

  • "Dichlophos";
  • The Executioner;
  • "Carbophos";
  • "Perfos";
  • Raptor;
  • "Combat";
  • "Reid";
  • "Clean house".

Important! It is better to purchase these funds in an aerosol form. They are very convenient to use in processing, besides, aerosols do not leave stains after spraying on the surface.

In addition to aerosols, concentrated insecticides sold as liquids can also be used:

  • "Get";
  • "Foresight";
  • Carbofos;
  • "Tetriks";
  • "Effective Ultra";
  • "Extermin F".

These products have a more pronounced time effect, but they can damage the upholstery of the sofa, so you need to gently insect the insects. Check the effect of the drugs on the upholstery area that is not visible to the eye.

Important! Chemical liquids and aerosols are dangerous not only for insects, but also for human health. Therefore, all work is carried out in personal protective equipment: gloves, glasses, respirator, protective suit. If the latter is not, then a raincoat will suit.

The treatment should be carried out as follows:

  1. Remove children, pets from the apartment.
  2. Wear personal protective equipment.
  3. Disassemble the sofa with a selected chemical. Spray an aerosol or liquid solution on each of the dismantled parts at a distance of 20-30 cm from the surface. When processing beds and upholstered furniture, carefully inspect even the smallest cracks and destroy pests in the nesting areas.
  4. At the end of the disinsection procedure, ventilate the room for 5-8 hours.
  5. Assemble a sofa or other processed furniture.

Important! Some time( up to 2 weeks) can keep the smell of insecticide, after a while, the smell will erode and there will be no trace left of it.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Bugs after processing die within a few days, so we recommend that you re-process.
  • After the pest control, furniture and all surfaces in the house are treated with a solution of soda: 1 part of soda for 4 parts of water, carefully vacuum everything.
  • When choosing the most suitable means, methods for fighting insects, evaluate all the variants by several criteria:
    • Effectiveness of action.
    • Safety for residents of apartments, pets.
    • Simplicity and ease of use.
    • Method availability in the financial plan.
    • Do not harm the facility of furniture and interior items, located next.
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How to get rid of bedbugs in the couch by yourself folk remedies?

All home methods of dealing with bedbugs are conditionally divided into destroying and repelling. The fight will be more effective and useful if from the beginning completely get rid of bugs in the apartment using the chosen method, and then use scaring means to prevent the appearance of insects.

From old home remedies for the destruction of insects use: turpentine, kerosene, ammonia, vinegar.

Important! It should be remembered that such strong preparations as turpentine, methylated spirit or a mixture of these products with vinegar can forever ruin the sofa. So if insects are found in a new couch, then these funds should not be used categorically.

Destruction of bugs

Here are some recipes used to control insects:

  1. Vinegar. This means you can lubricate all affected areas of furniture. Vinegar is harmless for interior items and, thanks to a scent smell, will destroy bedbugs once and for all.
  2. A solution of kerosene, turpentine, boiling water is one of the oldest and most effective means of combating bugs. Mix 15 ml of turpentine, 20 ml of kerosene with 150 ml of water. Add 40 g of a solution of green soap, if desired. With the resulting solution, treat the furniture surface and plinth.
  3. A solution of salt, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide. Process furniture with a solution of these components. Select the ingredients in proportions, depending on the degree of infection of furniture with insects.
  4. Other recommended recipes:
    • 10g of naphthalene + 300ml of denatured alcohol.
    • 15 g camphor + 300ml turpentine + 300ml ethyl.alcohol.
    • 60g of naphthalene + 300ml of kerosene + 300ml of turpentine.
    • 6g of salicylic acid + 40g of phenol + 80ml of turpentine.


To ensure that bedbugs have never visited your home in the future, use the following:

  • Concentrated essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender. Lubricate the ethereal oil slits, the surface of doorways, through holes, which can penetrate insects. You can put napkins, moistened with oils, periodically updating them.
  • Wormwood, tansy, calamus, Ledum - an effective means for preventing the appearance of insects. It is enough to put a branch of wormwood or other herbs under the bed or sofa, so that its scent would scare off the insects. You can put fresh tufts of tansy or rosemary in the ventilation hatches and cracks between the apartments, so that the insects do not get to you from the neighbors.

Important! The most effective effect for preventing and preventing the appearance of insects will be barrier treatment of the apartment. It is produced by specialists from SES, but it can be done independently using microencapsulated preparations.

Useful advices

The use of folk methods is a rather complicated and painstaking procedure. In addition, folk remedies are ineffective if insects live in an apartment for a long time and managed to lay eggs in places inaccessible to you.

Find bugs in the couch - this is only a small part of the work. The main task is to drive them not only from furniture, but also from the whole apartment. If you do not have enough strength, time to fight insects, then there is always an excellent opportunity to contact a specialized disinfestation service. Experts use only those drugs that are safe for humans and, in addition, treatment with effective means will not require repeated procedures.

We hope that our advice and recommendations helped you to choose the most suitable way to get rid of insects, and in the future they will not bother you anymore.