How quickly to remove the wallpaper from the walls

  • Types of wallpaper
  • Reasons for removing old wallpaper from the walls:
  • How to remove old wallpaper without extra effort?- Preparing the room
  • How quickly to remove old wallpaper from the walls?- Necessary Tools
  • How to clean the wall from old paper wallpapers?
  • How to remove vinyl wallpaper from walls?
  • How to quickly remove washable wallpaper from the wall?
  • Removing glass walls
  • We remove non-woven wallpaper
  • How to remove liquid wallpaper?
  • How to take pictures?
  • How to remove old wallpaper from gypsum board without unnecessary effort?
  • Useful advices:

How quickly to remove the wallpaper from the walls? Many mistresses will say: "It's impossible, it's better not to bother yourself, and glue new ones over old ones."But this opinion is incorrect for two significant reasons:

  1. Firstly, the old wallpaper is often kept on the wall, so to speak, "on an honest word," and during the process of gluing, their final detachment can occur.
  2. Secondly, the result of this gluing can be worse than before the update: there may be blisters and wrinkles.

Therefore, before you apply a new coating on the wall, read the simple tips on how to shoot wall paper.

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Wallpaper types

To produce wallpaper started from ancient times. To date, a huge range and a wide selection of textures and colors of wallpaper allow you to diversify the interior, complement the various types of decor, make it possible to combine with different types of tiles, plasters and other finishing materials. You can paste them in several ways. The choice will depend entirely on what type of wallpaper you purchased:

  • Paper( single-layer, multi-layer, smooth or textured).
  • Non-woven.
  • Washable.
  • Vinyl.
  • Liquid wallpaper.
  • Photo Wall Mural.
  • Wall-papers.

Important! The main factor of quality gluing remains a previously prepared smooth wall. Therefore, removing old wallpaper or another cover is simply inevitable.

In addition to the main reasons already mentioned, there are other factors.

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Reasons for removing old wallpaper from walls:

  1. Uneven and rough surface may accompany the appearance of bumps and folds.
  2. Under the old coating can be the formation of fungus or other types of bacteria, from which you need to get rid of. Often they cause the appearance of an unpleasant smell in the room, cause an allergic reaction of the human body, especially in children.
  3. Defects that were on the old coating( dirty stains or streaks) can be imprinted on a new layer of wallpaper.
  4. Under the influence of glue when applied to old wallpaper, new ones can swell or completely peel off.

Important! Depending on how long repairs have not been carried out and how tightly the decor remains on the surface, you will have to apply a different amount of effort to remove the wallpaper from the walls.

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How to remove old wallpaper without too much effort?- Preparing the room

It is not always possible to remove the wallpaper with one hand movement. Sometimes this takes a lot of effort, especially if PVA glue was added to the wallpaper glue, that is, glued "for centuries".Therefore, before you begin the main process, you first need to prepare a room. To do this:

  • Free the room from carpets, curtains and curtains.
  • Furniture that can not be taken out, cover with polyethylene and move away from the wall - at least 1 meter.
  • Cover the floor with a plastic wrap. Along the edges fix it to the skirting boards with a paint tape to protect the floor from excessive dirt, old pieces of wallpaper, moisture and plaster.

Important! When wetting the polyethylene coating, it becomes slippery, so work in shoes with a non-slip sole.

  • Turn off the electricity on the switchboard. For most methods of removing paper from walls, water is used, getting it into the junction boxes will create a short circuit.
  • Pre-remove the wallpaper near the outlets. To do this, loosen the screws, remove the wallpaper and screw them back.
  • Cover the switches and sockets with adhesive tape to prevent water from entering the wiring.
  • Free the walls from paintings, lamps, shelves.

Important! Light in the room can only be turned on after the walls have dried completely.

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How quickly to remove old wallpaper from the walls?- Necessary Tools

To quickly remove the wallpaper from the walls, you can use certain tools. Some of them you will easily find at home, and some - you will have to purchase at a hardware store.

Important! What exactly you need will depend on the type of pasted wallpaper and the way you will remove them .

The complete list of accessories may include:

  • Spatula and scraper. Put the spatula in two versions: narrow and wide.
  • Needle roller or wallpaper tiger for piercing old wallpaper.

Important! Such tools are not suitable for removing wallpaper from silk screen printing. They just can not pierce them.

  • Basin and washcloth with warm water or roller and paint tray. For best results, add dish detergent to warm water.
  • Polyethylene film with a width of 50 cm to cover the floor from dirt.
  • Painting tape to fix the film on the skirting boards.
  • Professional liquid for removing wallpaper.
  • Sharp stationery knife.
  • If you have a steam generator on the farm, it will greatly facilitate the process. Step ladder or chair.

Important! When carrying out work with sharp objects, follow the safety rules.

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How to clean the wall from old paper wallpapers?

Today, in practice, most often used several methods of removing the old coating from the walls. But the most effective methods remain with the use of water and steam.

Method number 1:

  1. Dampen the surface of the walls with a lot of water. For best results, use a sponge, roller or spray. Add a little dishwashing detergent or conditioner for the laundry.

Important! Wet the surface in parts, so that it does not dry until the moment of scraping.

  1. After 5-10 minutes with a spatula or scraper, you can start scraping the wallpaper.
  2. To get them wet faster, use a roller or a wallpaper tiger. With the help of these devices, water quickly impregnates all layers of the coating.
  3. If the walls are covered with plaster, remove the remnants of wallpaper by a wide spatula at an angle to the wall surface.
  4. If the wallpaper is firmly held on the wall, you can remove the remains with a large sandpaper.

Method # 2

A special tool for removing wallpaper is much more effective than ordinary water, will cope with cleaning. You can buy it at the economic or construction shop. This product is not harmful to the body, it can be used indoors.

Important! Before use, read the instructions and determine in what proportion the product should be diluted taking into account the type of wallpaper pasted on the wall.


  1. Dilute the product according to the instructions and apply to the wall. It soothes the wallpaper and destroys the glue. Separate the
  2. with a spatula from the wall.
  3. For best results, wallpaper paste can be added to the mixture. With the resulting composition, walk on the surface and leave until completely dry.

Important! After a couple of hours, the wallpaper will easily move away from the wall of the .

Method # 3

To quickly remove old wallpaper from the walls, you will need a steam stripper. You can buy it at the building store. With the help of steam, you can easily remove heavy multi-layer wallpaper. But here follow these recommendations:

  1. When working with a steam generator, wear long sleeves. Protect your hands with special gloves.
  2. You need to remove the wallpaper from the bottom up, as the steam rises and softens the coating.
  3. Press the stripper against the wallpaper for 30 seconds, and immediately remove with a spatula. As an alternative, you can use an iron with a steam supply system.
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How to remove vinyl wallpaper from walls?

Vinyl wallpapers are in great demand. They have a durable, wear-resistant coating, are easy to glue and can be removed as easily. Vinyl film is firmly connected to the paper base, when removed, it does not tear, it is removed immediately by a whole strip.

To quickly remove wallpaper from walls on a vinyl base, you need:

  1. Before wetting the water, scratch the surface thoroughly so that the water gets under the polymer layer.
  2. Treat the walls with water.
  3. To dissolve the adhesive, leave it for a few minutes.
  4. With a sharp clerical knife under the ceiling, make an incision and pull smoothly for the wallpaper.
  5. Remove the residue with a spatula.
  6. If necessary - moisten them again.

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How to quickly remove washable wallpaper from the wall?

This kind of wallpaper is made of waterproof material and is very durable. In principle, like non-woven wallpaper. In order to remove them, the following actions will be required:

  1. Before working with water, scratch the tiger or needle roller.
  2. To the wallpaper is well behind the wall, water needs to be impregnated several times.
  3. Once they are swollen, use a spatula to remove the unnecessary wall covering.
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Removing glass walls

Few people know what glassworks are, because they appeared on the market of similar goods quite recently. They are made by a method of embossing fiberglass.

Steklooboi have similar characteristics with a vinyl coating. To quickly remove the wallpaper from the walls, in this case it is necessary to do this work:

  1. Make cuts and holes to soak the adhesive layer.
  2. With a sharp knife under the ceiling, make a horizontal incision and, moving downwards, remove the entire strip.
  3. Remove any residue from the wall with a scraper.
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We remove non-woven wallpaper

The basis of nonwoven fabric is stronger than paper, so the process of removal from the wall is easier.

Important! To further ease the task, you can remove only the top layer. Non-woven fleece, left on the wall, will be an excellent base for a new coating.

If you decide to go to the end and completely clean the wall, then do the following:

  1. Moisten the outer layer with water.
  2. Understand the wallpaper from the ceiling and gently pull down.
  3. With a spatula, remove any debris from the material.
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How to remove liquid wallpaper?

This kind of coating for walls is not particularly in demand due to its expensive cost. But the simplicity in applying and removing from the surface increases its popularity. The composition of the wallpaper includes a water-soluble adhesive, thanks to which the coating is firmly held on the wall. Therefore, it will not hurt to know how to remove this type of wallpaper:

  1. Pour warm water into the basin and use a sponge or a cloth to wet the walls several times.
  2. As soon as the wallpaper swells, remove it with a sharp spatula.
  3. The surface of the wall can be wiped with a damp cloth.
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How to take pictures?

Photo walls are removed in the usual way:

  1. Needle roller must be scratched.
  2. Dampen the wall plane with water.
  3. Use a sharp trowel to remove the wallpaper.
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How to remove old wallpaper from gypsum board without unnecessary effort?

The composition of drywall paper is included, so water should be used carefully, so as not to soak the substrate. In this case, a special tool for removing wallpaper, the main property of which is to dissolve the wallpaper glue, will come to the rescue without damaging the surface.

How to use:

  1. Before wetting the wall, make a perforation on the old coating with a wallpaper tiger, a knife or a toothed roller.
  2. Moisten the surface of the walls with water.

Important! For best results, you can add vinegar to the water.

  1. Remove the layer of wallpaper using a spatula.

Important! Use a spatula on the plane to work gently so as not to damage the surface of the GWL.

  1. Use a sponge to remove the finishing particles from the walls.
  2. Dry with a rag collect the remaining water from the surface.
  3. If the wallpaper is glued to the PVA glue, then they can be removed only by removing the top layer of cardboard. Since the basis of gypsum board is a multi-layer cardboard, it is necessary to perform such an operation carefully with the help of a paint knife.

Important! Before applying a new coating, the surface should be primed and scored.

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Useful advices:

  • If you have a special grinding machine or a drill with a brush to remove wallpaper from your hand, this will greatly simplify the process.

Important! When working with such tools in the room will be a lot of dust, pre-cover the furniture and protect the respiratory system with a respirator.

  • The surface on which the glue is left can be plastered. Primarily, the walls should be primed. Use a deep penetration primer for this.
  • Wipe off any remaining adhesive with a damp cloth. The presence of old glue on the surface of the walls will affect the quality of the new coating.
  • Before you glue the new wallpaper, make sure that the plaster does not fall behind the wall. To do this, tap all the suspicious areas. If necessary, plaster the problem areas again.
  • Start cleaning the walls from the ceiling. Remove all residual old coatings without exception.
  • Do not strongly moisten the walls, so as not to destroy the putty.
  • The walls must dry thoroughly before applying new coating.

Removing the old coating from the walls is a painstaking and time-consuming job, but in the end, for the invested effort, you will get a beautiful, updated design of the room. And the knowledge of how to shoot old wallpaper from the walls will help in the future to easily remove the most firmly adhered materials.