Electronic payment systems, rating of the most popular

Electronic money is becoming more common for Russians. Today, such currency can pay for goods and services, travel, air tickets.

Despite the apparent abundance of payment systems offering electronic payment facilities in Russia, there are five most reliable ones. They are included in today's rating of the most popular electronic payment systems .


5. PayPal

  • 4. "[email protected]"
  • 3. Visa QIWI Wallet
  • 2. Webmoney
  • 1. "Yandex. Money"
  • 5. PayPal

    This is one of the oldest electronic payment systems based in1998.Since 2002, PayPal is a division of the largest online auction eBay.

    The main advantage of PayPal is the international character of the system, it is presented in 190 countries of the world, works with 24 currencies. The system is indispensable in calculations in foreign online stores, as well as in virtual auctions. The drawback is that you need to tie a bank card to your account, although its details are not displayed when you pay.

    4. "[email protected]"

    Not the most untwisted, but well-known in Russia payment system is the brainchild of Mail.ru. Electronic money in the system is exclusively Russian rubles.

    You can add money to your wallet by bank transfer, and you can pay for goods and services in Russian online stores using Money-Mail.

    3. Visa QIWI Wallet

    You can recharge your QIWI wallet in many different ways - through special terminals and through transfers. The purse account is tied to a virtual or real Visa card.

    Access to the QIWI-wallet can be obtained through the terminal, the site of the payment system or a special application for the smartphone, as well as through SMS-commands.

    2. Webmoney

    The system is multicurrency, so you can have Webmoney-purse, for example, in dollars( WMZ) or in euro( WME).

    The disadvantage of the system is a rather complicated registration system, but it is Webmoney that provides a high level of security, practically excluding the hacking of the electronic wallet.

    1. "Yandex. Money"

    The most popular electronic payment system in Russia. The service rating is very high, but the main disadvantage of the system is its orientation towards Russian users, i.e.pay with Yandex. Money goods in foreign stores will not work, the system uses only the Russian ruble. However, Russian online stores are happy to accept this e-currency.

    In addition, the electronic wallet from Yandex is easy to manage, and it can be replenished with a simple transfer from an individual.