The most effective means of cockroaches in the apartment( Top-10)

It's hard to imagine a more disgusting uninvited guest in our apartments than a cockroach. This walking vector of diseases, such as tuberculosis, salmonellosis and diphtheria, and the particles of their skin, getting into our nose and lungs, can cause allergic reactions.

Which cockroach remedy is the most effective? Our rating of folk remedies against cockroaches will help to understand this issue.


  • 10.
  • ultrasonic repellers 9. Boron acid
  • 8. Dichlorvos
  • 7. Raptor and Reid
  • 6. Mashenka
  • 5. COMBAT
  • 4. Dohloks
  • 3. Concentrate GET
  • 2. Regent
  • 1. Paste Exil


ultrasonic scarifiers Products under the brands Tornado, Pest Reject and others are assured by the manufacturers' assurance that they are completely safe for humans, are effective and do not have any unpleasant odors. However, cockroaches with the help of ultrasound do not "talk" and the device with its low power on them is unlikely to work.

9. Boric acid

According to many reviews this is one of the most effective remedies for cockroaches at home. It is a deadly poison for cockroaches, however it is low toxic for people and animals in the house. The product does not smell and it lacks volatile solvents.

8. Dichlorvos

A classic remedy for combating cockroaches, as well as lice, bugs, moths and other domestic parasites. Refers to the substances of the third( moderately dangerous for human) toxicity class.

Disadvantages: it stinks and cockroaches quickly develop addiction to the remedy.

7. Raptor and Reid

Rapid and powerful remedies against cockroaches and other crawling pests containing insecticides cypermethrin, tetramethrin and piperonyl butoxide. Produced in the form of aerosols, traps for insects and gels.

Disadvantages: medium-toxic products for humans and animals. Traps are required to be changed regularly, as the agent dries up. Aerosol quickly evaporates, although it gives a quick result, and the gel acts reliably, but slowly.

6. Mashenka

In this chalk from cockroaches there are two insecticides: zeta-cypermethrin and deltamethrin. When they get into the body of an insect, they prevent the impulses from the nerve nodes from reaching the muscles. As a result, the cockroach paralyzes and it dies.

Why this is not the best remedy for cockroaches in the apartment: first, it is toxic to both humans and pets. Secondly, they need to circle the places where the cockroaches live. And this is tedious. It is advisable to apply Mashenka along the perimeter of the apartment, not forgetting to process the plinths and doorways.


A cockroach trap, the active ingredient of which is hydromethylnon. This substance attracts cockroaches and those, entering a trap, carry the poison to their relatives. The advantages of COMBAT are the ease of use: decomposed-pasted and forgotten. To drawbacks - the need to regularly buy all the new traps, otherwise the new portion of red Prusak will return.

4. Дохлокс

One of the most powerful tools in our top-10.Produced in the form of a gel, complete with a syringe and instruction with tips on the dose of poison per square meter. Worth Dohloks inexpensive - from 50 rubles, use it easily, for humans and animals is not a threat.

Disadvantage: cockroaches quickly get used to fipronil - the active ingredient in the gel.

3. GET Concentrate

The active concentrate component( chlorpyrifos) does not only deal with the Prusaks, but also with bugs and ants. The drug is odorless, non-toxic to the "legitimate" inhabitants of the apartment and is not visible on the surfaces where it is applied.

Cons: it's expensive - from 750 rubles.

2. Regent

It was created to combat the Colorado beetle, but it was also useful for the destruction of cockroaches. Sold in the form of ampoules or powder. Contains fipronil. Has a chain effect( the infected individuals carry the poison to their fellow humans), does not smell and after the application leaves no traces.

However, it is toxic and its effect does not last long. Children and animals are best removed for a time from the treated area.

1. Pasta Exil

From the considered means from cockroaches in the apartment the most effective is Exil paste( formerly called GLOBOL) with chlorpyrifos. It does not cause addictive habits, is safe for humans and animals, and lasts for a long time.

The minus is its price, from 280 rubles.