Top 10 best cities in Russia for the New Year

The complicated geopolitical situation and the ruble rate compel the Russian tourist to look for alternatives to the already beaten routes. Staying abroad has become dangerous. It remains to rest in native penates - the number of tours in Russia has increased by 20%.In which city to celebrate the New Year 2016, let's try to figure it out.

To help the tourist portal Oktogo has identified the ten most popular holiday destinations in the Russian Federation, where citizens are going to meet the new 2016 year. However, in the top ten there are no longer well-deserved fame places such as Suzdal, Veliky Ustyug and Krasnaya Polyana. All the places there have already been sold - they are pre-bought by travel companies. And although in Russia in winter you will not find warm seas, but frost and snow-covered firs is more than enough. And what else is required for New Year's mood?


10. Nizhny Novgorod, 2000 rubles / day

  • 9. Ekaterinburg, 2530 rubles per day
  • 8. Novgorod the Great, 3700 rubles per day
  • 7. Yaroslavl, 4000 rubles per day
  • 6. Pskov,2640 rub./day
  • 5. Kaliningrad, 3430 rub./day
  • 4. Kazan, 3700 rub./day
  • 3. Moscow, 3850 rubles / day
  • 2. Sochi, 5800 rub./day
  • 1. St. Petersburg, Petersburg, 3350 rubles per day
  • 10. Nizhny Novgorod, 2000 rubles per night

    Nizhny Novgorod is one hundred cities in the world that UNESCO recognized as having world, cultural and historical value. There are more than 600 monuments of architecture and history in the city. A cable car over the Volga is the longest in Europe.

    9. Yekaterinburg, 2530 rub./day

    The capital of the Urals offers a lot of entertainment - from hiking to the circus, the zoo and the water park before walking through the snow-covered park. Mayakovsky, where in the New Year will be given a lot of performances.

    8. Novgorod the Great, 3700 rubles / day

    The ancient father of Russian cities for many centuries has not lost its charm. And there is also a reserve of wooden architecture, an interactive exhibition "Economic Court", where visitors can learn about the life of a peasant family of the century before last, and even an ostrich farm.

    7. Yaroslavl, 4000 rub./day

    The pearl of the Golden Ring recently celebrated its millennium. In addition to exploring museums and participating in festivities, the city offers a number of opportunities for active tourism, including trekking and fishing.

    6. Pskov, 2640 rub./day

    A lot of museums and excursions will allow you to fully get to know one of the oldest and most peculiar cities in Russia. And Pskov is popular with fishermen - the Great River abounds in the most diverse fish.

    5. Kaliningrad, 3430 rub./day

    The most "European" and the best city of Russia prepared an extensive program for the New Year: the square will be presented with a theatrical performance, many cafes and restaurants will help evaluate local cuisine, and all post-holiday days in squares and parkscities will be held colorful festivals for children and adults.

    4. Kazan, 3700 rubles per night

    Tatarstan boasts its own Santa Claus, and its name is Kysh-Babai. Still it is possible to arrange a picnic in the forest, ride a sleigh, taste Tatar cuisine and visit an entertaining folklore program with oriental flavor.

    3. Moscow, 3850 rub./day

    The capital of Russia offers guests a rich entertainment program. Mass festivities, skating, New Year's performances in parks and festivals will create a worthy alternative to the traditional meeting of the coming year on Red Square under the majestic battle of the chimes. However, alcoholic beverages will have to be reserved in advance - in the center of Moscow from 7 pm to 8 am you will not be able to buy alcohol.

    2. Sochi, 5800 rub./day

    Compared with last year, vacationers in Sochi became more than 20% - the Olympics had a good impact on the tourist complex and infrastructure. Yes, and a mild climate( in winter in Sochi from +6 to +15 degrees) will allow you to rest from frosts. And in many hotels and boarding houses there are pools with sea water. A great option for a New Year's holiday 2016.

    1. St. Petersburg, 3350 rubles / day

    And here is the leader of the top ten Russian cities, where you can celebrate the New Year. A mixture of sophisticated aristocratism with a broad Russian soul produces an unforgettable effect on travelers. And the cultural program in the city is the richest - from traditional museums and exhibitions to folk festivals, skating, many fairs, and theatrical performances.