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Apple iPhone 7 Plus - the flagship model from the cult American company, which appeared on sale in late September 2016 and has three varieties, differing in the amount of internal memory.

Younger model and the most affordable model - Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32Gb. Technical characteristics: the newest operating system iOS 10( on the sixth iPhones there was an iOS 9 OS), a screen of 5.5 inches with a resolution of 1920x1080, 32 GB of internal memory and 3 GB of RAM.Like all iPhones, there is no external memory card support and there is no support for the second SIM card. Battery capacity - 2900 mAh. The talk time is 21 hours, in standby mode - 384 hours, in the listening mode - 60 hours. There is protection from water.

The average model of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128Gb has, as its name implies, 128 GB of memory with the same other characteristics.

The older model is Apple iPhone 7 Plus 256Gb( 256 GB of internal memory).

iPhone 7 Plus has a dual main camera( 2 modules of 12 mp).It sounds impressive, but it was applied last year on the smartphone Huawei Honor 6 Plus and in reality it was not so impressive, becausewhen analyzing an object with just two sensors, blurring occurs on those areas of the frame where this does not happen with standard focusing. Compared with the sixth ayfon, the aperture has been improved to f / 1.8( in the past f / 2.2), which allowed 50% more light to be transmitted;lens of six lenses;Optical Image Stabilization( OIS) for photo and video;Slo-Mo shooting in the resolution up to 1080p;a special processor for processing information from the camera( Image signal processor), which makes it 60% faster than before. Is it possible to consider the camera of the 7th iPhone as the best in the world today? Unfortunately for fans of iPhones, this is not so. The resource conducted among its readers a blind comparison of cameras( when people compare only the quality of photos and video without knowing which model they made) three flagships: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge( available in March 2016), last year's Apple iPhone 6sand Apple iPhone 7 Plus. In the end, with a huge advantage won camera Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, she won all 6 tests on the photo and one of the two on the video, slightly giving way to the 7th iPhone as a 4k video. Seventh iPhone took the second place, while losing the sixth iPhone in one photo test and in one video test. The same results were in a blind vote on the portal, where the 7th iPhone also lost to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Therefore, we have to state that today the 7th iPhone has only the third-highest quality camera in the world( if you consider that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge camera is slightly inferior to the HTC 10 camera).As for the front camera of the 7th iPhone, it has a matrix of 7 mp( for the 6th iPhone 5 mp, for the Galaxy S7 Edge is also 5 mp).

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The creators of the 7th iPhone decided to abandon their smartphones from the analog audio output to go to the fully digital standard CDLA or Continual Digital Lossless Audio. However, this is not a revolution at all;even in the spring this was used by the Chinese in the flagship LeEco Le Max 2. In practice, this means that the standard headphones for the 7th iPhone will not work: either an adapter is needed, or Apple's wireless earphones that cost a lot, namely $ 159, which according to the currentthe rate of about 10 thousand rubles.

The average price of Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32Gb is 48.5 thousand rubles, iPhone 7 Plus 128Gb - 55 thousand rubles, iPhone 7 Plus 256Gb - 59.2 thousand rubles.

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Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32Gb
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Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32Gb has scored 50% of fives for reviews in the Yandex Market, iPhone 7 Plus 128Gb - 66% of fives, iPhone 7 Plus 256Gb- 83% of fives.

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