Top 10 cities in America with the cheapest accommodation

Who did not think about moving to the US?In this article we will look at where you can buy cheap houses in America and the economic level of the proposed regions.

House prices have fallen so much that keeping your house in a big city has become not just not profitable, but even more difficult than renting it. To create a fair difference between ownership and lease, we calculated how much the maintenance costs of an apartment in America are subject to a fixed rate and a 30-year loan without down payment.


  • 1.Detroit
  • 2. Pittsburgh
  • 3. Rochester, New York
  • 4. Memphis, Tennessee
  • 5. Tampa, Florida
  • 6. Cleveland, Tennessee
  • 7. Dayton, Ohio
  • 8.Columbia, South Carolina
  • 9. Orlando, Florida
  • 10. Dallas Fort Worth, Texas


Average maintenance cost of the apartment: $ 8519

Yearly rental price: $ 9072

Detroit is the 11th largestmetropolis in 2007, with a population of about 4.5 million people, 1 million unemployed. The city was badly hit by the economic downturn, as it is highly dependent on the level of engineering development( Detroit is known as the home of the big three automakers: General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.)

2. Pittsburgh

Average maintenance cost of the apartment: $ 8947

Yearly rental price: $ 9252.

The unemployment rate in Pittsburgh is relatively low - 7% of the population as of June 2013, there are a total of 2.3 million people. Here is the headquarters of NASA.

3. Rochester, New York

Average maintenance cost of the apartment: $ 9523

Yearly rental price: $ 8448

Rochester with a population of more than 1 million people is located near Lake Ontario. This city is home to Eastman Kodak and the University of Rochester. The percentage of unemployed was 8.4% in June 2013, seasonal fluctuations were not taken into account.

4. Memphis, Tennessee

Average cost of maintaining an apartment: $ 8593

Annual rental price: $ 7524

Memphis is located on the Mississippi River. In the last few years there has been a tendency for the urban agglomeration - 1.2 million people. The city is known as the birthplace of rock and roll. Here is the apartment of the great Elvis and Graceland. This is where the offices of FedEx, AutoZone and International Paper are located. Memphis took 43rd place in the country in terms of the rate of payment of mortgage debts.

5. Tampa, Florida

Average maintenance cost of the apartment: $ 10823

Yearly rental price: $ 9444

Tampa in South Florida has been hit hard by the recession and house prices in here have been falling by 1.5% per year in 2007. The populationmore than 2.7 million people. Here is the central office of WellCare. Main activity - tourist.

6. Cleveland, Tennessee

Average maintenance cost of apartment: $ 9934

Yearly rental price: $ 8364

Cleveland is located in the southeast of Tennessee, near Chattanooga. The main employers: the Coca-Cola Bottling plant, the famous Jacuzzi and Rubbermaid plant. With a population of about 112,000 people, Cleveland is the smallest town in this ranking, where it is most advantageous to buy cheap houses in America.

7. Dayton, Ohio

Average maintenance cost of the apartment: $ 8420

Yearly rental price: $ 7056

The unemployment rate in the state according to the data in June 2013 was 12.1%.The largest employer is Wright-Patterson Air Force.

8. Colombia, South Carolina

Average maintenance cost of apartment: $ 9885

Annual rent price: $ 8016.

Colombia is the capital of the state and home to the University of South Carolina. The population is 700,000 people. Despite the fact that the university provides the inhabitants of the region with work( several branches are covered: science, production, research), the unemployment rate still exceeds 10%.

9. Orlando, Florida

Average maintenance cost of the apartment: $ 12107

Annual rental price: $ 9756.

Orlando is a city in central Florida with a population of more than 2 million people. In the economy, the main role is played by tourism activities, it is here that Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and amusement parks SeaWorld are located. The unemployment rate is 10% according to the latest data.

10. Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Average maintenance cost of the apartment: $ 11037

Annual rental price: $ 8880.

Despite the relatively high cost of apartments, American realtors claim that it is in Dallas that the lowest mortgage rates. This is due to the absence of a large employer. The unemployment rate is 8%.It is quite possible to buy cheap houses in America without even having citizenship or official work.