The best remedies for headaches from buyers' reviews

Headache can cause a lot of discomfort and knock out of the usual rhythm. To quickly get rid of the painful discomfort, modern medicine offers a wide choice of analgesics, which differ in the degree of action and indications for use. Consider what drugs for headaches are considered the best and most effective, and also how to choose the right medicine.


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Headache remedy for which company to choose

Often the medicinal name is used by several manufacturers, but not always the effect of taking the drug is the same. Some pharmaceutical companies produce more effective medicines, others less, although the active substances are the same( the cost may also vary, depending on the manufacturer).The secret lies in the observance of production technologies, the availability of clinical tests, in the quality of cleaning chemicals from impurities and other factors.

Let us consider which pharmaceutical companies are today proven suppliers of effective and safe analgesics for headache:

1. Darnitsa

2. Hemofarm

3. Sopharma

4. Bayer AG


6. GlaxoWellcome Production

7. Ternopharm

8. Pharmstandard

The best remedy for headache


This drug is one of the most common and available analgesics for headaches. Active substances: paracetamol( lowers the temperature), aspirin( reduces inflammation, pain), caffeine( improves blood vessels).It is produced in granules and tablets. Indications for use are: headache( especially often prescribed for cold and flu), toothache, muscle pain and migraine.


  • quickly relieves pain;
  • preparation is a combined preparation.has not only an analgesic effect, but also antipyretic, anti-inflammatory;
  • low cost;
  • is widely distributed, can be found in any pharmacy.


  • should not be taken if there is alcohol in the body, therefore, as a remedy for a headache with a hangover is not suitable;
  • a long list of side effects;
  • many contraindications to the use: cirrhosis, hepatitis, pregnancy, lactation, high blood pressure, violation of kidney and heart, hemophilia, etc.;
  • helps increase pressure.


The drug is intended for severe pain. The active substance is ibuprofen. Produced in the form of tablets for resorption, tablets and capsules prolonged action, suspensions, suppositories, ointments. The drug is prescribed when the pain is caused by nervous overexertion, migraine, regular medication, with cervical PDS dysfunction. Advantages:

  • wide area of ​​application: headache, pain in arthritis, rheumatism, radiculitis, etc., which makes the drug a universal analgesic;
  • can be used not only as an anesthetic drug, but also as an antipyretic and anti-inflammatory drug;
  • quickly acts - after 10 minutes after taking, the medicine reduces pain;
  • long-term effect of admission.


  • has the property of accumulating in the tissues of the joints;
  • is usually well tolerated, but in rare cases can cause side effects: gastric ulcer, pancreatitis, gastrointestinal bleeding, nausea, vomiting, etc.;
  • reception depends on food - drink the tablet before eating;
  • is not prescribed for pregnant women, nursing women and children under 6 years of age.


The drug is effective in both weak and severe headaches of various types: sinusitis, hangover, migraine, squeezing pain. The active substance is acetylsalicylic acid, which has the properties of diluting blood, eliminating inflammation, blocking the pain receptors of the brain. The reception is recommended during meals. Advantages:

  • improves blood circulation and relieves inflammation;
  • has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic effect;
  • low cost;
  • is approved as a prophylaxis against heart disease in small doses;
  • different form of release: soluble, tablets with a shell and without it.


  • is prohibited for children under 15 years of age, during pregnancy, lactation;
  • can not be taken for more than a week;
  • may cause side effects, prolonged use can lead to irritation and inflammation of the walls of the stomach.


The principle of action of active components( metamizole sodium - reducing inflammation, pituophenone hydrofloride - relieves pain, fenpiverinia bromide - relaxes muscles) is aimed at eliminating vasoconstriction and muscle relaxation. Most often it is prescribed for tensile pains and stresses caused by stress, which are characterized by cramping, pricking sensations. Form release: tablets and injections. Take it after meals.


  • quickly relieves pain;
  • wide area of ​​application: it is used for dental, joint, head, muscle pains;
  • medication has an affordable price.


  • a lot of contraindications;
  • prohibits long-term admission;
  • should not be taken if alcohol is present in the body, so it is not suitable for relieving a headache with a hangover.


It is prescribed mainly for a headache of a tensile type( coming after a physical or psychoemotional strain), which is characterized by moderate intensity, lack of pulsation, a sense of squeezing of the temples. The action of the active ingredient( drocteverin) is aimed at alleviating the spasm of smooth muscles, relaxing the muscles and eliminating pain symptoms. Form release: ampoules for injections, tablets.


  • inexpensive and effective antispasmodic;
  • dissolves rapidly and is absorbed in the stomach, therefore, after 5 minutes after the intake, there is an analgesic effect;
  • is considered a universal remedy for pain in the head, abdomen, breast and menstruation;
  • is allowed admission on all terms of pregnancy.


  • is not recommended for taking on an empty stomach;
  • contains lactose, so those with an allergy are not allowed to enter;
  • does not help with all types of cephalalgia, for example, migraine or pain caused by enlargement, narrowing of the vessels will not help.


Active substances: paracetamol( lowers the temperature), caffeine( tones, eliminates fatigue), codeine( reduces pain, has antitussive effect).Produced in the form of tablets and capsules. It is recommended to take after eating. Advantages:

  • medication is a universal analgesic, becausehas a wide range of applications: headache, toothache, neurology, colds, viral infections, migraine, pharyngitis, etc.;
  • almost completely eliminates all kinds of pain;
  • the effect of admission occurs after 5-10 minutes;
  • is admitted to children over 12 years of age.


  • in rare cases, minor adverse reactions are possible;
  • preparation must be dissolved before use;
  • has contraindications;
  • with prolonged admission, there may be a drug dependence;
  • from drinking coffee should be discarded, so as not to provoke increased excitation, sleep disturbance, arrhythmia, tachycardia;
  • increases blood pressure.


The action of the active ingredient( metamizole sodium) is aimed at blocking the transmission of painful impulses. It is used for various types of pain, mainly with headaches( caused by stress, overfatigue, pressure jumps, etc.), muscle and joints of medium intensity. Product: candles, tablets and injections.


  • as many common analgesics, reduces inflammation, temperature, pain;
  • does not lead to drug dependence;
  • is suitable for different types of pain;
  • low cost.


  • many contraindications: liver, heart, kidney, bronchial asthma, pregnancy, lactation, etc.;
  • is effective 20 minutes after administration;
  • is not suitable for all types of pain;
  • the effect of the reception lasts no more than 2 hours;
  • may cause an adverse reaction from the admission.


One of the most powerful painkillers. Active substances: analgin, codeine, amidopyrine, phenobarbital, caffeine act on the nervous system, suppressing the production of hormones of pain. Produced in the form of tablets. Advantages:

  • has antipyretic, analgesic action, removes inflammation;
  • is used for any kind of pain;
  • quick reception effect;
  • promotes the expansion of blood vessels( thanks to the content of caffeine) and, as a result, increased efficiency.


  • has contraindications for use;
  • , adverse reactions are possible;
  • may become drug dependent, so long-term admission is prohibited;
  • at reception it is not recommended to drink coffee.


This is a combination drug with 2 main active substances: analgin, tempidone. It is used in the following types of pain: muscular, intestinal and renal colic, moderate to severe neuritis, dental, headache. Produced in the form of tablets. Take it after eating.


  • wide range of applications;
  • is rapidly absorbed from the digestive tract and acts after 10-15 minutes;
  • has a long analgesic, antipyretic, calming effects - duration of action up to 4.5 hours;
  • eliminates virtually all types of cephalalgia.


  • has contraindications;
  • is prohibited if there is alcohol in the body;
  • after taking it is not recommended to engage in activities requiring attention and concentration, becausethe drug has a sedative effect;
  • long-term use is recommended to combine with antacids;
  • may cause side effects.

Which headache remedy to buy

In order to choose the right medicine for a headache, it is necessary to consider the following factors:

  • Cause of headache. Nervous overexertion, physical trauma of the head, pathology of any part of the head( ears, eyes, etc.), cerebrovascular diseases, long-term medication, cold, weather, work, hangovers, intracranial pathologies can cause headaches. That after the end of the action of the pain syndrome again did not appear, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of its appearance.
  • Nature of pain( blunt, acute, pulsating, squeezing, persistent or pulsating) and localization( frontal part, temporal, occipital).
  • The presence of other symptoms( dizziness, phobia, nausea, etc.).

1. It is important to determine what caused the headache. If a person has a migraine or a pain of tension, which is characterized by a certain localization( forehead, one side of the head, whiskey), it is better to choose preparations containing ibuprofen or medications that provide analgesic and sedative action.

2. If the cause of cephalalgia is the widening or narrowing of the vessels, it is better to choose drugs with the content of analgin, paracetamol, caffeine( if the pressure is not increased), acetylsalicylic acid.

3. With elevated blood pressure, Citramone will help.

4. During pregnancy and lactation, preparations based on paracetamol, but-spa are recommended.