The best remedies for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are diseases of the rectum vessels. The disease is often found in pregnant women, people with a sedentary lifestyle, having sedentary or, conversely, heavy physical work. Increased pressure in the abdominal cavity leads to disruption of outflow and blood flow in the anorectal area. Stagnant processes provoke overflow and expansion of the venous walls, and as a consequence, the development of hemorrhoids. This pathology is chronic and if one day you heard this diagnosis, then sooner or later the disease recurs. In such cases, it is better to prevent the disease than to treat it. In this article, you will find out which drugs are used for treatment, and which ones for the prevention of hemorrhoids, and advice on the choice of medication will help you get the right drug.

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The remedy for hemorrhoids of which firm to choose

  • The best remedies for hemorrhoids
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    The best remedies for hemorrhoids

    Heparin ointment

    The drug is an anticoagulant. It is recommended to use for uncomplicated hemorrhoids. The active ingredient, heparin, inhibits blood coagulability and prevents thrombogenesis. Indications: external use for the treatment of thrombosis of hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, superficial polyfrebit, thrombophlebitis of extremities, ulcers of extremities, injuries and bruises. Apply every day until the symptoms disappear.


    • affordable price;
    • prevents the formation of blood clots;
    • eliminates swelling;
    • has a local anesthetic effect;
    • relieves inflammation;
    • restores connective tissue.


    • low absorption level;Do not use
    • in children, during pregnancy, during lactation;
    • after application, there may be a slight itch and redness of the skin;
    • contraindications: decreased blood clotting, ulcerative-necrotic tissue processes, hypersensitivity.

    Relief Advance

    The drug refers to anesthetics. It is recommended to use in severe pain syndrome. The active ingredient, benzocaine, has a place for the nasal action, and the auxiliary components relieve inflammation. Indication: internal, external hemorrhoids, cracks, anesthesia before diagnosis, erosion, burning, itching in the anorectal area, the period after the proctologic surgeries. Dosage form: candles, ointment. Apply up to 4 times a day after bowel movement and hygienic procedures until the symptoms disappear. Advantages:

    • activates the protective functions of the body;
    • has an antimicrobial effect and prevents the development of infection;
    • promotes the healing of damaged tissues;
    • relieves itching;
    • softens the mucosa;
    • Phenylephrine narrows the vessels, thereby reducing edema;
    • is allowed to be used during pregnancy, lactation, during adolescence.


    • high price;
    • side effect: rarely allergic reactions, contact dermatitis, methemoglobinemia;
    • contraindications: granulocytopenia, thromboembolic disease, hypersensitivity.


    The drug refers to angioprotectors, anesthetics, microcirculatory correctors. It is recommended to use when bleeding occurs. Active components: tribenozide, lidocaine - have venotonic, hemostatic, vasoconstrictive actions. Due to its combined composition, the drug acts on the cause of hemorrhoids and has a powerful curative effect. Indications: local treatment of hemorrhoids( internal, combined and external), cracks. Apply twice a day until the symptoms disappear. Dosage form: candles, ointment.


    • removes swelling and inflammation;
    • improves blood microcirculation, well-being;
    • quickly relieves pain;
    • restores the tone and elasticity of the venous plexus;
    • reduces capillary permeability;
    • reduces discomfort;
    • convenient release forms allow you to choose the appropriate treatment option, corresponding to the individual characteristics of the disease.


    • side effects: anaphylactic reactions from the immune system, allergies, increased peristalsis;
    • contraindications: individual intolerance of the active components of Procto-Glyvenol, liver failure, pregnancy.


    Refers to the drugs of the levomycin group. It is recommended to use when attaching an inflammatory process( pus, dead tissue) to the skin of the anorectal area. Active components: chloramphenicol( antibiotic) - have an antibacterial effect by inhibiting the synthesis of protein in the cell of the microorganism, methyluracil has an immunostimulating effect. Indication: boils, burns 2, 3 degrees, purulent wounds, trophic ulcers, the period after the operation to remove hemorrhoids, wetting hemorrhoids. Apply externally for 4 days. Dosage form: ointment. Advantages:

    • positively influences the regeneration of tissues in wounds;
    • is effective against anaerobic and aerobic positive bacteria;
    • is a powerful anti-inflammatory action;
    • removes puffiness, painful sensations;
    • is effective not only at the initial stage of the disease, but also in the event of complications;
    • quickly penetrates into the tissues;
    • has no negative effect on cell membranes;
    • accelerates the healing process.


    • is not recommended for long-term use;
    • is not allowed for use in children younger than 3 years;
    • Adverse events: allergy;
    • contraindications: hypersensitivity.


    Refers to angioprotectants. It is recommended to use for severe pain, swelling. The active substance, troxerutin, has antioxidant, cytoprotective effects. Indications: venous insufficiency, pain and swelling with varicose veins, complex treatment of hemorrhoids, thrombophlebitis, phlebitis, etc. It is recommended to apply twice a day for 2 weeks. Dosage form: capsules, gel.


    • reduces the permeability of capillaries;
    • prevents damage to cell membranes;
    • increases the tone of veins;
    • increases the outflow of blood from hemorrhoids, which contributes to their resorption;
    • reduces the risk of thrombosis, trophic ulcers;
    • fights stagnant phenomena;
    • protects cells from damage by various agents;
    • quickly removes inflammation, itching and burning in the anal area;
    • is allowed in children.


    • is not suitable for the treatment of eczematous areas, in the presence of wounds;
    • contraindications: hypersensitivity;
    • rarely after application, the following adverse reactions may appear: allergy, angioedema.


    Refers to hemostatic drugs. Recommended for use in bleeding. The drug is an analogue of water-soluble vitamin K. When there is a shortage of this vitamin in the body, there is increased bleeding, the medicine replenishes this deficiency and exerts a haemostatic effect. Indications: hemorrhagic disease, bleeding with ulcers of the duodenum, stomach, parenchematous and capillary bleeding, etc. Dosage form: solution for injection, tablets. Advantages:

    • is allowed during pregnancy, lactation;
    • is quickly and easily absorbed;
    • low price;
    • supports hemostasis;
    • normalizes blood coagulability;
    • inhibits the formation of thrombi;
    • is suitable for bleeding of various origins.


    • contraindications: impaired vitamin K digestion, liver disease, increased blood clotting, thromboembolism;
    • side effect: hemolytic anemia, allergies, dizziness, jaundice, changes in taste;
    • is prescription-dispensed;
    • has the property of accumulating in tissues( spleen, liver, myocardium).


    Refers to dietary supplements. Apply with light forms of hemorrhoids. Due to its natural composition, the drug has a mild venotonic effect, relieves inflammation and prevents the formation of hemorrhoids. Indications: prophylaxis against hemorrhoids, treatment of mild forms of the disease, cracks, itching and inflammation in the anorectal area. Apply three times a day for 3 weeks. Dosage form: capsules and cream.


    • prevents the expansion of the walls of the hemorrhoidal veins, strengthens them;
    • regulates the work of the intestines, relieves constipation, flatulence;
    • stops itching and inflammation;
    • helps to prevent exacerbation of hemorrhoids, rapid healing of cracks in the anus;
    • reduces pain;
    • cleanses the intestines;
    • prevents bleeding;
    • has immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, healing effects;
    • has an antioxidant effect;
    • restores the mucosa.


    • contraindications: pregnancy, lactation, diarrhea, hypersensitivity;
    • is not suitable for the treatment of acute forms of the disease.

    Hepatrombin G

    The drug is one of the best among the drugs for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Has a combined composition. Active components( heparin, prednisolone, polidocanol) improve blood microcirculation, which leads to a decrease and resorption of hemorrhoids. Medication is often used in proctology( the period after and before the operation).Indications: all kinds of hemorrhoids, burning, eczema, itching, cracks in the perianal area. Apply up to 3 times a day until the symptoms disappear. Dosage form: candles, ointment.


    • eliminates painful symptoms and inflammation;
    • prevents the formation of blood clots;
    • is rapidly absorbed;
    • reduces swelling and inflammation;
    • improves blood circulation;
    • is well tolerated;
    • accelerates the regeneration and healing of tissues;
    • low price.


    • in case of overdose, a mucous membrane of the intestinal mucosa may appear;
    • may cause unwanted reactions in the form of redness or allergies;
    • contraindications: pregnancy, oncology, syphilis, tuberculosis, severe bleeding, skin lesions of the anorectal region by fungi or bacteria.

    Which hemorrhoids remedy to buy

    1. If hemorrhoids are uncomplicated and accompanied by slight discomfort, it is better to buy heparin ointment. It helps reduce clotting and blood clots.

    2. If hemorrhoids are accompanied by troubling itching, burning and pain, then it is necessary to choose the preparation of anesthetic group - Relief Advance.

    3. Procto-gliwenol and Vikasol will quickly relieve bleeding and painful sensations in hemorrhoids.

    4. If the disease is complicated by infection or purulent inflammation, Levomekol should be used.

    5. A drug that improves venous blood flow, strengthens blood vessels, relieves inflammation and eliminates hemorrhages - Troxevasin.

    6. An excellent remedy for the prevention and treatment of mild hemorrhoids is Protonis. This supplement is especially relevant for those who have a sedentary lifestyle, has bad habits, sedentary work, and other factors predisposing to hemorrhoids.

    7. The drug, which is suitable for all types of hemorrhoids - Gepatrombin G. The drug effectively removes inflammation and promotes resorption of hemorrhoids.