How to choose a hair curler

Every woman wants to look beautiful and irresistible. Great importance in the formation of a charming image has a hairstyle. To make your hair look beautiful, you do not have to paint it or make a new haircut. For example, using a curling iron, you can change your image every day.

In this article we will tell you how to choose a hair curler, with which you can create the desired image and at the same time, do not harm your hair. Before buying a hair curry, you need to pay attention to:

  • The material from which the work surface is made
  • Technical data
  • Nozzles that come with

Which planer is better: metal or ceramic

The first thing you need to decide when choosing a hair curtain is the materialfrom which its working surface is made. The working surface in such devices is most often:

  • Metal
  • Ceramic

Products with a working surface made of metal, although it will cost less, but it will bring you many different problems. Working surface made of metal, heated unevenly. When you use it, you risk burning your hair and doing it harm.

Ceramic products are heated evenly, do not damage the hair and perfectly support the thermal regime. Moreover, ceramics are characterized by a smoother structure and perfectly creates a radical volume of hair.

Many manufacturers, in order to improve the practicality of their products, make ceramic hair curlers with special spraying. Spraying in ceramic plaits is:

  • Teflon( provides better gliding)
  • Tourmaline( used for ionizing hair, your strands will be healthy and docile and will not be electrified, and ionization ensures healthy shine of hair and protects them from burns)
  • Silver( creates antibacterial effect)

Spraying in a curling iron provides the same effect as spraying the work surface in hair iron

What should be the power and temperature mode

?emey its heating. In such devices the power varies within the limits of 25-50 W.Professional products have great power. However, to attach great importance to this parameter is not worth it. After all, it usually heats up during the 1st minute.

But the temperature range is worth giving. It is best to choose a hair curler, in which it is possible to adjust the temperature. If this is not possible, then the working surface of the device can warm up very much, and you risk damaging your hair.

The temperature range in such devices ranges from 100 to 200 degrees. In order to create the simplest large curls, there will be enough temperature of 100 degrees. If you need to create small dense tresses, then you should consider purchasing a device with a higher maximum temperature of heating.

It will be very convenient if you have an on / off indicator and a display for setting the necessary temperature in your favorite hair curtain.

What are the nozzles

When choosing a hair curler for hair, pay attention to the nozzles that come with the kit. It is thanks to the nozzles, you can create curls of different shapes and sizes. Most commonly, the following nozzles are used in hair curlers:

  • Round
  • Conical or spiral
  • Nozzles-brushes
  • Corrugated
  • Nozzles-ironing

Round nozzles are considered to be the simplest and are designed to create smooth curls. Such attachments may vary depending on the size. The larger the diameter of the round nozzle, the larger will be the curls. If you need to make elastic soft spirals of hair, of various sizes, then you will definitely need a nozzle conical or spiral shape.

Excellent brushing and combing hair comb brush. Still such a nozzle gives the hairdresses volume and splendor. It is inconvenient to use this accessory for long hair. Since they can get entangled in the bristles when curled.

When using corrugated baits, you can create waves from straight hair. With the help of some corrugated baits, you can create different figures on your hair. Of course, this is not for everyone, but I think that lovers will experiment with their hair, this possibility will be interesting.

If you have an ironing attachment, you can use a curling iron for straightening your hair. Those.such a nozzle makes it possible to use a curling iron as for curling hair so that they straighten. It turns out, one device can perform the functions of two( curling iron and ironing for the hair).

You should also know that hair curlers come with and without clip. Plait with a clasp is a classic. From the name it becomes clear that in such a product there is a hair clip. wind a strand of hair on the nozzle, tighten them and hold for some time.

But there are no clips with conical nozzles. Here you have to fix your hair with your hands. For this, special thermal protective gloves are available. Such products are becoming increasingly popular. After all, they allow you to create very beautiful and natural curls. In the case of using a device with a clip, the curls turn out to be beautiful, but look a little artificially.

What else you need to consider before buying

Before buying a hair curry, take the model you like in your hands. The handle should not give you any discomfort. If possible, try the device right in the store.

Check how quickly it heats up and how it works. Before buying, also pay attention to the length of the bracelet cord. It is best if it is not shorter than 3 meters.

If the product you like works on batteries, then you can work on your hair, regardless of the location of the nearest outlet. However, it should be remembered that the batteries eventually settle down, and they will have to be constantly changed.

When choosing a hair curler, pay attention to its various functions and additions. For every additional opportunity will have to pay more. So think about whether you need some functions. Maybe some of them you will never use.