Top 10 attractions for budget travelers

A trip to another country can deal a significant blow to the traveler's wallet. Fortunately, the world is large enough and diverse to give every person a chance to relax and have fun "cheap and angry".

Publishing house Lonely Planet, which publishes guidebooks for the poor people, has presented ten excellent entertainment for economical tourists .


  • 10. Ryokan( hotels) in Japan
  • 9. Private sauna in Sweden
  • 8. Low safari season in East Africa
  • 7. Budget SPA in Morocco
  • 6. VIP access in Las Vegas
  • 5.Personal cocktail in London
  • 4. Cheap dishes from the Hong Kong restaurant marked with Michelin stars
  • 3. Dream in the German ancient castle
  • 2. Creation of its own fragrance in Grasse
  • 1. Thermal baths in Nautolswijk

10. Ryokan( hotels) in Japan

Ryokan- these are traditional Japanese hotels,s can be for Eastern "appearance" and is characterized by a curved roof. The room in such a hotel in Hiroshima can cost only $ 80 per night, while the service is not inferior to five-star hotels. The interior of the rooms is decorated in a national style, so there are no beds in the rooms, and there are rice mats on the floor. I'll have to sleep on special mattresses laid out on the floor. Baths are also not there, instead of it a common bath - ofuro with a separate entrance for men and women. Rarely, but there are ryokany with European style of rooms.

9. Private sauna in Sweden

With due diligence, thrifty tourists can find the "average hand" number with a personal sauna, the cost of which is 480 dollars a week.

8. Low Safari Season in East Africa

Traveling to this region in low season( March to June and October to December) is cheaper than in the peak period.

7. Budget SPA-salon in Morocco

Only for 40 Moroccan dirhams( 5 dollars) tourists can pamper the body exhausted by flight in the hammam at the hotel, which at the same time is also a local SPA-salon. No visit to SPA will do without an excellent massage with argan oil, which softens and moisturizes the skin.

6. VIP access in Las Vegas

Guests of the "city of sins" who register on the Free Vegas Club Passes receive privileges in various day, night and strip clubs and bars, including free admission or free drinks for women.

5. Personal cocktail in London

In the institution B.Y.O.C( Bring Your Own Cocktail, "bring your own cocktail") customers can bring a bottle of their favorite liquor, and the bartender will make a cocktail from it in accordance with the tastes of the customer. You can order cocktails in 2 hours. There is such alcoholic entertainment 27 dollars.

4. Cheap dishes from a Hong Kong restaurant marked with Michelin stars

Authors of the low-cost tourist attractions did not specify the price of dinner at the restaurant Tim Ho Wan, but said that in this institution you can enjoy excellent and inexpensive roast pies of fried turnips, pork rollsand rolls of vermicelli with minced meat from the pork liver.

3. Dream in the German ancient castle

For $ 24 per night, the tourist will get an excellent opportunity to live in the castle of Stahlek, which is in the city of Bakhar. The castle was built in the 12th century and was the residence of the Palatinate of the Rhine and archbishops of Cologne. It was destroyed and erected from the ruins again in the early 20th century in accordance with the drawings of the 17th century. Today, the hostel is located in Stahlek. Connoisseurs of old architecture should take a stroll through the historic center of Bakharach, there are some excellent houses with half-timbered construction.

2. Creation of own aroma in Grasse

French city and commune Grasse is advertised as the perfume capital of the world. This place offers a variety of olfactory attractions and entertainment for tourists. You can buy a quality perfume from the manufacturer or create it yourself, by visiting a workshop on making perfume. The price of participation in the seminar is $ 50.

1. Thermal baths in Nautolsvik

Geothermal beach, located in Iceland, next to Reykjavik, boasts a swimming pool with boiling sea water and hot tubs. In the summer the entry is free, and in winter the entry fee is only 500 kroons( $ 4).Due to such a low price, the geothermal beach is an excellent entertainment for thrifty tourists.