The most prestigious occupations of 2015 in Russia

The research center of the international HR portal HeadHunter conducted a study on the topic " What professions do you consider to be the most prestigious? . "The poll involved 1,581 respondents from different regions of the country. The results of the survey turned out to be predictable to some extent: leading professions that are associated with stability, high incomes, confidence in the future, and with the possibility of career growth and the overall demand in the market.

We present to you top-10 most prestigious professions of 2015 .


  • 10. Economists and financiers
  • 9. Bankers
  • 8. Engineers( different industries)
  • 7. Creative professions( designers, artists, artists)
  • 6. Pilots and astronauts
  • 5. Doctors
  • 4. Lawyers, lawyers
  • 3. Top managers
  • 2. Entrepreneurs, businessmen
  • 1. Programmers and IT specialists

10. Economists and financiers

Professions associated with money are always traditionally respected. Economists and financiers were no exception. The average salary of an economist in Russia is 30,000 rubles. Most people in this profession are in demand in three areas: Sverdlovsk, Moscow, and Leningrad.

9. Bankers

Bankers are quoted higher than economists. The average salary of a banker in Russia is 45,000 rubles. Large money centers - Moscow, Leningrad and Sverdlovsk regions - are the most profitable in terms of job search for people of this profession.

8. Engineers( different industries)

Higher technical education has traditionally been highly valued in the CIS countries since Soviet times. From a material point of view, the average salary of an engineer varies from 30 to 40 thousand rubles. Most of all, the Republic of Ingushetia respects the engineers - there the average salary of an engineer is 75333 rubles. According to the portal, in the future, the prestige and relevance of this profession will only increase, especially people with technical and economic education, plus the knowledge of any European language.

7. Creative professions( designers, artists, artists)

These professions are "newcomers" in the ranking of the most respected professions. Most of all designers are popular in the Magadan region - there the average salary is 52500 rubles;The Moscow region takes the second place.

6. Pilots and astronauts

These heroic professions are covered with a halo of romance and traditionally enjoy high respect among the population. And in the material respect they look good - the average salary varies from 100 to 120 thousand rubles. The pilots are most valued in the Krasnodar Territory, followed by the Republic of Tatarstan and the Amur Region.

5. Doctors

The average salary of a GP is about 38 thousand rubles. The most highly paid doctors live in the Kamchatka Territory, where their average salary is 75 thousand rubles. On the second place is the republic of Kalmykia, and on the third - the Leningrad region.

4. Lawyers, lawyers

The most highly paid lawyers are specialists in civil law - their salary is on average 110 thousand rubles.

3. Top managers

The average salary of a top manager is 50 thousand rubles. It is predictable that they are most in demand in the Moscow, Leningrad and Sverdlovsk regions, but they pay them most in the Saratov region, where the average salary of the top manager is 185 thousand rubles. The next place is Samara and Rostov regions.

2. Entrepreneurs, businessmen

It is difficult to determine the average level of the salary of entrepreneurs. The reason lies in the specifics of doing business in Russian, when most of the income is in the shade.

1. Programmers and IT-specialists

Three out of five respondents consider this profession to be the most prestigious - perhaps because it represents a middle ground between opportunities, needs and costs. The average salary of a Russian programmer is about 38 thousand rubles, while programmers who can work with Navision / Axapta earn about 92 - 80 thousand rubles. Most of all programmers appreciate in the Moscow region. This profession has a high demand, which is not surprising, given how rapidly IT-sphere develops in Russia and in the world.

It is assumed that for at least several decades, specialists in creating, debugging and maintaining the functionality of software will be among the most necessary and highly paid.