Rating of the best radar detectors for 2017( on reviews)

9 place.

Stinger Car Z5

The average price is 4 300 rubles. This radar detector received 83% of fives on reviews in the Yandex-Market. It operates in all common ranges: K, Ka, X and laser radiation( 360 °), and is also able to interact with radars operating in pulse modes: Ultra-K, Ultra-Ka, Ultra-X, Instant-On. The receiver is superheterodyne. The sensitivity is adjusted by searching the urban, route and automatic modes, in addition, it is possible to disable individual bands. Supports the reception of radiation from the Strelka complexes. Has protection from the definition of special equipment - VG-2.


* Advance definition of "Arrow";

* Notices complexes that "shoot" in the back;

* Interesting design.


* There is no power button on the plug to the cigarette lighter;

* Can not be attached to the glass.

8 place.

Artway RD-516

The average price is 2 070 rubles.86% of those who left feedback about the device rated "5".Supports ranges: K, Ka, X, as well as pulse modes Ultra-K, Ultra-X, POP and laser in a circle. In the presence of superheterodyne as a signal receiver with digital signal processing. There are two main modes: "City" and "Route".In this case, the first is divided into 3 additional sublevels. It has a car speed indicator, a memory of settings and a voice announcement function.


* Advance warning of radar;

* Support for the Strelka complex;

* Stylish design.


* Frequent false positives;

* Non-disable voice self-test when the device starts up.

7 place.

Neoline X-COP 5700

The average price is 9 790 rubles. This model was received by 86% of fives according to reviews in the Yandex-Market. Can fix the radiation of the ranges K, Ka, X, laser( 180º), detect the radar complex "Arrow".Supports Ultra-K, Ultra-X standards. There are modes "City", "Route" and "Auto".Disabling of individual ranges is allowed. It is equipped with a GPS-module with regularly updated databases. There is a sensor sensor for changing the parameters of the audio notification, as well as an intelligent system X-COP, which regulates the settings of the device depending on the speed of the machine.


* Convenient mute sound;

* Fast communication with satellites;

* Remote triggering;

* Compact housing.


* Instead of a standard micro-USB connector, mini-USB is offered, the inability to charge through it;

* Blinds the beveled screen.

6 place.

Street Storm STR-8040EX GL

The average price is 9 490 rubles. This radar detector received 88% of fives on reviews in the Yandex-Market. It works in the following ranges: K, Ka, laser radiation( 360 °), including for pulsed action of radars - Ultra-K, Ultra-Ka, Ultra-X, POP, F-POP, Instant-On. It supports recognition of the Strelka complex. The signal amplifier is a superheterodyne. It can suppress interference through DSP and VCO technologies.4 basic levels of sensitivity - 3 urban and 1 route. It is also possible to disable individual ranges. In addition to the radiation receiver, ambushes are determined based on verification of coordinates from GPS and GLONASS satellite systems. To further cut off the sources of false positives, it is suggested that they be memorized on the device.


* Good sensitivity, defines the "Arrow" radar at a distance of 1.0 - 1.5 kilometers;

* Large designations on the display, convenient control buttons;

* There is a built-in compass;

* Pleasant sound notification;

* Dual channel with satellite.


* There may be difficulties in mastering;

* The screen shines in the sun.

5 place.


The average price is 3 990 rubles. The device received 89% of fives according to reviews in the Yandex-Market. Works in the ranges: K, Ka, X, as well as laser radiation and the "Arrow" radar. Supports the fixation of the pulse mode of the action of the Instant-On control systems. It is possible to optimize for the conditions of the city and the country road. Equipped with functions for brightness and voice warning.


* Determination of the maximum number of photographic fixation points;

* Compact, rugged case;

* Long power cable.


* False positives are possible.

4 place.

Sho-Me G-700STR

The average price is 4 960 rubles. This radar detector received 90% of fives on reviews in the Yandex-Market. Supports ranges: K, Ka, Ku, X, laser radiation from either side of the car, as well as the Strelka complex and short-pulse Ultra-K and POP standards. Capture of the signal is carried out through the receiver - superheterodyne and by comparing the coordinates coming from the GPS with the loadedto the device by the base. There is a protection against the detection of direction finders - VG-2, brightness control, voice notification and sensitivity levels: "City", "Route" and "Auto".


* Timely informing about ambushes;

* Compact housing;

* Easy database update;

* Flexible configuration.


* False positives are possible.

3 place.

Street Storm STR-5210EX

The average price is 3 290 rubles. This model received 95% of fives on reviews in the Yandex-Market. The work is guaranteed in the K, Ka and X bands, and also fixation "around the circle" of laser radars and "Arrows" is also available. The signal receiver is a superheterodyne, in addition, information about the fixing points of the speed can come from the GPS module, which you will have to buy separately. Has 4 city sensitivity levels and 1 route with the ability to disable individual ranges. It has memory settings, brightness control and voice notification.


* Pelenguet overwhelming majority of radars both in the capital and in the regions;

* Stable operation;

* Regular updating of databases;

* Noticeable light and sound indication.


* Possible false positives;

* Slim power connector;

* No built-in GPS receiver.

2 place.

Whistler Pro-80ST RU

The average price is 17,780 rubles. This radar detector received 97% of fives on reviews in the Yandex-Market. The signal receiver - superheterodyne - processes the radiation of the ranges: K, Ka, X, as well as a laser( 360 °) and radar type "Arrow".At the same time, it copes with complexes operating in pulse modes: Ultra-K, Ultra-Ka and POP.The sensitivity is adjusted in accordance with the conditions of the city and the route, it is possible to disable the reception of signals in separate bands.


* Advance warning of ambushes;

* Clear screen;

* Quality assembly;

* Intuitive interface and configuration;

* Spectacular design.


* Not detected.

1 place.

Street Storm STR-9550BT

The average price is 16,790 rubles. This radar detector received the best reviews in the Yandex Market - 100% of fives. It operates in the following ranges: K, Ka, X, with laser radiation and the action of the Strelka complex, as well as in the pulse modes of the radar operation: Ultra-K, Ultra-Ka, Ultra-X, POP, F-POP, Instant-On. Radio channel - superheterodyne with digital signal processing. Has DSP and VCO interference filters. Has a four-level sensitivity setting in the city, as well as a single-level sensitivity on the track. It is possible to disable specific ranges individually. Compares the coordinates of the car in accordance with the satellite data with an integrated radar base. Updating the software is via USB or Bluetooth-channel. In addition, available: compass, car speed indicator.


* Previously ambush detection;

* The minimum number of false positives;

* Ability to update via Bluetooth;

* Intelligent voice notification;

* Over speed limit;

* Presentable appearance.


* Not detected.

A radar detector is a device installed in a car and detecting radar exposure to a police radar( speed detector).It is necessary to distinguish radar detectors and antiradars. The first device is passive, becauseonly detects radar signals, warning the driver. Anti-radar is an active device that is designed to generate powerful interference to radars or to modulate a false response signal.

In this article we will talk about radar detectors.

There are 4 main ranges with which radar detectors work:

* X-10500 - 10550 MHz, its support is currently useless because of the lack of corresponding photo-fixation complexes on the roads;

* K - 24050 - 24250 MHz, the most common range, is used in domestic and foreign radars;

* Ka - 34300 - 34940 MHz, a promising and evolving range, characterized by a minimum amount of interference and, accordingly, the ability to determine the speed of a moving object most accurately;

* Laser - the use of instruments with laser speed detection is limited by weather conditions and high cost of the complexes.

Radars can work in several modes, if earlier due to the development of technologies only the constant activity of the systems was available, now to reduce the visibility, short-pulse regimes are increasingly being used. On their support, the presence of Ultra-K, Ultra-Ka, Ultra-X, POP, F-POP, Instant-On devices on the label devices.

When buying a radar detector into the car, we recommend you pay attention to:

* Readability of symbols on the screen and the case, the arrangement of the buttons, the ease of setting-in case of dense traffic, there will be no time to peer at the display;

* Compact, multiple mounting methods, long power cable - the device should not close the view, cling to the controls of the car;

* The ability to determine K, Ka, laser signals( 360º) and radiation from Strelka complexes - this kit will allow you to be aware of the absolute majority of ambushes on Russian roads;

* Built-in or remote GPS-module - used to detect the masked radar, as well as systems with weak or missing radiation;

* Sound notification - will help out in an unfamiliar terrain, when all attention is riveted to the road.

Next - the top 10 best radar detectors at the beginning of 2017.The rating is made according to technical characteristics, price-performance ratio and reviews in the Yandex-Market.

10 place.

Sho-Me G-900STR

The average price is 6 240 rubles. This radar detector received 76% of fives on reviews in the Yandex-Market. He notices the signals of radars operating in K, Ka, Ku and X ranges, including the modern Russian complex "Strelka".Also in the circular view mode, it recognizes laser radiation. Supports Ultra-K and POP.The definition of ambushes is made by means of direct or reflected waves from the road objects, reinforced by superheterodyne. In addition, there is a built-in database that works in conjunction with a GPS receiver and is updated at regular intervals once a week. Protected against interference. There are 4 modes of operation: two urban, route, and automatic. Mode "city 2" cuts off unnecessary sources, continuing to work with the "Strelka" radar and laser fotofixers. The case is decorated in a classic style, fastened to the panel or windshield with Velcro or suction cup respectively.


* Sends a signal 1-2 km before the radar on the highway and 500 m in the city;

* The main functions are set by the remote control;

* Quick start;

* Shows the average speed;

* Updating of bases from a flash card;

* Quality assembly.


* Loss of GPS signal in some parts of the country;

* There are gaps in satellite databases.