Top 10 ways to sleep fast

At least once in a lifetime each of us painfully wondered "How fast to fall asleep?".If you doze very much, but can not, the main thing - do not be nervous. After all, this leaves the dream even faster.

But there are simple tricks to overcome insomnia in a matter of minutes. It is about them that will be discussed in our Top 10 ways to quickly fall asleep .


  • 10. Take a walk before going to sleep
  • 9. Open the
  • window 8. Do not overeat before going to bed
  • 7. Do not fast before going to sleep
  • 6. Take sex
  • 5. Take a warm bath
  • 4. Drink dill tea or warm milk
  • 3Change
  • bedding 2. Read
  • 1. "Release" your thoughts

10. Take a walk before going to sleep

Half an hour in a quiet garden or park works wonders - the nerves calm down, the head clears up and the body prepares for rest. The main thing is to concentrate on rest, nature, rest, so that during the walk you can relax as much as possible before going to bed.

9. Open the

window It's very difficult to fall asleep in a stuffy state. Therefore, fresh air sometimes helps to overcome insomnia. The best plastic windows equipped with an air valve here will come in handy. Doctors recommend sleeping at a temperature of 18-20 degrees. Those who are afraid to freeze are shown a warm cozy pajamas.

8. Do not overeat before going to bed

And it's not a threat to the figure at all. Heaviness in the stomach does not promote rapid falling asleep. In addition, overeating often leads to nightmares, as the body experiences stress.

7. Do not fast before going to sleep

It's very difficult to fall asleep on an empty stomach. Even if you need a strict diet, you can drink a glass of kefir or a herbal tea with chamomile and valerian before bedtime for better sleep.

6. Engage in sex

A fast and reliable way guarantees distraction from all worries and a restful sleep in the arms of a loved one. Just do not get involved in experiments and complex acrobatic postures - they should be put off in case you can not fall asleep until the morning.

5. Take a warm bath

It is important to withstand the correct water temperature - 37-38 degrees. More hot water will take a sleep like a hand. You can add essential oils, for example, lavender or ylang-ylang - 5-6 drops, no more.

4. Drink dill tea or warm milk

Both drinks help to relax and tune into a sleepy mood, especially if you supplement the drink with a spoonful of honey. But ordinary tea can have an undesirable tonic effect.

3. Change bedding

A luxurious silk set of saturated colors can completely deprive sleep. Bedding must be kept in the most relaxed colors, and the fabric should be pleasant to the body. The same applies to pajamas and nightgowns.

2. Read

Do not necessarily consider sheep. Someone likes elephants, someone - butterflies, someone with banknotes of decent denomination. The main thing is to focus on the account, because the mechanical enumeration of numbers from one to a million effect does not.

1. "Release" your thoughts

Chaos in your head very often does not allow you to fall asleep. In this situation, do not force yourself to calm down. It is better to let your thoughts flow freely in any direction, watching them from the side. The method requires some training, but after mastering the skill, it works practically without fail.