World Top Rating of the most stupid deaths

There is no limit to human stupidity. Even a tragic event such as death manages to turn into a farce. And yet these deaths to put in a certain world rating, where the most ridiculous death gets the biggest score. It is visible so that the rest of humanity does not repeat these mistakes. But to great regret, people, even after reading this list, prefer to commit new stupidities. So, before you top - rating of stupid deaths on a global scale .


  • Wise advice
  • Matrimonial final
  • Hell strangers
  • Relaxed
  • spring back
  • farewell wag
  • Premature Burial
  • dream come
  • curious Varvara. ..
  • rabbit-avenger
  • Atheist become
  • together until death
  • Plyushkin resting
  • You have spawned. ..
  • This is destiny!
  • Happy to die
  • Happy to death
  • Happy to death
  • Happy to death
  • Friend
  • Friend
  • Waiting for death
  • Flying cows
  • Divine punishment
  • Overexertion harmful for life
  • Feeling of evil
  • Loud tragedy
  • Athletic excitement
  • Hungry Tamagotchi

Wise advice

New York, a busy intersection. The pedestrian gets under the car and thanks to luck remains unharmed. Immediately there is a goodwill - a witness who advises, he will pretend to be injured and lie back under the wheels in order to shake off a great compensation from the driver. The man lies back on the asphalt, and the driver, not noticing this maneuver, starts to move. The man died on the spot. Silly death.

Married Finals

Before the inhabitant of Prague, Vera Chervak, rumors have come that her beloved husband is betraying her. The woman decided to end her life path by jumping from the third floor and fell directly on her husband's head. Having fallen, unconscious and waking up only in the hospital, she also learned that her husband died at the scene of the incident from falling on his beloved wife's head.

The hellish wanderers

They fled to hell After watching the Taiwanese series about supernatural phenomena, four blubbery from China went on a "trip to hell."Passing there they served as a melon, stuffed with rat poison that they ate. And relatives, so they do not worry, leave a note: "If the hell is worse than here, then we will return."Two doctors managed to return, and the two liked it and they decided to stay in hell.

Relaxed Gerard Omel conquered Everest 6 times, but could not cope with an ordinary stepladder at home. Changing the light bulb, fell from it and died, hitting his head against the sink.


Adelaide Magnoso loved to sleep on a rollaway bed. But that day the bed had a "bad mood" and it turned back, simultaneously killing its 80-year-old mistress.

Farewell swing

A fisherman from South Korea was preparing his catch for sale. And he brought his knife over the next fish. But unfortunately she was alive and suddenly waved her tail, hitting the fisherman on the arm with a knife. Why did the knife hit him right in the heart.

Premature funeral of

A resident of New York, Julia Carson, the doctors found dead from a heart attack. My relatives prepared for the funeral. But during the funeral service, she regretted herself, sitting in a coffin, asked: "What's going on here?".Her daughter could not stand the heart, and she died on the spot.

Dream in the hand of

Linda Goody dreamed that she was dying in the car. This dream caused the cancellation of her cruise to the Caribbean islands. It would have been better if she had gone, for a few days later they found her strangled in her own car.

Curious Varvara. ..

In the Vietnamese city of Ho Chi Minh, about 50 people gathered around the old bridge to watch the suicide of a young woman. But the bridge could not stand the pressure of the crowd and fell into the water. At the same time, 9 people were killed, and rescuers saved the suicide.


Vincent Carrojio hunted rabbits. He lay down straight on the meadow to rest, and put the gun beside him on the ground. Running past him, the frightened rabbit accidentally stepped on the trigger.

Atheist become

Hong Kong resident 65-year-old Chai Van Phong decided to thank the Almighty for the fact that her daughter-in-law remained unharmed after a terrible car accident. During the thanksgiving prayer in the courtyard of a multi-storey building, she was killed by a bag of cement fallen from the roof of the building.

Together to the coffin

George Story was born almost at the same time as Life magazine Life. And so on the cover of the first issue of the magazine there was a photo of the newborn George with the inscription "Life Begins".And in the future, the magazine illuminated occasionally his life - his two marriages, paternity and retirement. A photo of the 64-year-old Story appeared on the cover of the last issue of the magazine in May 2000, this time the name was "Life Ends"( the magazine meant).But after a few days and Story died of a heart attack.

Plyushkin resting

On the Greek island in his own house found the corpse of Amagdaliya Balta, who died of hunger. And her bank account was worth 350,000 pounds + a collection of 150 golden sovereigns.

You gave birth to me. ..

Father, 38-year-old Mr. Harst, in a quarrel with his 10-year-old son, desperately gave the child a knife, telling him that if his son hates so much, he can hit him. The boy did so. Just an hour later, Mr. Harst died in the hospital.

It's fate!

32-year-old Stephen Hayett suffered a complicated operation for transplanting a variety of organs( stomach and pancreas, liver and kidneys, as well as duodenum).Six years after this operation, Stephen died of a head injury, which he got when he fell from his chair while trying to screw in a light bulb.

Happy to death

35-year-old Najib Saddi was so happy that he committed suicide, fearing that in the future he is in for trouble.

Exhibit at work

When attempting to rob a museum, Peter Gruber died while bumping into the statue's sword. Ironically, the statue was called "The Arms of Justice".

Friend of

23-year-old Joshua Thomas Burchett was tormented by a bout of hiccups, asked a friend to help him and hit him hard in the chest. A friend reluctantly fulfilled his request, which was the reason for Joshua's stupid death - he had a penchant for heart attacks.

Waited until death

An employee of the government organization of Egypt waited for an increase of a full ten years. When, after 8 years of waiting, finally announced to him about his new position, Adel Nazim Gerges instantly died of a heart attack.

Flying cows

The California driver was killed by a collision with a cow that flew onto his hood. In a severe thunderstorm the animal came out onto the roadway, and after it hit the car, the cow's flight ended on the hood of the oncoming car.

Divine punishment

In Germany, the head of a large enterprise and his mistress were killed by a lightning strike. The incident occurred at a time when they were in an unambiguous position in a boat in the middle of the lake. The widow of the deceased considers the thunderbolt to be nothing more than a divine intervention.

Overexertion is harmful for life

Ukrainian poacher, deciding to celebrate the anniversary of the death of his mother-in-law, went fishing for a festive table. He threw an electric cable under the current into the river. When the dead fish was on the surface, he ran to collect it, completely forgetting to turn off its installation.

The sensation of evil

44-year-old Colombian resident James Dinardi has recovered to a neighboring state to meet with a woman whom he met through the Internet. Most likely, he did not like the lady, and she refused to meet. After some time, he decided to show her his affection by cutting his throat with a chainsaw in front of her house, after which he died in the hospital.

Loud tragedy

A visitor to a popular beer hall in Hamburg inadvertently took a mobile phone with him, which was frequently called up. The unpleasant melody was so annoying to all other customers that they repeatedly asked him to turn off the device. During the next call one of the regulars of the bar could not stand and killed the stubborn owner of the mobile phone with a beer bottle, after which he himself called the police.

Athletic excitement

A young gymnast, in the process of celebrating her seventeenth birthday, decided to walk to the fullest and desperately hopped on the couch. Soon, the girl jumped up to that accidentally fell out the window of the sixth floor and died on the spot.

Hungry Tamagotchi

A young Frenchwoman became a victim of a fatal accident that occurred as a result of her losing control. The driver's interest was distracted by the Tamagotchi toy, which suddenly gave a signal, demanding to "feed" it. After pressing the right buttons, the woman saved her virtual pet, but died herself.